Golf GTI

Sell Your Car On Barn Finds

Well, our project GTI just sold for $1,525! Not bad considering we picked it up for $400. In the end it had over 250 watchers and 4,000 page views. Although we did put a lot of time and money… more»

Our Project GTI Has Gotta Go!

Update 2/4/14 – Our project GTI has less than 24 hours to go and it looks like it is set to sell. We finished putting a few interior pieces back in, fixed some squeaks and took it out for… more»

GTI Project Update: Smooth Criminal

Now that our Rabbit can move under its own power, it’s time to address some of the finer details. As we have mentioned, the shift pattern was so vague that you couldn’t tell which gear you were in most… more»

GTI Project Update: On the Road Again

It has been almost a month since the last update on our 1984 Volkswagen GTI project, so we thought we had better bring everyone up to speed. We have been very busy cleaning, polishing, and wrenching on our little… more»

Rabbit Rescue: First Drive Attempt

Before buying any car, you should always inspect it first. By doing a thorough inspection you will know what you are getting into and it will help with the negotiations later on. We inspected the GTI before handing over… more»

The Rabbit Has Landed

We have had a very busy day today! After picking up a car dolly from U-Haul this morning, we headed out to pick up project GTI. After a short trip we arrived and were disheartened to find that the… more»

Introducing the New BF Project Car!

Garage space has been secured, money exchanged, and title notarized… That’s right, this 1984 Volkswagen GTI is the new BF project car! We are always blabbing about the merits of saving classic cars, but we have not performed the… more»

Roadside Sighting: 1984 Volkswagen GTI

After featuring the Fiesta, we were reminded of a GTI we spotted along the road the other day. It took some work to track down the owner, but he was happy for the inquiry. They had  purchased the VW… more»