Cheap Project: International Scout 80

There is no doubt that this is an early Scout but the seller does not know what year because he or she lost the title. International Harvester built the first generation Scout, called the Scout 80, from 1961 to… more»

First Year: 1961 International Scout 80

International Harvester was the first on the scene to produce a midsize SUV type four wheel drive vehicle. They introduced the International Harvester Scout 80 in 1961 and continued production of this model until 1965. The Scout 80 was… more»

Rot Free: 1963 International Scout 80

Things in the 1960’s were just simpler compared to today. One look at this 1963 International Harvester Scout 80 shows that sometimes simpler is better. This is a running and driving 57 year old 4WD that can still put… more»

Wiring Challenge: 1968 International Scout 800

Located in Billings, Montana, this 1968 International Scout 800 is listed for sale here on eBay. There is only one day remaining in the auction and bids are currently up to only $3,500 which seems cheap for this little… more»

Cheap SUV: 1975 International Travelall

This International Harvester Travelall is a rare SUV and is being sold here on eBay with a low reserve. International Harvester produced the Travelall from 1952 to 1975 making this the final year of production. This example is located… more»

289 V8 Powered International Cub Tractor!

Just when you thought that 2020 was nothing but sorrow and misery on top of heartache and strife, you see something like this International Harvester Cub with a 289 V8 and it totally redeems itself! Frankly, I can’t believe… more»

Ready To Restore: 1946 International Metro

Need a loaf of bread? How about a Marshall amplifier? (more on that one later) This 1946 International Harvester Metro is one of the most versatile vehicles of all time. Used by tradespeople and delivery services alike, there was… more»

Black Plate: 1962 International Scout 80 Pickup

This 1962 International Scout 80 pickup is a non-running example that the seller has owned for seven years ago with big plans for that never materialized. The old-school company name on the doors and the relatively stock, rust-free appearance… more»

1954 International Travelall Fire Truck!

One of the nicer things about older fire equipment is that you can pretty much guarantee that for the length of its “in service” life it received excellent care. This 1954 International Travelall fire vehicle has been in storage… more»

1967 International Scout Pickup

Don’t hesitate to bid if you are interested in this solid looking 1967 International Scout pickup because the auction is close to its end. The 4WD all-purpose vehicle is listed for sale here on eBay, where bidding has already… more»

Perfect Patina? 1965 International Scout 80

In its current condition, this 1965 International Harvester Scout 80 is air-cooled because there is no engine under the hood! The seller states that the body is sold but “has dents and dings but it just adds to the… more»

Suburban Alternative? 1961 International Travelall

Before there was the Suburban, there was the…we’ll there wasn’t much before the Suburban, but this 1961 International Travelall would be a valid competitor from an independent manufacturer. This one has a pretty long story associated with it but… more»

Original Paint: 1973 International Scout II 4×4

This 1973 International Harvester Scout is described as a true survivor from Northern California that has clearly been cherished since new. The details are fantastic on this truck, like the original decals going down the sides and brand new… more»

Rare 1-Of-10: 1939 International Woody Wagon

There is something very romantic and nostalgic about vehicles associated with national parks. When the National Park Service was founded in 1916 national park designations increased rapidly. As the automobile became more popular, parks transitioned their access away from… more»

1969 International Scout 800A Barn Find!

We’ve been accused of featuring vehicles that aren’t “real” barn finds. The phrase is subjective, but I don’t think anyone will argue that this 1969 Scout is the real deal. Or will they? It’s dirty and is sitting in… more»

BF AUCTION: 9k Mile 1949 International KB2

This handsome 1949 International KB2 stake truck is a nicely preserved example with a long history of careful owners and a gentle lifestyle of moving hay bales before retiring to different collections. The seller notes that it needs some… more»