2025 Motorcycle Cannonball Candidate: 1926 Indian Chief

As I write this, 77 intrepid riders are riding vintage motorcycles across the United States competing in the 2023 Motorcycle Cannonball.  This biannual event is limited to motorcycles manufactured up to 1933 with limited modifications for the two-week plus… more»

On The Warpath: 1941 Indian 741 Military

While Harley-Davidson reigns supreme as America’s motorcycle company, the Indian Motorcycle Company always managed to hang in there and come back again and again like Rocky Balboa.  What is it about the fabled Indian motorcycle that Americans love so… more»

Too Much Patina? 1948 Indian Chief

The overwhelming urge to restore every old vehicle has waned in the past few decades.  In previous years, full restorations were common.  It is now socially acceptable to keep an artifact in its original condition as long as it… more»

Rolling Icon: 1940 Indian Chief

When someone says DeLorean you automatically see the image of the famous car in your head.  The same thing happens when a Porsche 911 is brought up.  When it comes to two-wheeled vehicles, a mention of the maker Indian… more»

One Owner Barn Find Racer: 1941 Indian Scout

The more and more I see of these classic Indian motorcycles, the more I want to ride around on one. They are timelessly cool, especially if they have a history like today’s bike. This is a one-owner original that… more»

Proper Patina: 1926 Indian Prince

As time goes on, we are beginning to see more and more 100-year-old vehicles as we get to the 100th anniversary of mass manufacturing. There are plenty of these cars and bikes on the road today which is a… more»

Black Beauty! 1946 Indian Chief

The Indian “Chief” motorcycle is one of those rare designs that just looks “right” to almost everyone that sees it. This restored (no, it’s not a “barn find”, but we thought you’d like it anyway) 1946 beauty in gloss… more»

Stored 25 Years: 1947 Indian Chief 74

The Indian Chief motorcycle was first built by Hendee Manufacturing Co. and later by Indian Motorcycle Co. from 1922 until the company’s demise in 1953. A Chief, like this 1947 edition, is one of those desirable bikes that pops… more»

Rare 1950s Indian Scout Three-Speed Bicycle

Bicycles were more than recreation in post-war Great Britain, they were vital transportation. A lot of people couldn’t afford cars and bicycles provided a way to get to jobs and run errands. This 1950s Indian Scout bicycle is listed… more»

Paratrooper Bike: 1950 Indian Papoose Barn Find

I should explain the title. By the time these little folding motorcycles evolved into having the Indian name on them, they weren’t actually used by WWII paratroopers but they were still able to be folded up and to be… more»

1926 Indian “Altoona” Racer

Even if you aren’t a vintage motorcycle enthusiast, you can appreciate the cosmetic and mechanical beauty of this fantastic machine! This 1926 Indian “Altoona” racer is listed for sale here on eBay and is located in Martinez, California. 31… more»

Unrestored 1961 Indian Police Trike!

Indian Motorcycle Company, its problematic name notwithstanding, was a hugely important company in American wheeled history. It was the country’s first motorcycle company (founded 1901), beating out the more ubiquitous Harley-Davidson (founded 1903) by more than two years. In… more»

Four-Cylinder Motorcycle: 1938 Indian Four

You’ve probably heard of the Indian Motorcycle Company but did you know they built a bike with a big four-cylinder strapped to it?!! This was an expensive bike when new (as much as a car) so there weren’t a… more»

Original 1940 Indian With Fresh Inline-Four!

If anyone ever had any doubts about the desirability of vintage motorcycles, a few of the classic Harley-Davidsons that we have featured in recent times here at Barn Finds should provide a graphic insight into this desirability. However, if… more»

Boneyard Find? Rare 1958 Indian Lance Mark II

There’s a weird and wonderful history of the “Indian” motorcycle including how that venerable brand intertwines with one of the true heroes of WWII, the “Flying Flea.”  Huh?  More on that below–our subject machine above retains its original Sahara… more»

1947 Indian Chief Barn Find

This 1947 Indian Chief is a numbers-matching motorcycle, but restoring it could potentially be a significant undertaking. However, if you have limited space in your workshop, it could be the perfect project to tackle. It is a classic that… more»