Parked For 50 Years: 1957 LaDawri Conquest

This rare 1957 Ladawri Conquest is a kit car of the best kind, a vintage model built to be used as a build-it-yourself track car. Sporting classic sports car looks and lightweight construction, relatively few remain in undisturbed condition… more»

Rare Victress S4 Found!

When I first saw the pictures of what is labeled as a LaDawri Victress in the ad, I knew it wasn’t like any LaDawri Daytona or Conquest I had seen. After a quick consultation with Geoff Hacker, the world’s… more»

Electric Prototype: 1959 La Dawri Conquest

Here’s one that probably asks more questions than it answers. It’s unusual on two fronts as it is a rare, small-production specialty car known as a La Dawri and it has been converted for electric operation. There’s not too… more»

Ex-Museum Find: 1951 LaDawri Speedster

It’s not that uncommon for auto museums to raise money to complete projects by selling other projects or even completed cars. This 1951 LaDawri kit car (okay, specialty assembled vehicle) is just that, being offered by a private museum… more»

Black Plate Rarity: 1957 LaDawri Sebring

Kit cars are an acquired taste — which I happen to have! This 1957 LaDawri appears to be one of the few kit cars I’ve seen that has been absolutely assembled correctly — or in this case re-assembled correctly. Thanks… more»

Beautiful Project: 1960’s LaDawri Daytona

While it’s a big project, this LaDawri is an incredibly tempting find to undertake. You simply don’t find these Daytonas in any condition often, so when one pops up, it’s worth a look. And unlike a few of the… more»

Barn Find Conquest: 1962 LaDawri “Ferrawri”

As of recent, I’ve developed quite a soft spot for the quirky Canadian/Californian company LaDawri Coachcraft that produced some amazing fiberglass cars, like the 1962 LaDawri Conquest found here on eBay. Some might be fooled by the original owners… more»

Castillian Cast-Away: LaDawri Victress Coupe Kit

This big, black cast-away coupe actually represents a very interesting bit of fiberglass car history, and for only $650 as found here on Craigslist – it would be a (relatively) inexpensive way to build one of the last surviving… more»

BF AUCTION: 1961 LaDawri Daytona Body

Back in the fifties and sixties, fiberglass bodied sports cars were hot! People built them, they raced them, and many companies made money producing them. LaDawri was one of the biggest players in the game and this Daytona was one… more»