440/4-Speed: 1972 Plymouth Road Runner GTX

Perhaps arguably, 1971 seems like the general consensus among many auto enthusiasts regarding the subject of when the golden age of the early American muscle car came to an end, with a few exceptions, of course.  When it comes… more»

Hot 440! 1971 Plymouth GTX

Some folks say that 1971 was the last “great” year for early muscle cars, with rising insurance premiums starting to deter the purchase of high-performance machines, combined with the fact that economy cars were also quickly gaining in popularity. … more»

Déjà vu: 1972 Plymouth Road Runner GTX

The GTX was Plymouth’s mid-size luxury car from 1967-71, at the opposite end of the budget scale to the Road Runner. But when the B-bodies were redesigned for 1972, Plymouth thinned the ranks of its performance cars to make… more»

1 of 219: 1972 Plymouth Road Runner GTX

UPDATE: 07/13/2022: While the classic market is presently performing better than most areas of the economy, there are still cars that fail to sell on the first attempt. Sometimes the situation arises as sellers are too optimistic with their… more»

1 of 701: 1969 Plymouth GTX Convertible

The Plymouth GTX arrived on the muscle car scene in 1967 but was only around for five years as a model of its own. It was a performance machine for those buyers who also wanted a higher level of… more»

Numbers-Matching 440 V8: 1970 Plymouth GTX

Introduced in 1967, Plymouth GTX’s was something of a “Gentleman’s Muscle Car” in that it was more luxurious than the Road Runner which followed a year later. The letters in the name are said to stand for “Grand Touring… more»

Unfinished Project: 1969 Plymouth GTX

Plymouth perceived there was a market for an upscale mid-size muscle car, so the GTX debuted in 1967. The cars had a standard 440 cubic inch V8 and the marque continued through 1971, after which it became part of… more»

1 of 749: 1973 Plymouth Road Runner GTX 440

One of the most memorable muscle cars from the 1960s is the Plymouth Road Runner, with its austere looks and “beep beep” horn. By the 1970s, things had been toned down in the performance world thanks to rising insurance… more»

Driveway Find: 1968 Plymouth GTX

Introduced in 1967, the GTX was positioned as Plymouth’s upscale mid-size muscle car based on the Sport Satellite. A big 440 cubic inch V8 was standard, with a Hemi being the only way to upgrade. The GTX stuck around… more»

1967 Plymouth GTX 440 4-Speed

Ah, the 1960s. It was an era when it seemed that every American manufacturer was willing to throw its hat into the ring to produce a muscle car. Generally, these cars prioritized hard-edged performance over comfort. However, there were… more»

1 of 362: 1969 Plymouth GTX Convertible

UPDATE 2/24/2022 – It’s been exactly a year since we first spotted this rare Plymouth GTX Convertible. At the time, it was listed in Montclair, California on craigslist with a $41,500 asking price, it’s now listed here on eBay… more»

No Reserve: 1970 Plymouth GTX 440

The world was a very different place in 1983. While some classic muscle cars were highly sought at that time, others managed to slip under the radar. That was the case with the 1970 Plymouth GTX. Our feature car… more»

Museum Find: 1969 Plymouth GTX

For many people, the thought of a museum conjures up images of paintings, stuffed animals, and other things forgotten within the mists of time. However, a museum can also be home to something very desirable. That was the case… more»

Dad’s Show Car: 1967 Plymouth GTX

Plymouth introduced the GTX in 1967 as an upscale, mid-size muscle car a year before the budget-minded Road Runner. Using the Satellite’s body and trim level, the GTX was around for five model years. It came standard with a… more»

Joe Dirt Style? 1968 Plymouth GTX 440

The GTX was Plymouth’s upscale mid-size performance car from 1967-71. It arrived a year earlier than the budget-minded Road Runner, which would eventually outsell the GTX by several multiples. A 440 cubic inch V8 and automatic transmission were standard… more»

1970 Plymouth GTX 440 Barn Find

The GTX was Plymouth’s upscale mid-size performance automobile, arriving on the muscle car scene a year before the popular Road Runner. Sales were fewer compared to its more budget-oriented cousin, so the GTX was produced as a standalone model… more»