1-of-12: 1934 Sayers & Scovill Hearse

It isn’t often that you get the opportunity to describe a hearse as being flamboyant, but that is definitely the case with this 1934 Sayers & Scovill “Olympian” Hearse. After its active duty in the funeral industry had ended,… more»

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Morbid Muscle: 1962 Pontiac Superior Hearse

Update 3/10/20 – This morbid Mopar has resurfaced here on craigslist with a scary asking price of $18,500! Thanks go to Barn Finds reader Matt R for the tip! From 5/15/19 – This 1962 Pontiac “Superior Coach” Hearse is… more»

1 of 300 Made! 1959 Cadillac Superior Hearse

This 1959 Cadillac hearse is a really cool car and would make a unique project for someone. It can be found here on eBay with a current bid over $28,000, but the reserve hasn’t been met yet. There is… more»

Spooky Sighting: Halloween Hearse

Halloween is almost here! Kids are getting their costumes ready and adults are out buying candy. It’s a fun time of year for many reasons, but for car guys and gals, it’s a time to openly checkout funeral cars…. more»

Funky Art Car: 1941 Packard Hearse

When you are reading the listing for a car that has come onto the market and you find the word “hideous” in the text, you just know that you are onto an absolute winner. I’m not kidding here, because… more»

Solid Body: 1966 Pontiac Bonneville Hearse

It is a sad irony that while Pontiac as a manufacturer is long dead and buried, the company that converted this Bonneville into a hearse/ambulance is still very much alive and kicking. The vehicle is largely complete, and many… more»

Detective Work Required: 1959 Cadillac Super Royale Hearse

This 1959 Cadillac Super Royale Hearse will need a full restoration, but the next owner might be interested in undertaking a bit of detective work on the car’s past, and we’ll get to that shortly. The Hearse is a… more»

Ghost Tour Limo: 1974 Cadillac Hearse

When I look at the variety of different cars that find their way across the desks here at Barn Finds, I think that the best word that I could use to describe them would be eclectic. Nowhere is this… more»

Happy Halloween: 1969 Cadillac Hearse

The leaves are starting to change color and the air is starting to get crisp. The sun is setting faster and pumpkin spice is on the menu everywhere. Halloween is coming and it is the perfect time of year… more»

Slick Conversion: 1934 Oldsmobile Henney Hearse

We have featured some unique and interesting Henney conversions but this 1934 Oldsmobile takes the cake. With great styling and lines, this conversion almost looks more like a gangsters limousine than a hearse. Very complete, but in need of… more»

Stylish Conversion: 1960 Cadillac Fleetwood Eureka

If you are the kind of car enthusiast that wants a car that’s different, stylish, rare, and offers loads of space, then this 1960 Cadillac Fleetwood Eureka may be your next ride. Offering a tremendous amount of space and… more»

Halloween Hauler: 1970 Cadillac Fleetwood Hearse

Halloween is coming up, and surely there can’t be anything more fun than tooling around in a black-lit hearse listening to creepy Halloween tunes. Besides, who doesn’t love a good hearse? Not only would this be a great vehicle… more»

The Duncan Collection – 900 Cars and Counting

Have you ever pictured yourself car shopping with no budget in mind, scouring eBay and other sites as a hobby and clicking “Buy It Now” on those dream cars you’ve always wanted? In Southwest Virginia’s New River Valley, the… more»

The Last Car You’ll Ever Need: 1959 Cadillac Superior Crown Royale Landaulet

The auction is ending just a few days too late to take this hearse to Hell—Michigan, that is, for this year’s Hearse Fest—but that just means that the new owner will have nearly a year to get ready for… more»

Halloween Hearse: 1966 Cadillac S & S Hearse

Happy Halloween, everyone! Here’s one (just one!) from Scotty G for today’s holiday; I promise not to go overboard. Speaking of going overboard, this 1966 Cadillac Hearse is from the “Queen Mary’s Shipwreck” promotion so it’s in Huntington Beach,… more»

Death Trap: 1983 Toyota Crown Hearse

Here’s your average, everyday vehicle: a 1983 Toyota Crown Hearse! This unusual ride is in beautiful Langley, British Columbia, Canada and is listed on eBay with a Buy It Now price of $32,500, or make an offer. There are a little… more»