Parked 50 Years: 1950 Mercury Coupe

This 1950 Mercury Coupe has been sitting in storage for half a century. It has sat patiently waiting for someone to bring it back into the light of day and to return it to its former glory. The first aim has been achieved, so now it is time for it to undergo a transformation so that it can ply our roads once again. Located in Carleton, Michigan, you will find the Mercury listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding has reached $5,400, but the reserve hasn’t been met.

In 1949, Mercury introduced the Eight. It was the company’s first post-war offering, and its styling was considered crisp and clean. When you look at this car today, it is easy to see why it has become a firm favorite with customizers. The low roofline gives the car a svelte look without the need for significant body modifications. That could be the fate of this car, although it could still look pretty slick if restored to its original specifications. The owner refers to the Mercury as being solid. There is plenty of surface corrosion visible across the exterior, although penetrating rust appears to be minimal. There could be some in the lower front fenders and the rockers, although this could potentially be addressed with patches. The panels look fairly straight, with no significant dings or dents. It is missing a fair amount of its trim, and some pieces will need to be replaced due to damage. I think that the passenger side door glass might be cracked, but the rest of it appears to be in good condition.

Motive power for the Mercury would have fallen to a 255ci flathead V8 engine, which would have produced 110hp. In this car, that V8 was backed by a manual transmission. Sadly, the original engine is now long gone, although the transmission is sitting in the trunk. That leaves the buyer with a few options. Sourcing another flathead would not be a difficult task. However, there were plenty of these old Mercurys that received transplants, so a more modern V8 could be an option. If the exterior was restored to its original appearance and a newer engine was fitted, that could make this car a bit of a sleeper. It’s certainly something to consider. The owner supplies no interior photos or information, so we’re flying blind on that area of the vehicle. I can see that the headliner is shredded and hanging down in places, so it would be fair to expect that a full retrim will probably be required. Once again, how this is tackled will come down to a matter of personal preference. One attraction of the 1950 Mercury was the list of standard equipment. By today’s standards, it might appear to be spartan, but it was pretty impressive in a 1950 context. This included twin sunvisors, a cigarette lighter, a clock, armrests on the front doors, two rear ashtrays, and a dimming control for the instrument lights.

You have to wonder why this 1950 Mercury Coupe has sat for 50-years. The lack of an engine might indicate that it fell foul of some mechanical failure, and fixing it got thrown into the “too hard” basket. Maybe it was used as a donor for another project, or perhaps it was simply forgotten about. Now is the chance for new life to be breathed into this classic. The question remains whether the buyer will attempt a faithful restoration, or whether some form of a custom build will be on their radar. What path would you follow?


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  1. Joe Haska

    I would guess this car might end up being made into some sort of custom. When you say 50 Merc the, first thought is a lead sled custom or Rebel without a Cause. I don’t think making a period custom is a bad idea, but it would be WAY more expensive than a restoration.

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  2. oldsoldie

    For what it’s worth, I just saw a 255 flathead ad on facebook in southern part of MI last night. It really looked nice… two grand…. someone took it out to put in a more modern engine. I just passed up one of my bucket list cars, a 49 Ford coupe with a bad engine dammit.

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  3. Bob C.

    I would keep it original and source another 255 flathead, or a Ford small block, but NO Chevy power. Keep a Ford (or Mercury) all Ford.

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    • jerry brentnell

      this begs for a woke up 500 v8 caddy with a 5 speed stick transmission, then deliver it to chad hiltz in nova scotia canada and get him to go at it, 61 chrysler canted headlights, cruiser skirts, and paint it magenta with a silver roof

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      • moosie moosie

        I’d go for that 500″ Caddy motor and a 5 speed but thats about it. Maybe nose and deck it and punch a bunch of louvers in the hood , french the headlights, a mile deep black paint job with tasteful pin striping. Black leather interior, modern conveniences, lower it a bunch on upgraded underpinnings front and rear and chrome reverse wheels and just boogie on down the road. Rad Chad is a bit too RAD for my tastes, but he does come up with some unique rides dont he ?

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    • Pugsy

      Hey Bob. Buy it and for sure it will stay all Ford. To anyone else that OWNS it next, it’s your, do what you want with it.

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  4. gaspumpchas

    Cool to find one that hasnt been customized. Good start to a nice project here. Put a flatty back in it and cruise with that 3 on the tree. Stay safe and good luck!

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  5. James Mogey

    Must be the only one that hasn’t been chopped, channeled and re-grilled in history.

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  6. Bing

    Gonna buy me a mercury and cruise it up and down the road.

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  7. Jeff Davis

    My first real car. 1950 Mercury 4 door suicide “tank”. Bought it in my junior year in high school,1962. My dad said it was the only car I ever had that he felt sorry for anyone I would crash into because I was driving a tank. The only car I have ever owned that I wish I still had.
    God bless and Semper Fi
    USMC 1965

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  8. Chuck Foster Chuck F 55chevy

    These will sit on a 73-74 Pontiac LeMans 4 door frame, slides back and stops like it’s made for it, just have to move rear end 2 inches. Disc brakes and modern engine, drop in a LS!

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  9. Jt

    Auction ended at $5,900.

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    • Bing

      If it really traded for that, the new owner got a hell of a deal.
      Love those old Mercs…

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  10. Dave Mathers

    Has to be the only one that hasn’t been made into a ‘Lead Sled’!! LOL

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  11. James S S Oliver Sr

    5.0 Carburated with C4…

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  12. AlaninTn.

    It’s not the only one. My brother owns my Dad’s. Not cut up at all. Body is stock. He is in the process of putting in a new MERCURY flatty. Isky cam, Offy heads, dual 2 barrels on an Edelbrock intake. Just like they did back in the day.

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  13. JP

    Hopefully the new owner will restore it to its originality & not ruin it ( just my personal opinion )!

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    • Jeff Davis

      I totally agree.


    NO LS engine!

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  15. Swolf

    To the new caretaker, please bring it back as new! It has hidden from hot rodders for 71 years. There are so few left and it deserves to be saved from the cutting torch.

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  16. Plathead Phil

    Shaweet littta numbah. a phlathead is phine phor an “A” or a “B” but dis is a Merc, and it needs somorh Horsies.

    Drop a Cougar OHV in it and be done! You will need to do some frame mods to clear the pan, but, not impossible. Shave off all that stainless and paint her up!

    Deep purple or lime green screams: Get outta da way!

  17. Pugsy

    A lot of purists here……

    New owner, please make it less ugly than it is now by doing anything possible to achieve this. Chop top, slam, whatever.
    Mags, V8 of course. oh yeah. Only then will it finally be a half decent looking ride.
    But then again, new owner, it’s yours. Disregard above. Do what you want with it.

  18. Al Loncto

    Restore to stock body so future generations can see what a real car looked like. Upgrade safety items with an upgraded engine, nothing radical.

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