Reconditioned Wagon: 1963 Ford Falcon

The Ford Falcon was one of the most successful compact cars of the 1960s. And its platform spawned the likes of the Mustang and Maverick, so Ford surely got their money’s worth. Introduced in 1960, the Falcon got a… more»

Patina Project: 1964 Ford Falcon Wagon

Some project candidates leave potential buyers spoiled for choice, and this 1964 Ford Falcon Station Wagon is all that and more. The seller has eliminated the worst of its rust problems and slotted in a larger engine to improve… more»

Real Barn Find: 1963 Ford Falcon Futura Convertible Project

When shopping for an auto project online, sometimes it’s the areas of a vehicle you can’t see that raise the most concerns, and that might be the case with this 1963 Ford Falcon Futura Convertible here on Facebook Marketplace. … more»

Daily Driver? 1964 Ford Falcon Deluxe Wagon

The seller of this 1964 Ford Falcon Deluxe wagon was planning to give it a V8 engine transplant, but the car is so original that he has advertised it here on craigslist for $9800, hoping that a Falcon fan… more»

Cheap V8 1968 Ford Falcon Futura Sedan

This 1968 Ford Falcon Futura Sedan has a known history, with the seller purchasing the car from the original owner’s son. It appears to have been used sparingly, with the odometer showing what is claimed to be 23,970 genuine… more»

Patina Gone Wild: 1968 Ford Falcon Coupe

The advent of the Volkswagen Bug shoved the North American auto industry into downsizing mode. While the 1950s were an era of continual bloat, the consumer was gravitating inexorably to small imports. Terrified of being left out, car makers… more»

Mustang’s Inspiration: 1965 Ford Falcon Sprint

Many consider the Ford Falcon Sprint to be the forerunner of the highly successful Mustang. It was sporty, came only in coupe and convertible body styles, and could be quite peppy. All of that describes the Mustang, which was… more»

Rare Ranchero: 1972 Ford XA Ranchero

Okay, here’s one for our readers from Down Under. This looks like a regular 1972 Ford Falcon XA Ute, a vehicle built in significant numbers. However, many of these classics were beaten into submission by their owners, while others… more»

BF Exclusive: 1976 Ford XB Falcon 8-Seat Station Wagon

With the demise of the vehicle manufacturing industry, Australian buyers constantly seek locally produced models from Ford, Holden, and Chrysler to park in their garages. These represent an appreciating asset, and many are extraordinarily practical. That is the case… more»

Rare Factory V8: 1963 Ford Falcon Ranchero

Trends for many offerings with a bed on the back seem to have gone toward an increase in size over the past few years, or at least not a smaller footprint in most cases, but back in 1960 when… more»

One-Of-A-Kind! 1961 Ford Ranchero Rat Rod

When Ford introduced its new compact (the Falcon) in 1960, they shifted the Ranchero utility coupe to that smaller platform. And the Ranchero would remain a Falcon derivative through 1965. The seller (or a predecessor) took a well-used ’61… more»

Ran When Parked: 1965 Ford Falcon Sprint Hardtop

Pity the poor Falcon. A perfectly good car that provided most of the parts to make the Mustang, it has lived in the pony car’s shadow forever. The target market for the first generation Falcon, arriving in 1960, was… more»

True Barn Find! 1960 Ford Ranchero

The Ranchero was a “coupe utility” or “gentlemen’s pickup” that Ford produced from 1957 to 1979. Based on a full-size 2-door wagon in the beginning, Ford repositioned it to the new compact Falcon platform in 1960, resulting in a… more»

Twelve Car Barn Find In Northern California!

Most vehicle collections focus on a specific brand or type of car or truck. While others seem to be a little bit of everything, like this dusty assortment that resides in a warehouse in Watsonville, California. What started as… more»

GM Powered! 1965 Ford Falcon Wagon

With the Falcon in 1960, Ford joined the movement to add a compact car to their lineup. Studebaker and AMC had already gotten there, with GM and Chrysler right behind. The Falcon would prove quite successful and was a… more»

Nice Stock Driver: 1966 Ford Falcon Futura

The Ford Falcon entered its third generation beginning in 1966, receiving some styling revisions but no longer being offered as a convertible.  The car was still considered a compact, although it did get a slightly longer wheelbase than before… more»

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