Ingenious and Rare: 1956 Dodge Power Wagon Fire Fighter

I’ve often wondered how many children wanted to grow up to become a fire-fighter. I also wonder how many of them finally realized this ambition. If you are one of those that dreamed it but never made it, then… more»

Ready to Fight: 1974 Ford Fire Truck

When I was a young boy, I had a pedal car that was a fire engine. It had a little ladder, a little hose, a bell, and the whole works. I have never really grown up, and fire-fighting appliances… more»

4×4 Brush Truck: 1961 International-Harvester

Not to get this one confused with the Electric Light Orchestra song of the same name, this 1961 International-Harvester 4wd retired brush firetruck, apparently, at one time it was in service at the Mile High Fire Department. It is now… more»

The Duncan Collection – 900 Cars and Counting

Have you ever pictured yourself car shopping with no budget in mind, scouring eBay and other sites as a hobby and clicking “Buy It Now” on those dream cars you’ve always wanted? In Southwest Virginia’s New River Valley, the… more»

A New Use: Mack Fire Truck

We feature Fire Trucks from time to time, but there is always the puzzling question of what they might be useful for. They are usually well maintained, have very low mileage and are often very inexpensive (to buy at least), but… more»

Low Mileage 1940 GMC Fire Truck

Small town fire trucks don’t normally cover a lot miles while they are in service, so the 3,200 odometer reading on this 1940 GMC isn’t totally unbelievable. The seller has used it in parades and such, but their daughter… more»

Fiery Hot Rod: 1947 Diamond T

There are tons of neat of fire trucks out there that need good homes, but what do you do with something like that once you get it home? Besides driving them in the parade and parking them in the… more»

BF Exclusive: 1970 Ford Firetruck

Old firetrucks have been picking up steam in the collector car world lately. Storage requirements do limit their appeal, but you can get into one of these big rigs for not a lot of money. Take this 1970 Ford… more»

Lights, Sirens, Action: 1967 Ford F-350 Brush Truck

Usually finding a use for a retired fire truck is difficult, but this little truck listed on eBay has lots of possibilities. With over a week left on the auction, bidding is just over $3,500 with no reserve. It’s a one ton all wheel… more»

Parade Time: 1947 Maxim Fire Truck

Here’s one I should probably be headed to pick up myself! It’s in a small town not far from Boise and the seller claims that it has only had one owner and covered 77k 7,700 miles! In their craigslist… more»

Chicago Fire: Three For One FWD Units

The seller says this units are “FWD brand meaning four wheel drive”.  Since it appears there are 6 wheels on the units an “AWD” (all wheel drive) destination might be more appropriate?  We believe the “FWD” referred to “front… more»

1931 Chevrolet Confederate: Former Firetruck?

This old flatbed truck may not look like much, but there is quite a story behind it. About four decades ago the current owner purchased it with the understanding that it was once a firetruck. The claim was believable… more»

Last Minute Gift Idea: 1952 Seagrave Firetruck

If you have been having a hard time figuring out what to get me for Christmas, you could always go for this firetruck. It might not fit under the tree, but what boy wouldn’t be happy to find this… more»

Cheap Fire Truck: 1956 American LaFrance

Offered for sale here on craigslist, this truck is located in Granite City, Illinois, with the seller stating the truck is a retired former St. Louis City Fire Department vehicle. The seller provides details about the truck’s house number, and presumably has some… more»

1948 Dodge Firetruck For $1,500!

This old fire truck is listed here on craigslist for $1,500. It’s in Rough and Ready, California. It hasn’t run in 25 years, but it’s mostly complete and original.

1951 Ford F6 Firetruck: Where’s The Fire?

This 1951 Ford F6 was equipped with a ’37 pump and tank which was removed in ’57 and then a 1,200 gallon tank was placed on the back as a water hauler.  The tank is gone but the truck… more»