Tesla Alternative: 1981 Ford Escort Electrica EV

Ok, there’s no jet engine in this 1981 Ford Escort Electrica, but Jet Industries out of Austin, Texas converted engineless vehicles to battery power and one such… more»

Italian Supercar: 1974 Elcar Zagato

This is a car that I have been trying to find for a few years now, or one like it. This 1974 Elcar Zagato (yeah, that Zagato)… more»

Chevy Volt Powered: 1974 Volkswagen Beetle EV

This is an unusual EV conversion in that it’s a 1974 Volkswagen Beetle and it has a late model Chevy Volt battery pack. It can be found… more»

No Insane Mode: 1980 Comuta-Car

My prediction for a surge in vintage EV values hasn’t quite panned out yet (crickets), but cars like this 1980 Comuta-Car are still super interesting to see,… more»

Bargain EV? 1959 Taylor-Dunn Trident

I have a couple of friends who live in sort of a, not a gated community, but a community.. with a gate and a fence.. hmm.. well,… more»

Battery Boxster: 1999 Porsche Boxster EV

It’s pretty rare when we show a car this new here at Barn Finds, but a reader sent in this tip and being a lover of unusual… more»

Suzuki GSX-R600 Powered! 1975 Elcar Zagato

How many times have we heard, “Drop an SBC in it”, or “Drop a Hayabusa in it”. Well, that work has already been done on this uber-rare… more»

Gullwing EV: 1977 Urba Electric For $1,450

This zippy-looking little thing is a 1977 Urba Electric, a battery-powered “urban electric car” that was sold in kit form in the mid-late-1970s. This interesting little project can be… more»

Upgraded Technology: 1980 Lectric Leopard

EVs aren’t quite “all the rage” as some folks think they are with just a tiny percentage of sales going to battery-powered vehicles. Conversion companies have come… more»

Factory First EV? 1991 GMC Electric G-Van

As a long-time fan of unusual EVs, both factory and conversions, I couldn’t pass up this 1991 GMC Electric G-Van. This odd, factory creation can be found… more»

Ten Batteries Needed: 1983 Trimuter EV

I wonder if the parking brake (2×4) comes with the sale of this 1983 Trimuter? You’ll have to get in touch with the seller about that. It’s… more»

Special Delivery: 1976 Jeep DJ-5E Electruck

As an incurable fan of oddball and/or unusual vehicles, I’m embarrassed that I haven’t heard of the 1976 Jeep DJ-5E Electruck. I know, right? This cool right-hand… more»

Assault on Battery: 2017 Tesla Model 3

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you just got your hot new car, the car that you ordered probably close to a year ago, and… more»

Gas Free: 1981 Ford Escort EV

As a general rule, you rarely want to have all of your exterior photos of a vehicle that you’re selling with the hood open. Maybe if it… more»

Dynamic Duo: 1974 CitiCar X 2

Maybe this isn’t a Dynamic Duo as in Batman and Robin, but as far as being somewhat campy and cartoon-like, maybe it’s not that far off? A… more»

Experimental EV: 1967 Buick Riviera Electric Vehicle

Converted to battery power in the 1980s, this remarkable Riviera is said to run and drive if new batteries are installed.  The seller also mentions the option… more»

Dodging Electrons: 1980 Dodge/Jet Electrica 007

This one is recognizable as a Dodge Omni 024 or a Plymouth Horizon TC3, but it’s actually a 1980 Jet Electrica 007! Dang, that’s a cool name,… more»

40-Mile Range’r: 1987 Ford Ranger EV

Battery-powered vehicles don’t appeal to everyone, much like a lot of other vehicles don’t appeal to everyone. But, in their circles, they’re as popular as a Hemi ‘Cuda… more»

The Long and Short of it: 1980 Comuta-Car

Believe it or not, and you can believe it, I’m a huge fan of these cars. This is a 1980 Comuta-Car and it’s listed on eBay with… more»

LeLectric Car: 1980 Lectric Leopard

For those of you who don’t care for the regular LeCar powertrain, or those of you who lament anyone “ruining” a perfectly good car to turn it… more»

11-Second Quarter Mile? 1970 Opel GT EV

You’re right, there is something different about this 1970 Open GT, this one is an EV! It’s on Craigslist with three asking prices: $2,500 for the car… more»

Batteries Not Included: 1983 Mazda RX-7 GSL EV

I know that you’ve been wondering when we were going to show yet another battery-powered Mazda RX-7! It’s been since last August, when Jeff showed us one… more»

EVZ: 1975 Datsun 280Z EV

Ahhhhh.. now we’re talkin’, a 1975 Datsun 280Z! Finally, a nice, normal car from Scotty G! This normal 280Z (hee hee, wringing hands) is on Craigslist with… more»

Sparkey, the SEMA ‘Stang! 1965 Ford Mustang EV

Here’s a different one, a 1965 Ford Mustang EV! Yep, you read that right. This battery-powered fastback is in Simi Valley, California and it on eBay with… more»