Face Off

Face-Off: 1973 Barracuda 340 Vs 1968 Ford Galaxie

For this week’s Barn Finds Face Off, we turn to some more conventional choices that pit two project hot-rods against one another: a 1968 Ford Galaxie 500 fastback here on eBay for $3,500 against a just-uncovered 1973 Plymouth Barracuda 340, listed… more»

Face Off: Project Porsches

We are all well aware of the epic spike in prices for early Porches, as has been well documented here. What we’re now beginning to see are 911’s and 356’s coming out of the woodwork in every configuration and… more»

Mad Max Face Off: Falcon XB GT VS KZ1000

If you’ve been watching television at any point over the last few weeks, you may have noticed the ads circulating for the upcoming remake of Mad Max, with the appropriate subtitle of “Fury Road.” The original film is considered… more»

Racer Face Off: Dodge Coronet VS Ford Pinto

Do you want to go fast in a straight line or blast through the curves? That’s the question we’ve posed to you in this week’s Face Off, where we pit two classics against each other and find out which… more»

Face Off: 1974 Airstream Vs 1968 Winnebago

When summer rolls around, I know there’s a part of the month of August where I spend a week with my wife’s family in a very rural – and camper friendly – location. I’m talking the deep South, where… more»

Limo Face Off: Mercedes 300D Vs Ford Granada

So, you own a classic car. What does it do? Does it go on Sunday drives, finding solace on country lanes? Does it take up space in the garage, consuming time and funds with abandon? The answer may be… more»

Face Off: BMW 2002 Tii Vs Datsun 510

When you set up to compare two of the most celebrated driver’s cars of the last 50 years, it’s almost impossible not to include a BMW 2002 and Datsun 510. Most of us know by now you don’t have to… more»

Face Off: American BattleWagons

Enter the BattleWagons: that’s the theme of this week’s Face Off, along with an emphasis on bringing some vintage family haulers back from the dead. Copart offers a wealth of once-great vehicles in their Classics section, and it’s a… more»

1977 Dodge Ram Van Vs 1970 GMC Short Van

We all have some segment of vehicles we haven’t explored. Many of our readers are well-versed on the nuances of Mustang and Camaro production; others know Alfa-Romeos inside and out. Still others can help Jesse diagnose brake issues from… more»

Face Off: ’70s Luxury Showdown

As of late, I’ve been re-watching some of my favorite action flicks that feature a heavy emphasis on vintage machinery, whether in the background or being hammered around a crowded city street. The French Connection, The Seven Ups and… more»

Face Off: ’64 Corvair Vs ’74 Karmann Ghia

With much of the country in a deep freeze and no end in sight, my thoughts wandered to warm-weather cruising. The daylight is sticking around a few minutes longer each day, so maybe – just maybe – we can… more»

Face Off: ’58 Lancia Aurelia VS ’70 Jaguar E-Type

It’s time for the latest round of the Barn Finds Face Off, where we pit two like-minded classics against each other and find out which one you’d take as your own. This week’s Face Off has a grand-touring theme,… more»

Face Off: ‘71 Road Runner VS ‘75 Porsche 911S

Here at Barn Finds, we know everyone has their preferences, from sports teams to sports cars. And we know that translates to some of you being die-hard loyalists to American muscle cars and trucks while others prefer to stock… more»