Date Confused: 1971 Pontiac Firebird Esprit

The seller has a 1971 Pontiac Firebird Esprit listed for sale here on eBay as a 1970 model year. The seller correctly notes that he/she thinks its a 1971 model which is evident by the faux grill behind the front tires and the data cowl tag. The car is located in sunny San Antonio, Texas and there are two days remaining in the auction. Currently, there are 17 bids lifting the price to $4,200. The car is not in good shape and the passenger rear quarter has been crunched.

While the odometer shows 43,000 miles it has been around the block once or maybe twice. The interior is dirty and aged with the front drive seat showing a little foam. The carpet is worn through on the driver side but all these things could be fixed. The car is not highly optioned but does have tilt steering. This car represents an interesting color combination. The exterior is painted in steel blue but left the factory painted in Code 42 Limekist Green Poly with a Code 217 Sandalwood custom interior. The car has manual crank windows but has power steering and power locks.

The engine compartment looks fairly original even though its been sprayed with engine dressing. The Firebird Esprit is one step above the base Firebird model. This car is equipped with a 350 cubic inch V8 engine and 3 speed automatic transmission. While a buyer could opt for a Trans Am or Formula with an HO455 V8 engine, this car was purchased with the L30 designated 350 cubic inch engine that delivered 250 gross horsepower and about 165 net horsepower.

The vinyl top on this Firebird might be hiding some rust damage but overall the car looks solid except for the rear passenger quarter. I will not make much of a comment about the luggage rack but I hope it is not reinstalled with the buyer puts a new trunk lid on the car. As reflected the damage has effected the rear bumper, trunk like, taillight, quarter panel and the upper and lower rear filler panel.

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  1. Little_Cars Little_Cars Member

    A bargain if it stays close to the current bids. Surprised that body damage didn’t pop the rear window out or prevent the passenger door from opening. I’d fix it and drive it. Just a nice mid-trim Firebird with an odd assortment of options chosen. I even like the vinyl top to match the interior. Wouldn’t the title (if there is one) indicate this is a 1971? Pretty obvious from the interior and trim behind the wheel arch.

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  2. jerry z

    IMHO, ’70-’73 Firebirds are the best looking of them all. It doesn’t matter if a plain jane model or a decked out Trans Am. They got it right with this car, even better than the Camaro of the same years.

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    • karl

      I thought they lost the looks when they went with the wrap around rear glass. The flat back window really made these look sharp, although I’ve heard they did have large blind spots .

  3. Gus Fring

    No such thing as a 1970 Firebird or Camaro…they were 70 1/2’s.

    • Little_Cars Little_Cars Member

      Strictly from a GM North America production standpoint. We all know you could buy the 1969 style halfway through 1970 and in fact some items from the second gen made it onto the old style like the steering wheels IIRC. Government jurisdictions that title and register cars don’t care to make that distinction and round up for model year! Just like there won’t be a title for a 64.5 Mustang showing that as the year.

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