Lincoln Mark III

Triple White: 1971 Lincoln Continental Mark III

Have you ever noticed how the first version of a new model automobile is often the best? And then it just seems to slowly go downhill? Some of it is a subjective opinion but the other part is probably… more»

Barn Find Beauty? 1958 Lincoln Continental Mark III

Questionable styling aside, this 1958 Lincoln Continental Mark III, as barn found, is a pretty scary-looking hulk. With the Lincoln Continental in its first year of “Joker” styling, it’s just that more ominous looking as it emerges from its… more»

Low-Mileage Time Capsule: 1969 Lincoln Mark III

LOL is online slang for “laughing out loud.” But if you’re searching for a low-mileage, garage-pampered survivor, you’d want LOL to stand for three other words: “Little Old Lady.” And this attractive time-capsule 1969 Lincoln Continental Mark III checks… more»

BF Classified: 1971 Lincoln Mark III

Wow, what a find! This big, bold and beautiful 1971 Lincoln Mark III comes with a bit of a story and is a spectacular example of an automobile model and body style that was, at one time, commonplace on… more»