BF Classified: 1978 Lincoln Mark V With 12K Miles

I can almost hear the jingling of gold chains and the strains of “Stayin’ Alive” as I take a trip back to 1978. And as one of the more formidable rides of that era, the Lincoln Mark V stands… more»

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Barn Finds Hiding In Ohio

Dave L –¬†This barn is located on a township road outside Steubenville, Ohio (Dean Martin’s home town). The wife and I were out for a Sunday drive. We figured we could do our part with the social distancing, but… more»

27k Mile Survivor: 1979 Lincoln Continental Mark V

With the Panther platform looming in the distance, Lincoln’s Mark V Continental marked the swan song for the massive personal luxury coupe. While other brands scaled back their focus on big luxury coupes, Lincoln refused to give up on… more»

Original Survivor: 1939 Lincoln-Zephyr V12

When it was initially launched in 1936, the Lincoln-Zephyr was one of the most stylish, sleek and aerodynamic vehicles offered by an American manufacturer at that point in time. The brainchild of Edsel Ford, the Zephyr was also a… more»

BF AUCTION: 1984 Lincoln Continental Mark VII LSC

The Lincoln Continental name dates back to 1939 and has managed to stick around to this day, with a few short breaks here and there. The “Mark” series didn’t technically show up until 1956, but that’s just a technicality…. more»

Brought Back to Life: 1988 Lincoln Town Car

To me, one of the most gratifying things about buying cars out of barns and junkyards is seeing the potential that others have missed. On more than one occasion, I’ve heard fellow gearheads look at a project I’m considering… more»

Luxury Patina: 1977 Lincoln Versailles

Made for only four short years, the Lincoln Versailles came along as car makers were dealing with rising gas prices and shortages and after Cadillac was grabbing market share with their small luxury car, the Seville. This 1977 Lincoln… more»

Hidden For Decades: Massive Barn Find In Pennsylvania!

A YouTube personality recently captured a major discovery in Pennsylvania of a collection of American muscle and hot rods that hasn’t seen the light of day in years. Matt Murray, who runs the YouTube channel¬†Iron Trap Garage, got wind… more»

46k One-Owner Cream Puff! 1975 Lincoln Continental Mark IV

This fine-looking 1975 Lincoln Continental Mark IV in Brooklyn, New York seems to have avoided the rough treatment normally associated with that location’s salty roads and salty self-absorbed drivers. Coming to market for the first time since new, this… more»

11k Original Miles: 1959 Continental Mark IV

If you were involved in a fender bender in a prestige vehicle, and the damage consisted of a dent in one fender, some minor damage to the front bumper, and the need to replace the grille and headlight surround,… more»

Johnny Cash’s 2001 Lincoln Town Car Cartier L

Celebrity cars are a bit of a niche market. While it is neat to say you have Jon Voight’s LeBaron, they normally don’t command a huge price unless it’s something really special. This 2001 Lincoln Town Car was built… more»

Triple Black Treat: 1974 Lincoln Continental Mark IV

There’s nothing quite like living life in the lap of luxury, and that is an opportunity that this 1974 Lincoln Continental Mark IV offers to its next owner. This one-owner luxury vehicle has a genuine 31,000 miles on its… more»

15K Mile 1989 Lincoln Mark VII LSC

This pristine 1989 Lincoln Mark VII LSC shows an incredible 14,900 miles from new, and the seller notes it was most recently part of a extensive automobile collection. The Lincoln is a top-of-the-line model fitted with optional equipment and… more»

Excellent Survivor: 1957 Lincoln Premiere

The owner of this 1957 Lincoln Premiere describes the vehicle as an original survivor, and it certainly shows a lot of promise for the next potential owner. It is a luxury car in the true spirit of the 1950s,… more»

Diamond Jubilee: 1978 Lincoln Continental Mark V

Storage locker auctions can be a real lucky dip. Sometimes a buyer can score big, while at other times, they can be left with a lot of worthless junk. The owner of this vehicle took possession of it through… more»

6,610 Original Miles: 1990 Lincoln Mark VII LSC

With just 6,610 miles, this 1990 Lincoln Mark VII LSC may very well be one of the newest and nicest examples left. The seller notes it belonged to his mother who passed away last year, and it was the… more»