Surf’s Up! 1963 Ford Falcon Squire

In 1960, Ford introduced its compact Falcon to supply a developing desire for smaller cars after the excesses of the 1950s. The Falcon was penned by Robert McNamara – yes, that McNamara, later named US Secretary of Defense –… more»

Two For One: 1960 Ford Falcon Project Pair

Ford, Chevrolet, and Plymouth would all jump into the new compact car market space in 1960 (Studebaker and American Motors got there the year before). The Ford entry would be the rather simple Falcon, whereas Chevy would have the… more»

Driver Quality: 1964 Ford Falcon Ranchero

The Ranchero began in 1957 as something of a “gentlemen’s pickup,” based on a car platform rather than a truck. It was full-size from 1957-59, then switched to the compact Falcon for 1960-65, and finally to the intermediate Fairlane… more»

Mid-Engine Van: 1962 Ford Falcon Club Wagon

In 1961, Ford launched the Econoline and Club Wagon vans and pickups based on the new Falcon from the year before. The former was intended for commercial use while the latter was built for people transport with seats and… more»

Six Months Only! 1970 ½ Ford Falcon

Ford introduced the Falcon in 1960 as their first foray into the compact car market. A decade later, it would be replaced by the popular Maverick, yet the name lived on for one more half-year. But this time as… more»

Utility Coupe: 1962 Ford Falcon Ranchero

The Ranchero was the first of the “gentleman’s” pickups, which was based on a car platform rather than a truck. While it started as a full-size model in 1957, the Ranchero shifted to a compact when the Falcon came… more»

Parked For 36 Years! 1971 Ford XY Falcon GT

For our Australian readers, this classic is one of the most iconic muscle cars to roll off a production line Down Under. It is a 1971 Ford XY Falcon GT, and it has been part of the same family… more»

Surf Van? 1964 Ford Falcon Club Wagon

Despite having a leaking head gasket, bidding is going strong for this cool 1964 Ford Econoline Falcon Club Wagon, which is undoubtedly a perfect option for those of you who live near a beach and happen to own a… more»

Real Deal Sprint: 1964 Ford Falcon 289

Looking for the real deal, when there are a lot of fakes out there? Well, this is a real 1964 Ford Falcon Sprint originally a 260 V-8 and now a 289. It’s here on craigslist for $9,600 in Pahrump,… more»

The Rarest Shelby? 1970 Ford Falcon XY GS

For Australian performance car enthusiasts, it seemed that the closest they ever got to a homegrown classic with a link to the legendary Carroll Shelby was the 1978 Ford Falcon XC Cobra. While it wore the iconic white paintwork… more»

302 V8 4-Speed: 1964 Ford Falcon Wagon

Ford’s successful Falcon compact would get a facelift for 1964 while it was also providing the foundation for the upcoming Mustang. Those styling changes provided for more sharply defined fenders and corners. Production would be down slightly and may… more»

Is This 1971 Ford Falcon GTHO Phase III Australia’s First Two Million Dollar Production Car?

While Australia and the USA shared a muscle car heritage dominated by V8s, the structure behind the two industries was driven by very different motivating factors. The American scene had some links to motorsport via NASCAR, Trans Am, and… more»

Million Dollar Racer? Ford Falcon EL V8 Supercar

Automotive trends can change at the drop of a hat, and sometimes it can be hard to keep track of these things. Motorsport is no different. In years past, a driver would strap themselves into their machine and do… more»

Package Deal: Pair of 1960 Ford Falcon Wagons!

Ford jumped into the compact car game in 1960, along with GM and Chrysler. AMC and Studebaker had already paved the way with their American and Lark models. The smaller Falcon platform would be used many times over for… more»

Rare Super Cobra Jet! 1970 Ford Falcon 429/4-Speed

Most people remember the Falcon as being Ford’s first compact car. When it launched in 1960, it was quite successful and its platform would be later used for other popular Ford products, like the Mustang and Maverick. Fewer people… more»

Surf’s Up! 1967 Ford Falcon

The Falcon would become one of the most successful compacts offered by domestic U.S. automakers in the 1960s. Its platform would serve as the launching point for some other best-sellers, like the Mustang and Maverick. Unlike those cars, the… more»