No Reserve: 1971 Plymouth GTX

Competition is typically fierce when a desirable muscle car hits the market, especially if the seller lists the car with No Reserve. The interest is heightened if the vehicle is numbers-matching, while a specific combination of factory options ensures… more»

Only 16k Miles! 1971 Plymouth GTX 440 V8

In 1971, Plymouth offered you two choices of mid-size muscle cars. For the more budget-minded, there was the Road Runner, and for those with a large pocketbook, the GTX was the one to buy. Besides a higher level of… more»

500 HP Mopar! 1969 Plymouth GTX

From 1967 to 1971, the Plymouth GTX was a “gentlemen’s” muscle car in that it mixed a higher level of trim with great performance. If you had the budget, it was an upgrade to the otherwise similar Road Runner… more»

Just Out Of Storage: 1968 Plymouth GTX 440

The late 1960s probably represented the high water mark for the American muscle car sector, with virtually every mainstream manufacturer offering buyers compelling alternatives to consider. Plymouth brought its GTX to the party in 1967, although the badge underwent… more»

Rusty GTX or Road Runner? 1970 Plymouth

Between 1968 and 1971, Plymouth offered two versions of mid-size muscle cars: the Road Runner (which was somewhat austere) and the GTX (which was on the luxurious side). The seller seems uncertain which one this project or parts car… more»

1 of 453: 1972 Plymouth Road Runner GTX

Plymouth introduced the GTX in 1967 as an upscale muscle car (a year before the budget-minded Road Runner). Demand was never really strong, so by 1972 Plymouth dropped the GTX as a separate product line and made it an… more»

Rolling Project: 1969 Plymouth GTX

Leaving the factory with a 375 HP 440 as standard equipment, there’s not much not to like about the 1969 Plymouth GTX, lovingly dubbed The Gentleman’s Muscle Car as the concept here was adding some luxurious touches to a… more»

Pride and Joy: 1967 Plymouth GTX

Born as the Belvedere GTX in 1967, the GTX would become the senior performance car in the Plymouth line-up after the debut of the Road Runner the following year. Serious about muscle, the GTX always came with at least… more»

Hemi Project: 1967 Plymouth GTX

One of the fun things about a first-year Plymouth GTX is the unique body, as the Belvedere-based muscle car spent only a single season in production before it got a redesign for 1968.  Even more exciting than the one-model-only… more»

Parked In ’76: One-Owner 1967 Plymouth GTX

Plymouth introduced its GTX back in 1967 as sort of a gentleman’s muscle car, taking the concept of luxury in the right direction by providing a higher trim level than the base Belvedere, but also focusing on performance by… more»

No Reserve Project: 1968 Plymouth GTX

It seems as though my interest level in certain makes and models of cars has varied throughout the years, but some I’ve always been a fan of since childhood are the late-sixties B-Body offerings, and I can’t fathom that… more»

Original 440: 1970 Plymouth GTX

Manufacturers during the muscle car era walked a fine line. Each sought to offer potential buyers the most power and best performance while ensuring those numbers didn’t cause insurance companies to hyperventilate. The result was cars like this 1970… more»

One Of Zero! 1971 Plymouth Superbird

NASCAR threw Chrysler a curve ball when it outlawed those wing cars from racing for the 1971 season, a decision stemming from the Dodge Charger Daytona and Plymouth Superbird causing such chaos on the tracks during the previous two… more»

Field Find: 1967 Plymouth GTX 440 Convertible

Upon its introduction in 1967, the Plymouth GTX beat the Road Runner to market by a year and later began sharing a similar appearance to the bird car in 1968.  But the 1967 model sort of has a charm… more»

Lemon Twist: 1970 Plymouth GTX 440

As popular as the Road Runner had become by the end of the sixties decade, it’s easy to forget that the GTX had beaten it to the market by one year.  Plymouth customers could buy a GTX in ’67… more»

Original 440: 1970 Plymouth GTX

Such was the pressure during the 1970s that it would have been easy for the muscle car to fade into oblivion. The triple whammy of tightening emission standards, rising fuel prices, and growing insurance premiums almost led to their… more»

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