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BF Classified: 1971 Lincoln Mark III

Wow, what a find! This big, bold and beautiful 1971 Lincoln Mark III comes with a bit of a story and is a spectacular example of an automobile model and body style that was, at one time, commonplace on America’s highways and byways but now only exists in nicely preserved examples like this feature car. Located in Durham, Connecticut, this Mark III is available here on BF Classifieds or here on AutoArcheologist for $12,500.

Introduced in 1968 as an early 1969 model, the Mark III was a modern interpretation of Lincoln’s famed Mark II personal luxury car from 1956-57. Sales were good with about 30K Mark IIIs produced in ’69, approximately 21K in 1970 and finally, 27K units for 1971. A big car no doubt, the Mark III’s underpinnings were based on the Ford Thunderbird’s chassis with curb weight tipping the scales at about 4,800 lbs.

Known affectionately as “Lyndon” by the current owner, the car was purchased from the original owner, the current owner’s aunt, about fifteen years ago. Back in 1971, as now, Lyndon was a Connecticut domiciled car but it did spend many years in North Carolina. In spite of the fact that this Mark III was repainted several years ago in its original dark green hue (my favorite), the seller does state, “With all the handsome power that Lyndon exudes, he does have some warts though. The car is 50 years old and has some nicks and chips in the paint. Some of the chrome isn’t perfect with some small pitting…”  Nevertheless, Lyndon still presents very well and I will have to bestow the honorary designation of “Whammer-jammer” on this Lincoln alluding to its size and stature. Capping off the deep dark green finish is a matching dark green vinyl top covering. It shows well with no fading, wrinkling, or signs of underlying rust.

Lyndon is motivated by a 365 gross HP, 460 CI V8 engine driving through a three-speed automatic transmission, specifically a C-6 unit. The seller states that the engine and transmission were rebuilt about 5K miles ago and as far as operating prowess, this 63K mile Mark III’s engine “runs VERY strong, shifts well…”  Furthermore, the seller adds, “Acceleration is felt in your neck and seat of pants and due to the high gearing will easily take this car upwards of the speedometer’s limits“. Interestingly, this Lincoln is equipped with “Sure Track” automatic braking – something that I didn’t know existed 49 years ago. One issue is the A/C system, it is non-working and will need to be converted to 134A refrigerant.

Matching the exterior is this Lincoln’s green leather interior. The front leather seat has a nicely aged and creased look about it but the entire environment is typical 1970’s domestic luxury car opulence. The carpet, dash pad, door cards, and instrument panel still look their best though there appears to be a panel or small access door missing from the lower left side of the dash – something to inquire about. The seller does mention that neither rear quarter window is operable but fortunately both are in the up position. Also the power front split-bench seat is on the fritz and works intermittently – some positions working better than others.

As I have stated before when reviewing similar cars, we won’t see a model like this Lincoln Mark III again. That leaves the existing, shrinking inventory to consider if this is your preferred type of ride. And if that’s the case, you’ll have a tough time finding a better example than Lyndon, wouldn’t you agree?


  1. angliagt angliagt Member

    I remember back in September ’67,we were driving
    through a remote part of Nevada (isn’t most of it?) I saw one
    of these driving in the opposite direction.
    There’s also a charcoal-colored one that I pass all the
    time.It’s been parked in the same spot for months,but doesn’t
    appear to be rusty at all.

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  2. alphasud Member

    In my opinion this generation is the best looking. Nicely presented and affordable classics. I still liked that crazy electric green Continental listed a month ago. I heard about a early ABS type braking system but I didn’t know it was on the Continental. Now I need to find info on that! Always something to learn on BarnFinds.

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    • alphasud Member

      I did some research on the early ABS systems and the ABS system Ford used was a rear ABS system. Chrysler did one better with a 3 channel system they used on the Imperial. They dropped the system in 73 and sold the Bendix design rights to Bosch who reworked it for a 78 intro into the Mercedes S class. Yet again where the best ideas came from American engineers!

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      • Ralph

        Cadillac also had a system, Track-Master, available from 1970-1976, Buick also had a form of traction control called Max Trac from 1971-1974.

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  3. rmward Member

    This is a beautiful car. I remember one of our neighbors had one when I was in my early teens when the car was probably a couple years old. Same color combo as this one. IIRC to honk the horn you squeezed the steering wheel. Certainly takes me back.

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  4. Bakyrdhero Bakyrdhero Member

    These normally do not appeal to me all that much, but this one is oozing machismo. Classy ride and the color is in point.

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      You can almost smell the Brut cologne soaked leather.
      Some Chicago mobster probably owned it at some point.

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  5. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    These are cleanly-styled, attractive cars. This one is in nice shape, with some mechanical work done. Classy colors. Would be a great cruiser, with its own style of driving experience. When you take it out, you’ll get admiring looks, and be prepared to answer questions.

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  6. mgrimes

    12,500 is a far reach. Maybe 5,000

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    • JBW1

      71 Mark III is my favorite car. I follow the pricing closely. So many factors to consider. This is a great car. Very much a daily driver in great condition. I would agree 5k- 7k

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  7. TimS Member

    If all the listed items were taken care of, I’d think it would be worth close to the ask, because it would be ready to drive, and that’s the purpose of a car like this.

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    Love these old tanks…and the even longer Continental Coupe from that era.
    Looking for one right now. Much tougher to find.

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  9. Gary Haas

    I had “Sure Track” braking on my 74 Mk IV. It was on the rear brakes only but was a big deal 46 yrs ago. Mark IIIs are the most handsome of the Mark series IMO.

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  10. NJ Driver 54

    When I was growing up we had a 1971 Mark III black with saddle leather. Absolutely beautiful and still to this day one of the most comfortable cars that I have encountered. We sold it after a few years but I still remember it. A very classy vehicle. Recently I saw a white one on a local used car lot. It looked to be in good condition but I did not have a chance for a closer look. Someone must have bought it because I have not seen it lately. This is an era that is truly past and in some ways it is too bad.

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  11. Bob Dicken

    It brings back memories of “The French Connection”!

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  12. S

    These are beautiful cars. Very classy and elegant. Though I don’t know what these are worth – I’d rather pay something like $12,500 for a green 71 Continental than the green 70 Mercury that also posted today for $12,500. This is VASTLY nicer condition.

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  13. Robert Roberge

    Why would a 460 and C6 tranny need to be rebuilt at 58k mi?

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  14. sam

    My parents had one in this same color. I believe it was a ’71 model. I was born in ’66, so I was a little guy but even then I loved cars and remember the interior well.

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  15. John T

    No matter how you slice it, this is a very classy looking car. I would also venture to say it is worth the $12,500 price.

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  16. John Oliveri

    It’s a nice car, with a lot of gremlins, I owned a 75 MK IV, 4 wheel disc brakes, every caliper froze, window motors regulator assy lotsa Vacuum, I mean tons of vacuum, hissing sounds behind the dash, heater core,FOMOCO carburetor had to be replaced by a Holley, I loved the car, it even the harness w the junction box burnt twice, 46,000 mile 1 owner car

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    • Gary Haas

      I’ve owned a 74 Mk4, 81 Mk 6, and finally a 93 Mark 8. When these cars were problem-free they were outstanding cars and that wasn’t often. All three of them had serious elect. problems, poor reliability, and the workmanship on the Mk 8 was horrendous. Sad, as these were classy cars.

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  17. wjtinfwb

    My dad had a ‘70 Mark III, same colors as this. Replaced his ‘68 Cadillac Calais coupe. He really thought he’d achieved automotive perfection with the big Lincoln and it was a beautiful car and a fantastic freeway flyer. But, we went on a two family vacation to Western North Carolina and spent over a week navigating the 2 lane mountain roads between Blowing Rock, Highlands and Gatlinburg. The other family was in their new Mercedes 250C which left the Mark in the dust on those narrow and twisty roads. Dad tried his best but the swaying and wallowing of the Lincoln was nauseating as the Benz just motored away. At our last destination in Gatlinburg our rental cabin was up a steep, gravel drive with many potholes. The Mercedes with its independent rear suspension just motored right up while the Lincoln spun its right rear tire and dug a hole. Dad gave up and we walked up the hill. Finally, we had two tire failures on that trip, both tread separation on the Michelin X radials. Perhaps they were underinflated or defective. Dad bought one more Lincoln in ‘73 then moved on to more nimble Mercedes and BMWs. Beautiful car, GLWTA!

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  18. Mike

    I think the MK III was the most beautiful of them all! From the MK IV’s forward they just got too big and bloated. My best friend’s family had a maroon ’71 and it was a gorgeous car that drove so nice. I sat in the back seat for a 500 mi roadtrip and it was the most comfortable ride I’ve ever had. That was a great car!!

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  19. roland schoenke

    This is the model of car used in the movie “the car” about a possessed killing car in the late 70s I believe ( heavily customized)

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  20. JonArd

    Long car … my ’78 Givenchy series had the 460 with the anti-skid brakes … I traded in my ’77 Corvette and almost lost the front end when I pulled out into traffic … navigating that land barge was a new experience …

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