Fire truck

Japanese Fire Truck: 1991 Mazda Bongo Brawny

Like law enforcement vehicle collectors, there are people who collect fire-fighting-related vehicles, such as this 1991 Mazda Bongo Brawny Fire Truck. They’re always interesting to see, at least for those of us who are into vintage Japanese vehicles. The… more»

$2,500 1935 American LaFrance V12 Ladder Truck!

There are plenty of adults today that imagined themselves at some point during their childhood riding around in a shiny red firetruck. This 1935 American LaFrance Ladder Truck isn’t shiny, but it is red, and it is a barn… more»

Parade Special: 1935 Ford Type 51 Fire Truck

Peering out of this garage is a classic piece of vintage firefighting equipment. This 1935 Ford Type 51 Pumper Truck is essentially complete and is in sound mechanical health. It looks like it would come up a treat if… more»

Vintage Fire Fighter: 1926 Stewart Pumper Fire Truck

The Stewart Motor Company was another one of those manufacturers who had a brief but shining history, and their specialty was commercial vehicles and trucks. They began producing vehicles in 1912 in Buffalo, New York and continued until manufacturing… more»

Unique Fire Fighter: 1956 Ford C500 Fire Truck

We’ve featured a few firefighting appliances here on Barn Finds, but we haven’t had anything quite like this one. I have to thank Barn Finders Marc and Peter R for spotting this one for us because this is an… more»

Vintage Fire Truck: 1936 Diamond T Fire Truck

Here at Barn Finds, we’ve seen a few firefighting appliances appear over the last couple of months, and this one is a beauty. This 1936 Diamond T 221D is in largely original and unrestored condition. You will find it… more»

Vintage Fire Truck: 1934 Ford V8

Old fire trucks can be fascinating, as they are a window into how the job of firefighting has evolved over the years. My wife is a volunteer firefighter, and she says that she can’t imagine taking on a fire… more»

18,554 Miles In 48 Years: 1970 Chevrolet C/20 Pickup

Believe it or not, trucks used to do actual work.  They were designed to help people perform many different jobs.  The “Cowboy Cadillacs” of today would stun our ancestors into thinking we had gone soft.  Despite this dichotomy, America… more»

Reach For The Sky! – 1968 Peter Pirsch Ladder Truck

Diversity is the name of the game here at Barn Finds. Recently I posted an article about a 1968 Morris Mini. Hailing from the same year is a vehicle that is the complete polar opposite to the Mini. Possessing… more»

Solid Extinguisher: 1949 Chevrolet Fire Truck

While some may see an old fire truck, all I can see are possibilities. There is nothing that I enjoy more than seeing old fire trucks and automobiles in parades, but not everyone shares the same ambitions to own… more»

Factory Fire 4×4: 1965 International Scout

What a unique vehicle this 1965 International Scout is. It’s also unique in the nice condition that it appears to be in compared to a lot of Scouts that we’ve seen recently. This one is listed on eBay in Old Lyme,… more»

9/11 Tribute: 1980 Ford 8000 Pierce Fire Truck

The September 11 Attacks on the World Trade Center in New York, New York froze time for all Americans. On that horrible day, many citizens and public servants rushed toward the danger to help others when every instinct told… more»

Last Minute Gift Idea: 1941 Seagrave Fire Truck

A year ago Jesse posted a 1952 Seagrave he wanted for Christmas. In case he didn’t get one, or perhaps he’d like another, here’s a 1941 model listed on craigslist here in Sacramento, California. Santa only needs $4,000, less Santa’s discount,… more»

Resto-Moded: 1951 Ford F1

It is often easy to fantasize about having a modern drivetrain or amenities in your vintage automobile, but it’s not always easy to make that fantasy a reality. This Ford F1 is a reality. Sitting on a 2004 explorer… more»

Lost its Flame: 1950 Karrier Fire Truck

Karrier Motors has a long and interesting history that began in 1908. The company was purchased by several companies beginning with Rootes in 1934 and eventually owned by Chrysler Europe in 1970 then Puegot and Renauly after Chrysler left… more»