Solid Original: 1974 International Scout II

International Harvester began producing its off-road Scout vehicles in 1961, and while the original intent was chiefly as a competitor for the Jeep, many now view it as a forerunner to the more modern SUV.  The Scout II was… more»

Good Bones: 1968 International Scout 800A

Did you see in the news that Volkswagen is going to re-introduce the Scout in the US Market in 2026? It will be an all-electric SUV based on the design of the International Harvester Scout that ended production in… more»

1964 International Scout 80 Barn Find

Yesterday I had the privilege of taking a ’72 Scout out on a test drive. It was a memorable experience and I was even tempted to buy that rusty old rig. It was a beater but was so full… more»

Solid Barn Find: 1962 International Harvester Scout 80

International Harvester built their popular Scout from 1960 to 1980 so this is an early model known as the Scout 8o that was built between 1960 to 1965.  The ad calls is a Scout 800 but that model was… more»

Travel Top: 1961 International Harvester Scout 80

International Harvester produced the Scout from 1960 to 1980 and over 500,000 units were manufactured over its production run. This example is a 1st generation 1961 International Harvester Scout 80 Travel Top which is the pickup style that included… more»

Blank Slate Ambulance: 1940 International Harvester Woody

The story goes that, due to the steel shortage during World War II, manufacturers began using wood as replacements for body panels. Hence, the “woody” was born. The style maintained popularity throughout the decades, even so much as starting… more»

Swamp Creature: 1964 International Scout 80

International Harvester struck gold when they introduced the Scout in 1960. Over the next 20 years, they produced over 500,000 different Scouts and Scout variants that were loved in the American market. The International Harvester was tough, rugged, and… more»

Rare Model: 1970 International Harvester Scout Aristocrat

The seller states that this 1970 International Harvester Scout 800A is a rare Aristocrat model. At first glance, it appears to be more like an “A-rust-o-crat!” The Scout is located in Windsor Mill, Maryland and is listed here on… more»

11,771 Miles: 1971 International Harvester Cargostar

The inception of the International Harvester Company dates all the way back to 1909 when the company began and initially marketed its trucks to farmers.  It took little time for the trucks to become successful in the farming industry,… more»

Nice Survivor: 1971 International Travelall 1010

Seven-Up had a big ad campaign for years touting its status as “The Uncola” and it worked. At least for a while, even though sales never got close to Coke’s sales. I think this 1971 International Travelall 1010 is… more»

Rat Rod COE: 1968 International Harvester

Dragging home a big truck project is one of the more daunting prospects I can think of when it comes to a rescue mission. I routinely have non-running projects shipped here and there, but it never requires more than… more»

BF Classified: 1974 International Scout II

This 1974 International Harvester Scout II is located in Blanco, Texas which is in the hill country north of San Antonio and west of Austin. The Scout II is said to run and drive and comes with an extra… more»

More Than 150 Cars! 2021 Lucky Fall Classic

Every year, Lucky Collector Car Auctions hosts an online auction for a variety of classic as well as more recent cars, trucks, motorcycles, other vehicles, and related memorabilia. This year, there are at least 150 cars and trucks on… more»

350 Crate V8! 1947 International KB3

The KB1-5 was a series of trucks produced by International Harvester after World War II. They load ratings ranging from ½ ton to 90,000 lbs., so they could get most any job done. Except for its drivetrain, this ’47… more»

Three-Door 1959 International Travelall B-100

If ever there was a time when I wanted to have a photo of the VIN and data plate, this is it. This second-generation International Travelall is listed as a 1962 model which it clearly isn’t due to the… more»

4×4 Project: 1967 International Scout 800

This 1967 International Harvester Scout 800 is listed for sale here on Facebook Marketplace in Austin, Texas. This Scout 800 was used as a hunting rig in Big Wells, Texas for a number of years and then sat for… more»