Ninety Years Strong: 1929 Hudson Essex Challenger

In 1929, the Essex Motors division of Hudson Motor Cars was third in domestic sales, just behind Ford and Chevrolet – a pretty impressive task for a car company many have never heard of. Found in Willoughby, Ohio is… more»

Family Owned Since New: 1933 Essex Terraplane

Having spent it’s entire life with the same family, this 1933 Essex Terraplane is looking for a new home. Garaged since 1947, it looks like this Terraplane has lived a fairly pampered life. Although this Essex hasn’t been regularly… more»

Hot Rod and Roll: 1933 Essex Terraplane

An uncommon maker to see, this Essex Terraplane project is a solid start to a hot rod project. Fitted with modern front suspension, and previously fitted with a V8, this may very well be the prefect hot rod project… more»

It Runs: 1925 Hudson Essex

At first glance, you might think this is an old Chevy, perhaps a 1925 Chevy Superior. But it is an Essex, a much less common car. Hudson introduced the Essex to compete with Ford and Chevy’s less expensive models…. more»

Dillinger Approved: 1933 Hudson-Essex Terraplane

Quick and nimble, the 1933 Hudson-Essex Terraplane was considered to be the automobile with the best power to weight ratio of 1933. Ameila Earhart christened the Terraplane in 1933 at a prosperity drive for the he manufacturer. Sleek, stylish,… more»

Possible Survivor: 1930 Essex Challenger

Essex is not a familiar name to a lot of people, but when this car was built it was actually a Hudson, the third best selling car in America behind Chevy and Ford. Essex was an affordable and durable… more»

40 Year Puzzle: 1930 Essex 6 Coupe

It’s reported that over 76k Essex Challenger 6 Series Coupes were produced in 1930. The owner refers to this one as a 1930 Essex Super 6 2 door Coupe. This is another one of the many stalled projects that… more»

Reader Sighting: Eighty-Sixed 1927 Essex

From Jason – I came upon this gem while looking at a property for sale in NW Colorado. I have no clue how much longer it will be there once the place sells. I had never heard of Essex… more»

1927 Essex Super Six Barn Find

Unless you are an old timer, you have probably never heard of Essex. Yet, in the late twenties it was one of the top three automobile manufacturers in the United States. They built a lot of cars, but the… more»