Ford Model A

Miller Styled Ford Model A Speedster!

OK, though it reeks of period flavor, it is not a real Miller race car. The Ford Model A-based two-man racer “in the style of Bugatti” was built in 1970 by avid car collector Jim Talmadge, son of silent… more»

Leatherback Roof! 1931 Ford Victoria

The 1930-31 Victoria’s were the most elegant of the Model A Fords. The “Vicky’s” – as they became known as – were named after a type of carriage and were a cross between a 2-door sedan and coupe with… more»

Wrecking Yard Project: 1929 Ford Model A Truck

There is an old saying that if you want a specialized car cheaper than you can find, or one that you can’t find at all, you’ll need to build it yourself.  But that’s probably not the case here with… more»

Drive Anywhere! 1929 Ford Model A

Another Ford Model A? Yes, another Ford model A but this one is different from many that have been covered in the past. It’s in original condition and actually runs! That alone makes this Compton, Rhode Island domiciled 1929… more»

Shed Find: 1929 Ford Model A Truck

Is this the original Ford Ranchero? It’s hard to imagine, with the possible exception of the Ford Model T, a vehicle with more permutations than a Ford Model A. And every time I see a Model A pickup, which… more»

Grandpa’s Barn Find: 1930 Ford Model A Coupe

After a hugely successful run of the Model T, Ford launched the Model A in 1927 with great expectations. And the buying public responded favorably in terms of sales – until the Fall of 1929. Once the Great Depression… more»

5.0 V8 Included: 1929 Ford Model A Roadster

Talk about a skinny garage find! This 1929 Ford Model A is really packed in there. The seller describes it as a Roadster/Cabriolet but I can’t decide which because I can’t get a good look at the windshield frame,… more»

Chip Foose Custom! 1929 Ford Highboy Roadster

You’ll have to hurry up on this one if you want a deal. The seller claims this 1929 Ford Highboy custom is headed to Hemmings News next month, at a higher price, if it doesn’t sell here (not sure… more»

Project Or Parts? 1931 Ford Model A Victoria

It’s a judgment call to refer to this Ford Model A as a car as opposed to a “pile-o-parts”. It’s mostly bolted together but there’s a bunch of stuff missing and the listing is competing for a new level… more»

46-Year Barn Find! 1930 Ford Model A Roadster

According to the seller, this 1930 Ford Model A roadster has been in their family since the 1930s. It was apparently stored in a barn from 1959 to 2005! It can be found for sale here on eBay with… more»

Vintage Race Ready: 1928 Ford Model A

Here’s one from what seems like a bygone era, a 1928 Ford Model A that’s ready for “The Race of Gentlemen”  (TROG) competition. It has that real, “Go, Went, Gone” vibe that open-top hot-rods of the late ’40s possessed…. more»

Hot Rod Built TROG Racer! 1929 Ford Model A

If you’ve been around classic cars for any length of time, you are undoubtedly familiar with Hot Rod. What began as a print magazine in 1948, it is now the oldest magazine dedicated to hot rodding and has spawned… more»

Chopped Top! 1930 Ford Model A Project

I’m not sure what to make of this one, it’s a chopped top Model A but more like the parts and a hulk of a Model A with a chopped top. Want more information? You can inquire but it… more»

Parked For 30 Years: 1931 Running Ford Model A

Ford Model A’s are a staple of the old car hobby and they turn up in every imaginable condition and state of modification. They are still so ubiquitous that they can easily go unnoticed. This 1931 Model A example… more»

BF Classified: 1931 Ford Model A Delivery Van

Ford Model A’s are not that unusual, there were about 4.8 million built between 1928 and 1931. Usually, though, it’s the sedans, coupes, and convertibles that are regularly encountered. But here’s a different twist, a Model A delivery van,… more»

Great Period Hot Rod! 1930 Ford Model A

Doesn’t this 1930 Ford Model A look ready-to-rip standing still? It has a great look and appears to be a very solid build. It can be found here on eBay with a requested opening bid of $21,000 and a… more»