Ford Model A

How Produce Got Delivered: 1930 Ford Model A Huckster

The business of delivering goods to the masses is ever-changing.  Today we are going through a radical transformation of that process, where items are ordered online and picked up in a parking lot or delivered to your home by… more»

Drivable Older Restoration: 1930 Ford Model A Tudor

Believe it or not, probably the three most popular types of vehicles people purchase to start in our hobby are Fords.  A Model T, a Model A, or a first-generation Mustang is often the initial vehicle project that a… more»

Estate Sale 1930 Ford Model A Coupe

With the new year looming, many of us are formulating our resolutions for the coming year.  With all of the insanity surrounding us, perhaps an additional emphasis on hobbies is needed to help mitigate the madness and help us… more»

No Reserve Wonderful! 1931 Ford Model A Pickup

When you have a website that focuses on older cars, it would be pretty hard to not cover a few Ford Model As. And why not, there were 4.8 M produced in just four years (’28-’31). We have certainly… more»

Easy Restoration: 1929 Ford Model A Rumble Seat Roadster

Henry Ford was a flawed individual with strong views and was seldom willing to compromise on his opinions. This made him a ruthless tyrant toward those with whom he crossed swords, but it also meant that the cars produced… more»

U Build It: 1928 Ford Model A Project

Hey Daddy-O, Kool Kat, Go-Went-Gone, and any number of other dated terms could be used in appropriately labeling this 1928 Ford Model A hot rod. It appears to be a long-stalled project but for how long is not stated…. more»

Older Restoration: 1929 Ford Model A Side Mount Roadster

Classic project cars come in many shapes and sizes, and not all need to emerge from barns or sheds. This 1929 Ford Model A Roadster demonstrates that, although its overall presentation means it has no immediate cosmetic needs. It… more»

High-Boy Hot Rod: 1931 Ford Model A

Even though the last Ford Model A rolled off of the assembly line 91 years ago, they are still found with amazing regularity. And the fact that almost 5 million saw the light of day over its four-year production… more»

Grapes of Wrath: 1931 Ford Model A Tudor

John Steinbeck’s landmark book “The Grapes of Wrath” is a fictional account of a family’s desperate attempt to escape poverty by moving across the country to California.  In the movie adaptation, the family traveled in a 1926 Hudson.  In… more»

But Why? 1930 Model A Sport Coupe

When the utilitarian Model T Ford was becoming obsolete in everyone else’s eyes, Henry Ford still took a lot of convincing.  As far as he was concerned, the Model T was all that anyone would ever need (imagine Model… more»

Chopped? 1929 Ford Model A

Descriptions used by sellers often confuse me. Sure, I can be a bit thick but when something doesn’t interpretively compute, I’ll keep reading the details to see what I have missed. Take this 1929 Ford Model A for example…. more»

Estate Sale: 1929 Ford Model A Coupe

It’s not a stretch to say Henry Ford’s cars were one of the most important innovations in history, making the automobile accessible to everyman. Henry Ford first produced a car he called the Model A in 1903, followed by… more»

Miller Styled Ford Model A Speedster!

OK, though it reeks of period flavor, it is not a real Miller race car. The Ford Model A-based two-man racer “in the style of Bugatti” was built in 1970 by avid car collector Jim Talmadge, son of silent… more»

Leatherback Roof! 1931 Ford Victoria

The 1930-31 Victoria’s were the most elegant of the Model A Fords. The “Vicky’s” – as they became known as – were named after a type of carriage and were a cross between a 2-door sedan and coupe with… more»

Wrecking Yard Project: 1929 Ford Model A Truck

There is an old saying that if you want a specialized car cheaper than you can find, or one that you can’t find at all, you’ll need to build it yourself.  But that’s probably not the case here with… more»

Drive Anywhere! 1929 Ford Model A

Another Ford Model A? Yes, another Ford model A but this one is different from many that have been covered in the past. It’s in original condition and actually runs! That alone makes this Compton, Rhode Island domiciled 1929… more»