Back to Black: 1988 Lotus Esprit Turbo

Say hello to trouble. This 1988 Lotus Esprit Turbo is located in Hixson, Tennessee, and is advertised here on eBay. $24,900 takes it home, though this isn’t the kind of car you’d introduce to your mother.

Rockford Files Clone or Real? 1977 Pontiac Firebird Formula

In the second half of the 1970s, one of the most popular detective shows on television was The Rockford Files. It starred James Garner as the somewhat laid-back private investigator who usually got himself into all sorts of sticky… more»

Black Beauty: 1988 Lotus Esprit Turbo

When I was 14, most days I’d walk home from school. We lived just a little too close for bus service, which meant that it was just under two miles each way. But I always looked forward to the… more»

27k Barn Find: 1983 Lotus Esprit Turbo

The angular lines and sharp edges leave you with no doubt that what we are looking at here is a Lotus Esprit. Our feature car is a 1983 Esprit Turbo, and the seller discovered it hidden away in a… more»

1-Of-88: 1988 Lotus Esprit Commemorative Edition

With Lotus Engineering Ltd. being formed by Colin Chapman and Colin Dare in 1952, it seems fair to believe that if they were to produce a 40th Anniversary Commemorative model, that car would have appeared in 1992. That may… more»

Not-Yet-Submersible 1977 Lotus Esprit Project

When someone asks you, “what’s the greatest Bond car of all time,” what is your answer? DB5, probably. Certainly the most iconic. Maybe the 2000GT for the people who want to dig deeper into the history. There was only… more»

Rockford Style: 1979 Pontiac Firebird Esprit

I always thought James Garner looked cool driving around in his 1974 Pontiac Firebird. Of course, Rockford’s car was gold but the clean lines of the 2nd Generation of the Pontiac Firebird carried through all the way to 1981…. more»

Date Confused: 1971 Pontiac Firebird Esprit

The seller has a 1971 Pontiac Firebird Esprit listed for sale here on eBay as a 1970 model year. The seller correctly notes that he/she thinks its a 1971 model which is evident by the faux grill behind the… more»

BOGO: 1978 and 1979 Pontiac Firebirds

The second generation of Pontiac’s pony car, which was produced between 1970 and 1981, was hugely popular. Some of the demand was stimulated in the late 1970s from the success of the Smokey & The Bandit movies that “starred”… more»

350 V8 Powered: 1988 Lotus Esprit SE

When considering that the Lotus Esprit is an attractive, mid-engine sports car built in the United Kingdom, most folks who stumbled upon this article probably wondered to themselves, “why does an article about a British sports car have a… more»

No Reserve Project: 1975 Pontiac Firebird Esprit

Sadly for some people, deteriorating health can mean that they have to part with their beloved project car before it has been completed. In the case of this 1975 Pontiac Firebird Esprit, this has actually happened before work commenced… more»

EXCLUSIVE: 1998 Lotus Esprit V8 Project

We’ve seen and featured a ton of different types of project cars, ranging from classic trucks to hot rods, but this is the first Lotus Esprit V8 project that we’ve ever offered as a Barn Finds Exclusive! As a… more»

Blue ‘Bird: 1977 Pontiac Firebird Esprit

When we think of late-’70s Firebirds, many people imagine one of two cars: The Bandit Trans Am and Rockford’s gold Esprit. In this case, it’s more like the second one, and reader Ikey H. clued us in that it’s… more»

Repeat Performance: 1975 Pontiac Firebird Esprit

It is often said that history never repeats itself, but this 1975 Pontiac Firebird Esprit seems to be an exception to this rule. We have seen this car before, where it was written about in this Barn Finds article… more»

73k Mile Bargain: 1978 Pontiac Firebird Esprit

While the owner doesn’t specifically make mention of it, when you look at the overall condition of this 1978 Pontiac Firebird Esprit, the claim that the car has covered a genuine 73,000 miles seems to be quite conceivable. I… more»

Won In a Raffle: 1970 Pontiac Firebird Esprit

The original owner of this 1970 Firebird was 50-years-old when he took possession of it, and he had no intentions of ever buying a Firebird. Instead, he managed to win the car in a charity raffle. He kept the… more»