Ready To Roll! 1949 International KB-2 Pickup

When we think of post-war pickups, the big names usually come to mind first. Ford, Chevy, Dodge…but International doesn’t usually roll off the tongue. This running, driving example is up for sale here on eBay out of Richmond, Minnesota…. more»

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BF AUCTION: 1979 International Scout Terra

UPDATE – The seller has sent us additional photos. It looks like the body was in nice shape prior to being painted, but the seller made sure it was perfectly straight before having it sprayed. After listing and successfully… more»

Rare Crew Cab: 1973 International Wagonmaster

This is an awesome rig I didn’t even know existed but now desperately want: a 1973 International Harvester Wagonmaster, a very cool four-door pickup with a short bed and room for what looks like a six-passenger seating arrangement. What’s… more»

Survivor Scout: 1978 International Harvester Scout II

A “scout” is traditionally a military term for a soldier that does reconnaissance or stealthy exploration. Whether you are talking about a Cooper Scout rifle, an Indian Scout, or an International Scout, they all mean the same thing…small, nimble,… more»

Original Rallye: 1979 International Scout II Terra

The Scout is so popular today and it would be fun to see what a 2020 Scout would look like. This 1979 International Scout II Terra Rallye edition can be found here on eBay with a current bid price… more»

Honest Truck: 197? International 1210 Pickup

We haven’t posted an honest truck find in a while — this 197? (it’s listed as a 1969, but that’s wrong) International 1210 pickup certainly fits the criteria, so here it is! Thanks to Ikey H. for sending in… more»

Rare Deluxe Edition: 1974 International Scout II

Last week, we took a look at a Jeep Grand Wagoneer, a vehicle that dated to 1963 and was way ahead of the SUV/CUV craze. There was also another early player in that marketing space, International. And here is… more»

Factory Diesel: 1979 International Harvester Scout Traveler

If it’s all about the options, then this 1979 International Harvester Scout Traveler is quite possibly one of the most robustly-equipped trucks we’ve seen in a while. It’s a rare Traveler edition with the extended wheelbase, plus it has… more»

Wooden Wonder: 1949 International Station Wagon

Seems like wood is everywhere these days. I have found wood-sided, or woodies, from Pontiac, Ford, Buick, Chrysler (both wagon and sedan) and now International. And this 1949 International KB-1 woodie wagon has been a bit of everywhere too,… more»

Arizona Barn Find: 1977 International Scout II

This 1977 International Harvester Scout is described as an Arizona survivor with under 70,000 original miles and just one repaint in its original color. Rust is said to be limited to service-level only, and one dent in the hardtop… more»

Storage Unit Find! 1977 International Scout Pickup

According to the seller, this 1977 International Scout Pickup has the rare SD33 straight-six Nissan diesel engine! Located in Niagara Falls, New York, it can be found here on Craigslist with an asking price of $7,000. I’m not sure… more»

Well-Optioned Survivor: 1975 International Scout

This 1975 International Scout II XLC is a nicely optioned survivor that wears great colors and a few spots of rust. The Scout presents just like one of these should, as an off-road warrior with some bumps and bruises… more»

Fire Truck Museum Sell-Off!

A collector of antique fire engines and related equipment has posted his stash on craigslist, announcing that it’s time to thin the herd. The listing reflects years of collecting, as it extends beyond the typical vintage fire truck apparatus… more»

Rare 1976 International Traveler Patriot Survivor!

We’ve had some pretty exciting Auctions here on Barn Finds, but this has to be one of the Top 10! Now, I’m sure your thinking “that’s just an International Scout”. And you’d be partially correct. You see, this International… more»

Wild Woodstock Bus With 23 Window On Top!

Given the prices that genuine 23-window Volkswagen Buses have been commanding, this heavily customized (and weathered) 1937 International Bus poses a conundrum for the next owner. While Woodstock sentimentalists would see a rolling monument to the glory days of… more»

Rare Patriot Edition: 1976 International Scout

Update 11/13/19 – This Patriotic Scout has been relisted here on eBay with a $1 starting bid and no reserve so it might end up going cheaper than the original asking price. Or not… From 10/9/19 – Another day,… more»