Mercury Eight

Original Flathead Included: 1949 Mercury Eight

When you think of hot rods your recall could go in a lot of different directions and some of that will be based on the era when you grew up. For many, it’s a ’32 Ford like John Milner’s… more»

Priced Right Barn Find! 1947 Mercury Eight

If you’re going to be in the Coral Springs, Florida area, the seller of this 1947 Mercury Eight invites you to “Come see it in person Mo thru Friday 9 am – 5 pm“. Recently liberated from a barn… more»

First Year Model: 1939 Mercury Eight Sedan

Launching a completely new car brand will be a high-risk venture at the best of times, but doing so as the world was slowly climbing out of the crippling Great Depression was a supreme act of bravery and self-belief…. more»

Period Correct Lead Sled! 1950 Mercury Coupe

“Where were you in ’62?” as the tagline for 1973’s film American Grafitti asked. Well, I was hardly a Pharoah or in a car club, and not nearly old enough to drive. But I do remember slammed Mercury’s from… more»

Rod Or Restore? 1946 Mercury Eight Convertible

This find seems to have the seller guessing a bit as to what year it is. The listing title refers to it as a ’46 but the text then references a ’46, ’47, or ’48. Further examination tells me… more»

Parked 50 Years: 1950 Mercury Coupe

This 1950 Mercury Coupe has been sitting in storage for half a century. It has sat patiently waiting for someone to bring it back into the light of day and to return it to its former glory. The first… more»

BF Classifieds: 1941 Mercury 8 “Custom” Sedan

Before we collectively get into a debate regarding automotive body-styles, please be advised that the description used by the marque, you know, the outfit that actually designed, built, marketed, distributed, and sold the vehicle, is the description used here… more»

BF Classified: 1949 Mercury Eight Coupe

This has to be one of the quintessential “cool” hot rods in waiting of all time, a 1949 Mercury Eight Coupe. Mercury went to great levels to stress that the redesigned ’49 was a new car and not just… more»

Rock Solid: 1950 Mercury Eight Coupe

For the person who is looking for a solid restoration project, or who is looking for a car that they could return to the road with the minimum of effort, then this 1950 Mercury Eight Coupe might be just… more»

Barn Find: 1947 Mercury Eight Club Convertible

The Mercury Eight received a new design right before WWII broke out and then things were put on hiatus until after the war. This 1947 Mercury Eight Series 79M Club Convertible wouldn’t look that much different than the 1941… more»

Sitting Since ’66? 1948 Mercury Convertible

Looking at the first photo, are you like me and just itching to have a good look around this barn? Sorry, but you will have to be satisfied with having a good look at our feature car. This 1948… more»