As Is, Where Is: 1964 International Harvester Metro Van

Step vans originated in the 1930s as a convenience for multi-stop delivery drivers. Ideal for bread, milk, and anything that was delivered frequently on a specific route, these were designed so the driver could easily step in and out… more»

Vintage Delivery! 1961 International Metro Van

The International Metro Van, made by International Harvester, is a step van (aka walk-in or multi-stop delivery truck). It was one of the earlier, mass-produced forward control vehicles, once commonly used for milk or bakery delivery. It was designed… more»

2000 Chevrolet Metro With Only 400 Miles!

While the 2000 Chevrolet Metro is unlikely to instantly find its way onto most people’s list of classics, this one is slightly different. That is because, during its twenty-one years, it has managed to accumulate a mere 402 genuine… more»

Ready To Restore: 1946 International Metro

Need a loaf of bread? How about a Marshall amplifier? (more on that one later) This 1946 International Harvester Metro is one of the most versatile vehicles of all time. Used by tradespeople and delivery services alike, there was… more»

Genuine Group B: 1985 MG Metro 6R4 WRC

The Group B era of the World Rally Championship was one marked by an “arms race” between several manufacturers. Introduced in 1982, it saw some motoring monsters built by the likes of Audi, Lancia, Ford, and MG. The category… more»

“Holy Grail” 1948 International Harvester Metro Shorty

The seller describes this 1948 International Harvester as the “Holy Grail of Metros.” I’m not sure if delivery vans have a “Holy Grail” but this one is certainly cool! It is apparently the shortest of this style van and… more»

This Geo Metro Has Only Covered 33k Miles!

This 1995 Geo Metro is a vehicle that perfectly encapsulates the concept of economy commuter transport as envisaged by vehicle manufacturers in the 1990s. While it is capable of holding its own on the highway, it was a vehicle… more»

Rock History: Aerosmith Tour Van Discovered

Making the rounds on the internet is the discovery of a former tour van believed to have belonged to the founding members of Aerosmith, which traced its beginnings to the Boston area in the 1970s. The International Harvester Metro Van… more»

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