EXCLUSIVE: Georgia Collection Part II

You may remember Part I of the Georgia collection we’re helping to market. I had the chance to make a second and third visit to further document the collection and I’m happy to share those finds here as an… more»

Rough Bunch: Six International Scouts

The words rust and Scout can too often be used interchangeably. Such is the case with this stash of IH Scouts found here on Craigslist in the Sedalia, Missouri area. If a salvageable project can’t be found here hopefully… more»

Rare Factory Snow Plow: 1971 IH Scout Sno Star Edition

This Scout might fall into the “rare does not equal valuable” category, but its cool nonetheless. This is a 1971 International Harvester Scout Sno Star edition equipped from the factory with a snow plow. This is an 800B model… more»

Military Made: 1941 International M2-4

Antique vehicles are something special in themselves, but military antique vehicles are a whole other niche. While there are many different surplus or decommissioned military made vehicles out there, it is not always easy to make them road worthy…. more»

A Little Of Everything: 40+ Finds, One Location!

There’s something for everyone (okay, at least American car lovers) in this find of over 40 vehicles located in Hickory, North Carolina and advertised here on craigslist. The seller doesn’t exactly go overboard with their descriptions and requests phone contact… more»

Postwar Pickup: 1946 International Harvester KB3

After five years of America’s manufacturing might focused on making war materiel, there was a huge demand for civilian cars and trucks that went unmet.  A rare example of early post-war truck production is this 1946 International Harvester pickup… more»

Rare Midas Edition: 1978 International Scout II

Finding an International Scout II as a project isn’t hard to do. Finding one intact is a little hard to do and finding one intact that is a special edition is even harder to do. This one found here… more»

Cheerful Little Rig: 1974 International Scout II

The Scout started out as simple and durable little barebones truck with a slant 4 engine. It was light and reliable and worked well offroad. Amenities like carpet, bucket seats, back seat and a choice of 6 or 8… more»

WANTED: 1953-55 International R100 Pickup

So Reader Richard C has asked for our help to find a ’53 to ’55 International R100 truck. He would prefer one that is in good condition and ready to go. If you have one or know of one… more»

1966 International 1200A: Truckiest Truck Ever?

“Hey, Mabel, we got us a real truck ‘ere!” This is what I think of when I think of a work truck. You can find this 1966 International Harvester 1200A for sale here on eBay. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Matt… more»

Barn Binder: 1972 International 1210 4×4

Good photos make this 1972 International Harvester 1210 4×4 pickup look even better than it would normally. The bids on eBay are only at $2,600 but the reserve isn’t met. This truck is located in Buckeye, Arizona, where I… more»

Parked 20 Years Ago: International Travelall Ambulance

Among the numerous Cadillac-based ambulance conversions there stands this rarity: an International Travelall that did duty as an ambulance before being parked for two decades and pillaged for parts. Perhaps it wasn’t rare 20 years ago, but nowadays I… more»

Low Mile Brush Truck: 1965 International 1300

Ex-municipal vehicles seem to show up with some regularity anymore, which makes me wonder if they sell for ridiculously cheap prices at state-run auctions. There’s some obvious appeal, as they are usually low mileage and have some interesting options… more»

Huge Hauler: 1973 International Travelall

Like the archetypal drawing of a house that a child would do, that’s what I used to think of when I saw a fourth-generation I-H like this 1973 International Travelall. In my old age, I’ve changed 180 degrees on that… more»

Old Work Horse: 1953 International R130 Utility

Old utility bed work trucks are scarce, and are certainly a rare treat to see out on the road. Having spent its youth as a Electricians work truck, this International still wears its hand painted lettering and its utility… more»

$1,800 Or Offer! 1970 International 1200 D

Never seen snow! No, I’m just kidding of course, but this truck is too solid to have been driven in road salt. It’s a 1970 International 1200 D pickup and it’s on eBay with a won’t-be-around-long buy it now… more»