Parade Time: 1947 Maxim Fire Truck

1947 Maxim Fire Truck

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Here’s one I should probably be headed to pick up myself! It’s in a small town not far from Boise and the seller claims that it has only had one owner and covered 77k 7,700 miles! In their craigslist ad they don’t mention if the fire station was the first owner or if they are, but that’s just nitpicking. The lettering on the hood does read “Glenns Ferry Fire Dept.” so perhaps it’s still in the hands of the city? Either way, at $3,500 this seems like a great buy for a fire truck enthusiast!

1947 Maxim Fire Truck Side

Glenns Ferry is a small town with a population of just over a grand, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this fire truck was still in service 20 years ago when it was consigned to parade duty. Unfortunately, the truck hasn’t even been driven at all in the last five years. The tires are starting to go flat and that big straight-eight probably needs serviced. There are some hoses still in place the truck appears to be in great condition for its age though. Hopefully, someone in the area will buy it and keep it around. Small town parades just aren’t be the same without an old fire truck in the mix!

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  1. Van

    So many car guys only drive the collector car a few miles a year. Hay baby Dairy Queen is having 1/2 price Sundays every other week. Why not a fire truck. You wouldn’t drive a hotrod fast, you love taking friends with you. You would be the star attraction at the tailgate party.

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  2. David Frank DavidMember

    How about a barnfinds official vehicle? At $3500, you just might be able to raise the funds from readers. It would be great for car shows and hauling treasures home. Perhaps you could get sponsers, sell advertising?

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  3. grant

    3500 for a probably not far from functional fire truck? Hell yes! I’d donate if Barn Finds wants to buy it.

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  4. RoughDiamond

    That is one awesome looking Maxim fire truck. I’ll donate too if Barn Finds is serious about buying it.

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  5. Steve Y

    I’d make it into a band stage truck for our Mardi Gras parades in New Orleans. But I won’t be doing that… I’ll donate too!

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    The CL ad says “7700 miles” not 77K. 7700 miles is about right for a fire truck!

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  7. Jesse JesseAuthor

    Great idea guys! It would be fun to clean up and take to parades this summer. Just not sure where we would store it…

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  8. Alan (Michigan)

    Stadium seats in the back…
    Woodward Dream Cruise, here we come!

    I have no place to store it either. Barn Finds needs a big Pole Barn for all of the finds, I think!

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    • Jesse JesseAuthor

      Agreed! Someday…

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  9. stillrunners

    damnit…….I’m in that look that price…..can I say damn it again…..why can’t these be closer…!

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  10. Tony Grazziano

    Its good that the readers are smart enough to know that these fire trucks are great finds but if not stored inside they will become rotted and rusted pieces of junk. I had one that I bought from a good sized city and found out real quick how much rust repair,a new clutch and a set of kingpins cost. Now i collect scale model fire trucks and if i add anymore my wife will start looking for a place to store me.

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  11. Kevin

    Love it… Bought it. Headed to Colorado.

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  12. Alan (Michigan)


    Congratulations, and I hope that you enjoy every minute of ownership.

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  13. Dave Wright

    Great…….this looks like a good one. I prefer fire trucks with interesting engines, like the V12’s used in Seagraves. Couldn’t figure out what engine was in this one, maby an IHC?it is a nice looking smaller unit, you will be popular during the parade season!!!

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  14. Kevin Tapply

    It’s a Hercules RXLD Engine.

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