Ready For Harvest: 1946 International Harvester

It really is a shame that hobbyists don’t seem to take advantage of the bargains that are out there in vintage medium and heavy duty trucks.  To be honest, trucks deemed heavy duty back then probably… more»

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Sportop Project: 1966 International Harvester Scout

On first glance, this 1966 International Harvester Scout 800 Sportop sure looks like it could easily drive right to our garage. I mean, right to your garage..  It’s listed on eBay with several bids totaling over… more»

Factory Air: 1973 International 1110 Short Bed

This old pickup listed on craigslist in Galt, California appears to be a very original survivor. This could have been lovingly cared for and been repainted at some time or it could have been a barn find,… more»

Cherry On Top: 1955 International Fire Truck

There are often well maintained low mileage fire trucks for sale. They have usually been kept inside, are not often rusty and usually priced very reasonably. The problem usually is, what can you do with a… more»

Trick Transtar: 1970 International CO-4070A

Are you an aggressive tailgater looking for your next daily driver? Do you have a really, really big boat or trailer to haul? If so, this 1970 International CO-4070A could be for you. This is one… more»

Ready To Work: 1946 International K-1

It’s amazing what great photos can do for an old truck! This International has already had all the mechanicals sorted and is said to be a great driver, but cosmetically it looks to be all original…. more»

Could This International Scout Be Worth $7,500?

Scouts, Blazers, and Broncos are all hot right now, but could this ratty looking Scout II really be worth seven grand? Normally we would say no, but there are a few factors that could make this… more»

Chain Smoker: 1923 International Dump Truck

This old truck probably doesn’t run, but if it did it would likely smoke. Rather than provide any details in his craigslist posting, the seller chose to instead, well, rattle on about how much money one… more»

Dog Approved: 1967 International Travelall

Although I don’t claim to be a hunter, there’s something uniquely American about a truck loaded up with flannel clothes, weapons, beef jerky and man’s best friend. I’ve never hung out in a tree scouting for… more»

Good Project: 1976 International Scout

There have been quite a few Scouts and Broncos on Barn Finds recently that looked like they were being held together by prayers and incantations rather than solid metal. When used regularly for what they were… more»

1967 International Scout: Worth Dragging Home?

Broncos, Blazers, and Scouts have been going up in value. Good ones at least. So, does that make this rustbucket worthwhile? It was supposedly pushed into a barn 35 years ago when the clutch slave cylinder… more»

Corny: 1972 International 1110 Pickup

Are there any corn binder fans out there? This 1972 International Harvester 1110 Pickup is posted on Craigslist with an asking price of $2,999. It’s in the western suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota, not too far from… more»

No Reserve Workhorse: 1953 International Harvester

It’s a common fear among us gearheads that we’ll find an awesome project and then proceed to have life get in the way of ever working on it. And, because car collecting is a disease, it’s… more»