Classic Crew Cab: 1972 International Travelette 1210

Vintage crew cab trucks aren’t the most common variety to find like this International Travelette.  Equipped with 6 seat belts, a small gun rack, a pick up bed, and 4 wheel drive, this International is a real catch. With… more»

Low-Mile Off-Roader: 1976 International Scout II

Are you searching for a standout truck that will allow you to be part of the off-road craze without being a Bronco, Blazer, or Jeep? Look no further, we have scouted a vehicle that fits that criteria. This 1976… more»

Off Road Package: 1979 International Harvester Scout

This 1979 International Harvester Scout II is a gently-used survivor, with some cosmetic flaws to sort out. The seller notes it is a desirable “Off Road Package”-equipped model, with skidplates, heavy-duty springs and 3.73 gears from the factory. These… more»

Vineyard Approved: 1976 International Scout Rallye

I made my annual pilgrimage to the island of Martha’s Vineyard this past weekend, one of my favorite trips of the year. Not only is the whole journey filled with anticipation of a more laid-back existence punctuated by excellent… more»

Huge Estate Sale: Restored, Projects, Parts, & More!

On October 6 in Muskegon, MI, there will be a live, on-site estate auction of restored cars, project cars, parts cars, and parts. Whoever amassed this collection was an equal opportunity collector. I’ve counted twelve different makes of cars… more»

Oregon Outfitted: 1967 International Harvester 1200B

For those looking for a unique and classic four-wheel drive pickup, this reader submission 1967 International Harvester 1200B, found here on eBay, might be the one. With an aggressive stance, a meaty set of tires, and a lot of mechanical… more»

Restored 40 Years Ago: 1946 International Truck

At what point is a restoration no longer a restoration? This 1946 International K3 pickup was restored 40 years ago and now has some age-related wear. It’s neither original nor restored any more, but whatever it is I like… more»

EXCLUSIVE: Georgia Collection Part II

You may remember Part I of the Georgia collection we’re helping to market. I had the chance to make a second and third visit to further document the collection and I’m happy to share those finds here as an… more»

Rough Bunch: Six International Scouts

The words rust and Scout can too often be used interchangeably. Such is the case with this stash of IH Scouts found here on Craigslist in the Sedalia, Missouri area. If a salvageable project can’t be found here hopefully… more»

Rare Factory Snow Plow: 1971 IH Scout Sno Star Edition

This Scout might fall into the “rare does not equal valuable” category, but its cool nonetheless. This is a 1971 International Harvester Scout Sno Star edition equipped from the factory with a snow plow. This is an 800B model… more»

Military Made: 1941 International M2-4

Antique vehicles are something special in themselves, but military antique vehicles are a whole other niche. While there are many different surplus or decommissioned military made vehicles out there, it is not always easy to make them road worthy…. more»

A Little Of Everything: 40+ Finds, One Location!

There’s something for everyone (okay, at least American car lovers) in this find of over 40 vehicles located in Hickory, North Carolina and advertised here on craigslist. The seller doesn’t exactly go overboard with their descriptions and requests phone contact… more»

Postwar Pickup: 1946 International Harvester KB3

After five years of America’s manufacturing might focused on making war materiel, there was a huge demand for civilian cars and trucks that went unmet.  A rare example of early post-war truck production is this 1946 International Harvester pickup… more»

Rare Midas Edition: 1978 International Scout II

Finding an International Scout II as a project isn’t hard to do. Finding one intact is a little hard to do and finding one intact that is a special edition is even harder to do. This one found here… more»

Cheerful Little Rig: 1974 International Scout II

The Scout started out as simple and durable little barebones truck with a slant 4 engine. It was light and reliable and worked well offroad. Amenities like carpet, bucket seats, back seat and a choice of 6 or 8… more»

WANTED: 1953-55 International R100 Pickup

So Reader Richard C has asked for our help to find a ’53 to ’55 International R100 truck. He would prefer one that is in good condition and ready to go. If you have one or know of one… more»