Rare Super Cobra Jet! 1970 Ford Falcon 429/4-Speed

Most people remember the Falcon as being Ford’s first compact car. When it launched in 1960, it was quite successful and its platform would be later used for other popular Ford products, like the Mustang and Maverick. Fewer people… more»

Surf’s Up! 1967 Ford Falcon

The Falcon would become one of the most successful compacts offered by domestic U.S. automakers in the 1960s. Its platform would serve as the launching point for some other best-sellers, like the Mustang and Maverick. Unlike those cars, the… more»

From Down Under: 1972 Ford Falcon XA

There is a tendency to assume that anything made by Ford or GM is, or was, a domestic model. It’s a logical thought progression, it’s just not accurate. Both companies had a significant presence in Australia and produced desirable… more»

302 Equipped! 1963 Ford Falcon Sprint

While Ford’s 1964 introduction of the Mustang ushered in an entirely new era of “sporty” motoring, Ford was on to the movement, earlier, with their Falcon Sprint. And the Falcon and Mustang are inextricably linked so it was a… more»

Garage Find: 1962 Ford Falcon

The introduction of the Falcon in 1960 brought Ford into the new compact car game – and would provide a launching point for several other cars in the family, including the famous Mustang. The car was small, practical, and… more»

302 Powered! 1963 Ford Falcon Futura

The Falcon was important for two reasons: First, was it was Ford’s first entry into the compact car market and did it quite successfully. Second, its platform would launch several other successful cars, especially the Mustang which was an… more»

302 V8! 1963 Ford Falcon Wagon

Ford got on the compact car bandwagon in 1960 with the Falcon and it was so successful that the platform spawned other cars, including the Mercury Comet, Ford Mustang and Ford Maverick. By 1963, the car was hitting its… more»

What Is It? 1959 Falcon Caribbean!

It’s a rare car indeed that can be in a picture with a Brazilian-manufactured Puma and be the more obscure car!  This 1959 Falcon Caribbean (I can hear you saying “What?”) is one of the numerous late 1950s/early 1960s… more»

Amazing Restoration: 1971 Ford Falcon GTHO Phase III

When Australia came to the muscle car party, it did so with some impressive vehicles. The Big Three (Ford, Holden, and Chrysler) could see enormous value in the “win on Sunday, sell on Monday” philosophy. With this in mind,… more»

Chicken Coupe: 1973 Ford Falcon GT RPO 83

Residing in this disused chicken coop amongst a pile of discarded aluminum drink cans is one of Australia’s most prized muscle cars. It has occupied this spot since 1988. The recent passing of its original owner means that it… more»

Project Van: 1963 Ford Falcon Deluxe Club Wagon

If you’re in the market for a unique yet practical project vehicle, please read on. This 1963 Ford Falcon Deluxe Club Wagon was sent to us by Barn Finds reader Russel G. It can be found here on eBay… more»

Hot-Rod Express: 1962 Ford Falcon Sedan Delivery

If a ’62 Ford Falcon turned up for sale, it might be interesting to review. It would depend on its condition, equipment, enhancements, etc. They are not an uncommon car and even today, so many years later, they still… more»

Parked for 30 Years: 1964 Ford Falcon Futura Convertible

I always like to see cars advertised where the owner is brutally honest about a vehicle’s condition, and that is one of the traits that attracted me to this 1964 Falcon Futura Convertible. The owner describes its condition as… more»

Fresh 351: 1976 Ford Falcon XB Hardtop

While the owner of this 1976 Australian Ford Falcon XB Hardtop floats the idea of using the included parts to transform the vehicle into a Mad Max clone, there might be another option open to the next owner. If… more»

A Father And Son Story: 1964 Ford Falcon Convertible

There’s nothing like a good father and son car story, but this one isn’t about a father and son restoration project, rather the tale of a son’s journey to reconnect with their father. This is Reader Keith P’s story… more»

EXCLUSIVE: Beautiful 1961 Ford Falcon

UPDATE 10/12/2019 – We just heard from Murray and his Falcon has sold! Its new owner is a huge Falcon fan and already owns several more of them. UPDATE 9/25/2019 – Murray has decided to drop the price on… more»