Supercharged 1 of 44? 1955 Kaiser Manhattan

The 1955 model year would be the last for Kaiser automobiles made in the U.S. (they would continue building Willys Jeeps here). The Manhattan was their top-of-the-line car and it had a supercharger as standard equipment by 1954. This… more»

10 Vehicles Left! Kansas Car Collection

When you see a classic car collection up for sale, a common reason is that the owner or cheerleader has passed away. But, in this case, the seller is no longer in his prime and would like to see… more»

46k Original Miles: 1951 Kaiser Special 2-Door

Kaisers are not common cars. Produced for only about a decade, there just aren’t that many around. Probably one of the better-known examples is the Kaiser Darrin, but Kaiser (also Kaiser-Frazer) produced a handful of attractive models over its… more»

Supercharged Six: 1954 Kaiser Manhattan

Forced-induction engine technology has gone in and out of vogue in the automotive world on numerous occasions since Mercedes first bolted Roots superchargers to some of their production models in 1921. Superchargers offer an easy and affordable way for… more»

Beautifully Original! 1951 Kaiser Deluxe

We’ve already covered a 1951 Kaiser Deluxe this week but it was a long-term stored car and in pretty ratty shape with an enormous pair of holes in the passenger side quarter panel. And sometimes when you spy a… more»

1951 Kaiser Deluxe Coupe Barn Find

This 1951 Kaiser Deluxe two-door sedan, known as a Club Coupe, is the first Kaiser-Frazer product that I have covered for Barn Finds, they just don’t surface that often so I’m thrilled to come across a rather intact example…. more»

One-Off Roadster! 1958 Carston Sports Car

The Volvo P1800 was an exercise by the Swedish company to prove that the engines equipped in their family cars could power an exotic sports car. Today’s 1958 Carston was created in a similar vein, although not by the… more»

SoDak Fire Department 4×4: 1968 Jeep M715

This 1968 Jeep M715 4×4 former South Dakota Forestry Department fire vehicle crosses over to a few different collectible genres. It’s first, well, a 4×4 Kaiser Jeep, it’s a 4×4 pickup, it’s a former fire department vehicle, and it’s… more»

350 V8 Equipped: 1954 Kaiser Manhattan

While the 1950s were a boom period for the “big three” American automobile manufacturers and they were able to secure the largest slice of the sales pie, that left the smaller independent manufacturers to fight over the crumbs. This… more»

Hidden For 57 Years: Customized 1952 Henry J

In our continuing mission to bring you the weird, wild, and wonderful of the barn-found-automobile world, we present you with this extremely-customized piece of work. It’s been in hiding for a long time, but it’s out in the sunlight… more»

What Is This Car’s History? 1951 Henry J Custom

The seller of this 1951 Henry J custom thinks that it may be a prototype of some sort, possibly made for a movie star and another idea is that it may have been made for Walt Disney. Maybe one… more»

EXCLUSIVE: 1952 Kaiser Henry J

It seems like many of the Henry Js that are still around have been turned into hot rods, with small block Chevy V8s and all the accompanying speed parts. As cool as these hot rods are, it’s really nice… more»

EXCLUSIVE: 1952 Kaiser Manhattan Sleeper!

From the outside, this 4-door Kaiser Manhattan looks like any other ’50s family hauler, but under that hood is a bit of a surprise! I’d say that Reader James R’s Kaiser here is one heck of a sleeper, but… more»

Deluxe Darrin Survivor: 1954 Kaiser Darrin

A lot of the cars we feature here on Barn Finds require some form of time, patience, elbow grease and likely some modest investment. But if you’re working to fill out your high-end car collection and you need to… more»

Gasser or Original Spec? 1951 Henry J Deluxe

We have seen a few independent and/or orphan cars here recently with a few Frazers, and this 1951 Henry J Deluxe is also a Kaiser-Frazer offering. This interesting car can be found here on Craigslist in Gresham, Oregon, a… more»

Very Tempting: 1953 Kaiser Manhattan

While it is largely original, this Kaiser Manhattan is believed to have undergone a repaint at some point in its life. Barn Finder Roger spotted this Kaiser for us, so I have to thank him for that. If you… more»