Ford Model A

EXCLUSIVE: 1928 Ford Model A Hot Rod

Update – A deposit has been received from Barn Finds reader Ted. He plans to pick it up this weekend. If priced right, BF Exclusives sell quick! This Model A has been hanging around our shop for a while… more»

Solid Blank Canvas: 1930 Ford Model A Roadster

This 1930 Ford Model A Roadster might be missing some pieces, but it has a lot going for it as a potential project car. Whether the next owner is looking for a car that is suitable for a sympathetic… more»

Pure Period Hot Rod: 1930 Ford Model A

There are a lot of cars in the hot rod category, but very few come close to the originality of that term like this 1930 Ford Model A does. It is as traditional of a hot rod as it… more»

Real Steel: 1931 Ford Model A Roadster

This awesome 1931 Ford Model A roadster is a great looking project and will be a blast for the new owner. It already features a chopped windshield along with a chopped top with shortened bows and original back glass…. more»

Subtle Differences: 1930 Ford Model A Murray Body

For years the Ford Model A found itself overlooked as a project car, with many people gravitating towards the Model T. That trend has now changed, and the Model A has started to really come into its own. This… more»

Good Bones: 1931 Ford Roadster

One of the things my grandfather told me about buying antique cars was to pay the money and buy the most rust free example you can buy.  He had little patience for rust and would never think of purchasing… more»

So Much Character: 1931 Ford Model A Victoria

Decisions, decisions. If I bought this 1931 Model A Victoria, would I restore it, or would I just drive it and enjoy it as it stands? The owner describes the Ford as being rust free, and it certainly looks… more»

Argentinian Import: 1931 Ford Model A Phaeton Convertible

While it was initially listed as a 1931 model, the owner of this Model A Phaeton has gone to some considerable trouble to explain that it is actually a 1930 model, but has been titled as a 1931 model…. more»

Blank Canvas Project: 1930 Ford Model A

The owner of this 1930 Model A inherited it, and it looks like he has decided to part with it rather than take it on as a project car. It looks to be largely complete and solid, and there… more»

Ready to Drive: 1929 Ford Model A Roadster

Barn Finder Ikey H has been keeping his eyes open and has spotted this neat little Model A roadster for us to look at, so thank you for that Ikey. You will find this Ford listed for sale here… more»

Runs and Drives: 1930 Ford Model A Tudor

This 1930 Ford Model A is in need of a complete restoration, but it appears to be a solid candidate. The seller is a person of few words, but the inclusion of the words “runs and drives” are pretty… more»

Drop-Dead Cool: 1931 Ford Model A Hearse

My nieces and nephews have repeatedly told me that I’m too old to refer to something as “cool”. However, not only is this 1931 Model A cool, but I think that it is “drop-dead cool.” You will find it… more»

Chassis Donor? 1929 Ford Model A

We’ve featured 1929 Ford Model A’s here on Barn Finds before. While other models of pre-war Fords are more popular, the cars from the late 20’s are still pretty neat. This specific “car” can be found here on eBay with… more»

Last Registered in 1971: 1931 Ford Model A

This 1931 Ford Model A Pickup is listed for sale here on eBay. Located in Rohnert Park, California, it comes with a clear title. At the time of writing bidding on this Ford has reached $10,100.

Ready to Go: 1931 Ford Model A

This really nice looking 1931 Ford Model A is listed for sale here on eBay. Offered with a clear title, it is located in Stanley, Virginia. So far there have been 26 bids on this little beauty which has… more»

Half a Century Slumber: 1931 Ford Model A Roadster

This Model A Roadster may not be original, but to me, it’s just a really cool car that appears to only need minimal work to be driven and enjoyed. Listed for sale here on eBay, it is located in… more»