Nice Stock Driver: 1966 Ford Falcon Futura

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The Ford Falcon entered its third generation beginning in 1966, receiving some styling revisions but no longer being offered as a convertible.  The car was still considered a compact, although it did get a slightly longer wheelbase than before and some suspension upgrades.  It remained a popular choice among economy-minded buyers, with more than 200,000 sold in ’66, and if you’ve been in the market for one of these to drive as-is or to take on as a project this 1966 Ford Falcon Futura here on Craigslist may be worth checking out.  It’s Located in Lynwood, Washington, with the asking price set at $12,995, OBO (or best offer), so maybe this one can be bought for less if you catch the seller on a good day.

We’d like to thank Barn Finds reader Glenn for the tip here!  The seller doesn’t mention how long he has owned the Falcon but does say that it’s been off the road and stored since 2009.  There’s also no information given about whether or not the car has had any bodywork or how old the paint is, but taking a look around it looks straight and the finish appears to be in pretty decent shape, with the seller saying that nothing on the outside is broken or missing.  He also mentions it’s a good candidate for an easy restoration if the next owner wants to take the car to a higher level, or OK to just leave things the way they are and enjoy driving it around.

Ford offered a couple of inline 6-cylinder engines for the Falcon in ’66, this one being equipped with the larger of the two, at a displacement of 200 cubic inches.  It came with a 1-Barrel carburetor on top and produced 120 horsepower, making the available 289 V8 seem like a real powerhouse in comparison.  But the owner claims it runs and drives very nicely, with a new fuel pump and carb in place, along with the gas tank having been cleaned out.  There’s also Pertronix ignition and a new voltage regulator, plus quite a bit of recent brake work. The C4 automatic transmission isn’t slipping and its fluid was changed not long ago.

I was pleasantly surprised by how good the interior looks overall, and if that’s all the original material inside it’s quite well-preserved for the age.  The metal parts have what looks like a bit of surface corrosion, but hopefully, that’ll be an easy fix if the next owner decides to address it.  We don’t get to see any photos of the underside nor is it mentioned, so I might at least inquire if there’s any rust or other issues down below.  Though it’s kind of basic, I’m appreciating this Falcon for what it is and kind of feeling the vibe, how about you?

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  1. CadmanlsMember

    It’s OBO so there’s room to negotiate. Looks like a clean example other than the silver paint on the front bumper. Seller doesn’t give a good shot of the front end but little work and few bits and will be a nice driver.

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    • Rick

      They must have had some paint left over, so they used it on the valve cover.

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  2. RayT

    For my taste, the Falcon is a leetle TOO basic to be worth $12K-plus.

    These were okay cars back in the day. I delivered prescriptions for a pharmacy in a similar Falcon when I was in high school, and it did the job. I don’t recall anything bed about it. For that matter, I can’t recall any way it was particularly outstanding, either.

    But these were unkillable cars. A friend ran his out of oil and drove it ’til the engine seized. Once it cooled and a few quarts of re-claim were added, it went right back to work with no problems….

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  3. DavidH

    My older brother bought a 1966 four door Falcon in South Dakota in the late 70’s. I don’t remember what he paid for it. I do remember getting to drive it all one summer while big brother was the waterfront director at a Boy Scout camp. He couldn’t have any time off all summer long so he let me use it. It had less than 25,000 miles on it and it was a decent car for a kid who just got his drivers license. I remember my brother telling me it cost him $42.00 to insure the car for the whole year! There were so few people per square mile in that part of SD there wasn’t much risk of running into anything.

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  4. John EderMember

    This car comes with a complimentary (honorary) elementary school teaching degree. 😉

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  5. Rw

    Took my driver test in my grandparents green one,made more sense than my fresh built hugger orange Baja bug.

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  6. Autoworker

    Would be a fun project. Am I wrong to assume that all early Mustang mechanicals would work on this?

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  7. Robert Levins

    Nice- leave it alone. It will get more compliments just the way it is. How much would I pay for it? Mmmm. Eight grand out the door, tops. The only thing that I would have to address with this nice car is the fact that it doesn’t have A/C in it. Maybe an aftermarket unit? Anyway, as soon as it gets too hot and you need it, any car becomes miserable. Good luck.

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  8. Robert Levins

    Oh, by the way, doesn’t it look like a big Mustang? Either way you can’t lose. Just thought I’d throw that in there. Nice article too, by the way – .

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  9. Grog

    This has sleeper written all over it. An upgrade of braking system, V8,tires, suspension and vwa la! Or leave it as and give it a show, either way nice car!

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    • Chuck Dickinson

      It’s “voila” w/a ` over the a (from French).

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  10. 64 bonneville

    discoloration on the interior trim can be removed with white polishing compound. Has to be done by hand as the finish is not as thick as exterior paint, so can’t use a buffer. I would be all in around $9,000. Transport cost would be about $2 grand, and Oklahoma would have you pay back taxes since car has not been tagged since 2009. So about another grand there, plus insurance costs. add some A/C due to the hot weather here for about another grand and you are at $13,000. whole lot of cash for a Falcon. But i would still like to have it. sure is a clean original specimen.

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    • Big C

      Oklahoma charges back taxes if you don’t register your car? Are they trying to become California’s ‘lil brother?

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  11. David R.

    I’ve never seen this color on a Falcon, or any Ford for that matter other than perhaps a 1964-66 Thunderbird. Does anyone know the name of it and if it would’ve been offered on a Falcon? I love the car (and just about every Falcon and Comet I see) and certainly wouldn’t mind having it myself.

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    • don lafaver

      As I remember it was a very popular on the 66 Mustang and I do believe it was available on the Falcon, The actual name was Idiglo (or something very near that spelling.

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    • John Anthony

      The color is Emberglo it was available on 1966 Falcon and a few other Fords. I saw a 1966 Mustang coupe that color with light tan pony interior at a car show in Central PA a few years ago people were all over that car with every one saying “that is not a Ford color” the owner just smiled knowing what a beautiful car he had.

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      • David R.

        Many thanks! I’m sure that must have been a beautiful Mustang!

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    • Craig Gilbert

      The color was called Emberglo. It was used on Thunderbirds mostly

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    • Mopar55

      A High School friend of mine back in the day had one this exact color…However it did have a black interior…I remember it being rather peppy for a 6 cylinder…it got really good gas mileage, but gas averaged 24.9 a gallon…

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  12. PairsNPaint

    My Dad bought one of these new in metallic blue, trading in a 1972 Torino. He let me take my driver’s test in it, though I had never even sat in the driver’s seat. (I learned how to drive on my sister’s ’56 Chevy with a 265.) I remember him describing the styling as a “fatback”. It was an okay car, got us around without complaint. Still would rather have the Chevy.

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  13. Jackie R. Hollingsworth

    Overpriced and underpowered….not for me.

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  14. Steve

    This is the first car I’ve seen with a rusty dashboard. How does that happen?

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  15. RickyMember

    This is quite an ugly duckling compared to the beautiful 64 and 65 Falcons.

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  16. Michael McEver

    1963 ford dog dish hubcaps.

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  17. john Douglas muldoon

    That motor didn’t have enough to get out of its own way, but was solid and steady runner, the car shows really good! Nice find!

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  18. Darryl

    Mom bought one of these new in 66. It was a tan 2 door, 6cyl, 3 on the tree. Had the plastic dimpled seat covers. I was 8yrs old. Fond memories of that car. Don’t see’em around much any more. She traded it for the station wagon version. I think that one was a 69.

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  19. JoeNYWF64

    Some of these have no front sway bar! lol, like my boxy ’70 futura 6 cyl 4 door.
    Not sure if it was avail optionally.
    I’m guessing all ’64-68 mustangs got a std front sway bar – even with the 6 cyl.

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