Cold War Comrade: 1969 GAZ-69A

The Second World War made abundantly clear the huge advantage held by a truly mechanized military, and few machines demonstrated this as effectively as the humble Jeep. A light, four-wheel drive vehicle with a legendary reputation for durability, it… more»

Dictator’s Choice: 1952 GAZ-12 Zim

If you think you’re looking at Buick, you’d be incorrect – but we’d understand why you’d feel that way. This is actually a 1952 GAZ-12 Zim, built for the Soviet government at the Gorky Automotive Plant. Buicks of the… more»

Russian Into summer: GAZ M-20 Pobeda Convertible

It’s been a while since I’ve written about a Pobeda and this one certainly deserves attention. Why would anyone in Russia want a convertible? Work started on the Pobeda during the war and was one the first Russian-designed cars. The… more»

Polish Project: 1960 GAZ-51A

Вам понравится этот грузовик, товарищ! (You will enjoy this truck, Comrade!) This Polish project is a 1960 GAZ-51A and it can be found in Kobylnica, Poland, exactly halfway in-between those two wacky cities of Warsaw, Poland and Berlin, Germany. It’s listed… more»

1954 GAZ M-20 Pobeda: From Russia With Love?

Stalin’s favorite car was said to be a Gaz M-20 like this one listed here on eBay in Russia, “Барнаул, Алтайский край,” wherever that is. Pobeda is a Slavic word for “Victory”, the car was designed during the war for post… more»

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