Ford Model T

Almost A Century Old! 1924 Ford Model T

I remember being told that at one time the esteemed auto publication, Hemmings Motor News, had listing categories for Ford and then everything else as Ford was such a dominant brand in Hemming’s early years. I don’t know if… more»

Fast Finds

Barn Antique: 1914 Ford Model T Survivor

UPDATE 1/14/2021 – It’s been a while since we first featured this barn find antique, but we recently spotted it again and noticed that the seller has lowered their asking price from $24,995 to $19,995 with the option to… more»

Finely Aged Runner: 1926 Ford Model T

What a neat find! Closing in on close to the century mark is this 1926 Ford Model T coupe. Originally from the Peach State, this Model T was purchased from the original family owners and is now domiciled in… more»

Old School Speed: 1922 Ford Model T Speedster

Yes, it’s a Ford Model T and no, it’s not black. It’s a sharp-looking 1922 “Speedster”. It just makes you want to grab your goggles, hang on to your hat and step on it! And think of it, it’s… more»

Barn Stored Since ’40: 1923 Ford Model T

Henry Ford changed the world when he released his Model T. Up until that point, automobiles were a novelty enjoyed by the wealthy. The Model T’s low price tag put it within reach of the average man though and… more»

Some Assembly Required: 1923 Ford Model T

It is always such a delight to find a car as old as this in the condition it is in. Professionally restored only a few decades ago, this 1923 Ford Model T is a true gem. It does have… more»

Parked for 50 Years: 1926 Ford Model T

The heavy coating of dust should be a fair indication that this 1926 Ford Model T has been sitting for a while. In fact, it has just emerged after being hidden away in a barn for more than 50-years…. more»

Parked in ’74: 1926 Ford Model T Coupe

This Model T is a 93-year-old car that has been sitting in a barn, and it is possible that it has been sitting there since 1974. It exhibits all the wear and tear that you would probably expect from… more»

Collectible Cache: 1923 Ford Model T Truck

The owner of this 1923 Model T Truck has chosen to sell the vehicle to pay for his daughter’s college education. While details on the vehicle are a bit sketchy, it does appear to be a fairly solid candidate… more»

Fun to Drive: 1926 Ford Model T Roadster

From all accounts, Henry Ford could be a cantankerous individual who resisted change and believed that production of his beloved Model T could continue forever. For a number of years, he had vehemently resisted calls by his son, Edsel,… more»

Stored For 70 Years: 1925 Ford Model T Tudor

Some folks are lamenting that not every single vehicle shown here was actually found in a literal barn. Well, here ya go. This is a 1925 Ford Model T Tudor and it was parked in this barn/garage in Georgia… more»

Parked 50 Years: 1927 Ford Model T Touring

After a lengthy 50 year hibernation, this 1927 Model T Touring car is a runner, but needs some fine tuning and elbow grease to make it a driver. Quite possibly the perfect antique starter car for anyone, this T… more»

Hot Rod Project: 1927 Ford Model T

I can’t help but feel that someone is going to be in the right place at the right time, and that they will give this Model T project a new home. Listed for sale here on eBay, this project… more»

Spare Engine and Transmission: 1923 Ford Model T

It’s funny how some cars seem to invoke childhood memories. The moment that I laid eyes on this Model T it reminded me of the car that Granny used to drive in those Tweety and Sylvester cartoons of years… more»