Original 440: 1974 Plymouth Road Runner GTX

The owner of this 1974 Plymouth Road Runner GTX claims that it is 1-of-2 Triple Green cars built. It is an original survivor, and the buyer will need to decide whether to retain it that way, or whether a… more»

This 1967 Plymouth GTX is Being Offered With No Reserve!

When it was introduced in 1967, the Plymouth GTX offered its buyers neck-snapping performance with a touch of style and comfort. This one is a tidy looking vehicle, but it will need some work to return it to its… more»

Gentlemen’s Muscle Car: 1969 Plymouth GTX 440!

If you’d rather repair or replace rusty metal than chase down rare parts for your muscle car, check out this 1969 Plymouth GTX in Colorado Springs, Colorado! The listing here on craigslist shows most of the hard-to-find parts present… more»

Low Mileage Muscle: 1967 Plymouth GTX 440

There are a multitude of reasons why a classic car will find its way onto the market, and this 1967 Plymouth GTX is an example of one of the sadder sets of circumstances. The owner was a classic car… more»

55k Original Miles: 1967 Plymouth GTX

It is possible for a classic car to be both beautiful and brutal, and this 1967 Plymouth GTX would seem to prove this. Its presentation is not perfect, but it is certainly good enough to attract plenty of the… more»

1 Of 1? 1968 Plymouth GTX Hemi

I love when seller’s break down the options to show that their car is a one of one. Sure, this Plymouth GTX is the only one built in 1968 with this exact set of options in this particular color,… more»

Unbelievably Original! 1967 Plymouth GTX

Original paint, original interior, original 440 cid V8, never seen rain or snow, mileage under 20,000. Never touched by water even for a wash. Whoa! This gleaming 1967 Plymouth GTX in the American Midwest offers few nits to be… more»

Patchwork Field Find! 1968 Plymouth GTX Roller

A year before Ford’s Boss Mustang, Chrysler called their all-new 1968 GTX “The Boss,” and while the Road Runner occupied the entry-level spot in the lineup of mid-sized performance, the GTX attracted buyers looking for muscle with a side-order… more»

Parked 35 Years! 1968 Plymouth GTX

Aside from the ridiculous wheels, this is what I’d like to drive to work every day. I don’t require a 1968 Plymouth GTX specifically, though this car would be awesome. I’ve simply come to realize that we rarely see… more»

Mothballed since the Seventies! 1967 Plymouth GTX

Picture, for a moment, this Plymouth in a partially-restored state:  cosmetically no different from what you see here with missing trim, reverse rake, and black steel wheels with 75 series radials, but mechanically as perfect as the day it… more»

1 Of 105: 1971 Plymouth GTX In-Violet 440

Mention “Plymouth GTX” to most motor-heads and they will picture the 1968-70 version, but Plymouth sold the GTX high-performance variant of its popular Satellite one year earlier and later as well. This 1971 Plymouth GTX, offered on eBay out… more»