Hot Wheels

Toy Box Find: 24 Hot Wheels Redlines!

I’m guessing most of you, if not all of you, played with Hot Wheels diecast cars growing up. I know I did, and being four years old at the 1968 debut of the Hot Wheels lineup didn’t hurt! It… more»

Hot Wheels! 1969 Pink Charger Redline

I’m quite sure that many of you got your start in automotive collecting (ok, playing) with Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Corgi, Aurora and other similar toy cars. My “car room” is currently decorated with two 108-car display cases holding my… more»

Happy 50th Birthday Hot Wheels!

If you like Barn Finds, then there’s a good chance you have owned a Hot Wheels or two. They are supposedly for kids, but I sure see a lot of old guys sifting through those blister packs at the supermarket!… more»

10,000 Hot Wheels At Estate Sale!

A couple days ago, Jesse called me just as I was getting to Barn Finds HQ. He asked if I had a jacket with me. It’s still a little chilly here in the mornings, so obviously I had a… more»

Could This Hot Wheels Be Worth Six Figures?

The other day we featured a million dollar Hot Wheels collection and the star of the show was a rear loading Beach Bomb. That little diecast was worth more than a hundred grand, so you can imagine my excitement… more»

Hot Wheels Prototype Barn Find Set!

Some of you may collect or have collected scale model vehicles. Corgi, Dingy, Tonka, Matchbox and Hot Wheels are some of the options available. We have never seen a factory prototype of a Hot Wheels available until today. Yes… more»

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