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Face-Off: 1973 Barracuda 340 Vs 1968 Ford Galaxie

Barracuda vs Galaxie

For this week’s Barn Finds Face Off, we turn to some more conventional choices that pit two project hot-rods against one another: a 1968 Ford Galaxie 500 fastback here on eBay for $3,500 against a just-uncovered 1973 Plymouth Barracuda 340, listed on eBay with no reserve and bidding already over $6,000. While both hail from an era of muscle car prowess, they wear different badges and elicit an emotional response from die-hard fans of Fords and Mopars. So we’ll dive into these two drag-strip heroes, and let’s hear it in the comments section for whichever one is more likely to get your blood pumping on a Saturday night cruise!


When I look at this Galaxie purely on the basis of its listing, I see a rather affordable way to get into a domestic dogfight with Mustangs and Camaros. I know Galaxies aren’t the most prized possession of the muscle car breed, but at least this one is a manual with a running 390GT engine and limited slip rear end. It may not even be that fast, but with some finishing, it could at least look the part and sound good while doing it. The bodywork and interior are its biggest sins, and I’d definitely want to bring this fastback a bit closer to the pavement with an aggressive suspension setup – not to mention a more attractive set of wheels than what it’s currently wearing.


Now, right off the bat, I can see why this Barracuda is seeing some impressive bidding activity. It’s a barn find in the most classic sense, but will need a fair amount of work to get to running condition – a stage the Galaxie is already past. But, it is an original 340 car with A/C, and largely untouched (except by rust). Although the numbers-matching motor is a plus, the fender tag is gone – a loss stemming from years of sitting and the occasional theft, which is why the rear seat is missing. There’s a lot of corrosion to contend with, but the interior is actually better than I expected for a car sitting since ’92. The seller will even throw in some body skins to contend with the rusty rear quarters – a nice gesture or a sign that the project has too many needs. You decide!

Galaxie vs Barracuda

Whichever way you choose, both of these cars will need time, money and dedication. One of the most challenging aspects of taking on projects like these is being able to check things off a list – slowly. Otherwise, frustration can build up that the car doesn’t resemble your vision in the time-frame you had originally expected. Unless, of course, you’ve got pockets deep enough to ship it off for restoration and get it all done at once! In which case, happy bidding on whichever basketcase strikes your fancy. For the rest of us, though – which one would you choose?


  1. randy

    I’ve owned lots of Galaxies, no Mopars, the 390GT is a good and fast engine. I’d still rather have the “cuda!

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  2. The Walrus

    Even though I’m a Mopar guy, between these, my heart and wallet would probably be in the Ford. But in reality, I would be in neither. By 1972 the ‘340 was highly detuned for the Feds and they don’t write songs about ’68 Galaxies. Cars that are already done can be had for far less than the cost of restoration. Ford example: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ford-Galaxie-Base-/221771434558?forcerrptr=true&hash=item33a29b8a3e&item=221771434558

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  3. Woodie Man

    That ‘Cuda is beyond crusty……looks like it was marinated in a tank of water. The Galaxie loooks like it started life as a column shift. While the Galaxie isnt in the same league as a ‘Cuda back in the day, at this point you’ll be driving the Galaxy a lot sooner than you will the ‘Cuda and for less money in

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  4. JW

    I’m with Woodie Man the Ford is the sensible man’s pick. I like all Musclecars and have owned Fords / Chevys and Pontiacs but have longed for a Cuda, But now I’m old enough to be realistic and not let my emotions over ride my wallet and skills. You would be driving that Ford to cruises a lot sooner and for way less money than the Mopar. I love the term Mopar Or No Car but I also remember the term A Fool And His Money Are Soon Parted.

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  5. kenzo

    out of the two the Galaxie is the sooner on the road but I’d do a good going over prior to purchase. The probably auto trans was swapped out for a 4 speed. It needs wheels and a respray to get rid of the ugly colour combo. I wondered if it looks shiny because it is wet all over? Bet bet to purchase? Go to the link from The Walrus. A $6500 ready to roll beauty.

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  6. Mark 'cuda man

    Found a 340 ‘cuda a couple years ago that was snaked from under me when I tried to buy it. Almost identical to this one, in color, drive trane and condition. What a coincidink! Definitely would rather have the ‘cuda!

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  7. PRA4SNW

    Having owned a ’73 Barracuda as my first car, my heart calls out to the ‘Cuda, but that’s one scary fish!

    I’ve never been a Ford guy, but I’d take the Galaxie. Looks like fun.

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  8. RoughDiamond

    Mark, isn’t that the same Cuda?

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  9. 1977ChevyTruck

    Galaxie. Not as common at shows, and not as recognizable to the casual viewer, which is just the way I like them!

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