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2000 Chevrolet Metro With Only 400 Miles!

While the 2000 Chevrolet Metro is unlikely to instantly find its way onto most people’s list of classics, this one is slightly different. That is because, during its twenty-one years, it has managed to accumulate a mere 402 genuine miles on its odometer. Therefore, it’s no surprise to find that it presents in as-new condition. How it managed to remain unused for two decades is unclear, but it is set to head to a new home. If you suddenly find the idea of a low-mileage Metro attractive, you will find this one located in Scottsdale, Arizona, and listed for sale here on Bring A Trailer in a No Reserve auction. I have to say a big thank you to Barn Finder Larry D for spotting this hidden treasure for us.

It’s hard to find much to criticize when you’re dealing with a car like this Metro. Its lack of accumulated miles makes its spotless White paint no great surprise, while it hasn’t had the opportunity to accumulate the dings and marks that you might expect to find on a vehicle of this age and type. Everything is spotlessly clean, and if the seller parked it in a new car showroom, it wouldn’t look out of place. The exterior plastic shows no evidence of problems, while the same is true of the hubcaps. It should be taken as read that this little beast is rust-free because the underside is spotlessly clean, and there’s no evidence of surface corrosion anywhere. With the glass appearing flawless, this car makes an overall positive impression.

With the plastic covers intact on the seats and the paper still on the floors, the Metro’s interior looks exactly as it would have when it was delivered to Martin Chevrolet in Torrance, California. Hiding below that protection are seats upholstered in Gray cloth, while factory floormats protect the matching carpet. There is no wear or damage anywhere, further confirming how nicely preserved this car is. The original owner ordered a few desirable options because as well as standard features like dual airbags, the interior is equipped with air conditioning, a radio/CD player, and a rear defogger.

Chevrolet offered two engine choices for Metro buyers in 2000, with this car featuring the 993cc three-cylinder unit that delivers 55hp. This power finds its way through a five-speed manual transmission to the road via the front wheels. With a total weight of 1,896lbs, this car should cover the ¼ mile in 20.3 seconds. After sitting for years, the owner returned the Metro to Martin Chevrolet earlier this year for an inspection. As a result, the dealer performed a fuel system service and replaced the fuel pump. The seller doesn’t indicate how well the car runs or drives, but this recent inspection suggests that the vehicle should be in sound mechanical health.

This 2000 Chevrolet Metro provides a graphic demonstration of how a low odometer reading can profoundly influence potential vehicle values. The original Window Sticker included in this sale indicates that the owner handed the dealer $11,140 when they collected this car in 2000. Under normal circumstances, the current value for a spotless example falls below $3,000. However, normal circumstances don’t seem to count in this case because the bidding currently sits at $18,200. It might not be the most instantly recognizable classic in today’s market, but it seems to tick the right boxes for a few people. Does it do that for you?


  1. alphasud Member

    It seems so bizarre that a little economy car would be purchased and squirreled away. It’s almost like finding a pair of sneakers that fit you so well you ordered a second pair because you know by the time you wear out the current ones you won’t be able to find the same model again. Can anyone think of another reason? I still shake my head in amazement but it’s still cool to see a time capsule.

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    • Big_Fun Member

      A friend went through a few of these, having over 200,000 miles on each before rust took away their structural integrity.
      Low maintenance, teriffic mileage, and he wanted to drive something with a bowtie(!). He’s 6’3″ and was able to fit.

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  2. Tim M

    Only if the right boxes cover extreme puzzlement. I’ve reached an age where I wouldn’t want to spend much time behind the wheel of this, no matter the condition. 200K in one of these?!? I nominate that person for Sainthood. To each their own!

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  3. Three Cylinder Blues

    I guess the owner had a hill outside his garage and it just wouldn’t pull out of it 😉

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  4. joenywf64

    Shouldn’t there be recessed sealed beam glass headlites on this year Metro?
    The ones on there now look aftermarket.

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  5. Gunner

    18K for a Metro? About as much as an empty six pack. I would rather have the Suzuki Swift that was featured recently in Cali on CL for a cool $3800 that went like the wind.

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  6. JimmyJ

    200k easy peasy. My buddy manages an auto parts store in bc Canada and they had a fleet of these. 200k easy and that’s with a bunch of minimum wage kids hammering on em!

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  7. Steve R

    It will be a big hit at the local cars and coffee, once. After that the novelty will have worn off and it will revert to its natural state of being, what it is, an invisible, easily forgettable economy car that doesn’t generate interest based on its own merit, only its low mileage.

    Steve R

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  8. Todd Zuercher

    Seller is top-notch. I bought my 911 from him a few years ago.

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  9. Steveo

    When these came out the first thing I said to myself was ‘Self, you need to buy one and hide it away for 20 years because it it a sure-fire way to fully fund retirement.”

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  10. Pleease

    There’s a reason someone drove this, uh, car an average of 19 miles per year, lol.

    Just kidding; nothing wrong with a functional machine, however mundane.

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  11. Steve Clinton

    CURRENT BID: $18,200. Seriously?

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  12. tom h

    As a former Metro owner, I can attest they are inexpensive but well made and engineered. It is also fun to drive a slow car fast, as you’re not likely to get a ticket while pretending to be racing! I rode mine hard and put it away wet and it was still going strong at 250k when I sold it.

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  13. JC

    My father bought one of these back in 1990 with the same engine/tranny… even with a/c the car got insane gas mileage… he took a trip to Florida in it loaded with tools once, after a hurricane damaged his house in the Keys and got 58 mpg buzzing down I-95. It was an amazing little car.

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  14. bikefixr

    I think people are screwing around with the seller. Nobody in their right mind would pay this much for this car, new or not.

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  15. Chief

    Bought one of these new 20 years ago for my son. Looks like the George Jetson space car.

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  16. Troy

    Its only a 3 mile commute to work if this thing can get to 200k miles I wonder how long it would last me driving 6 miles a day 5 days a week. I’m not buying it so I’m not doing the math.

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    • Dale S.

      Troy…In 20 years you would have 31,200 miles on it. It would outlast all of us. It would take 100 years to get to 156,000 miles.

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  17. Dale S

    I can just hear those 13″ tires squealing away as I’m going around a corner at normal speed. Hey, get it undercoated, and you’ve got a keeper for the next twenty years.

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  18. Howie Mueler

    Is it April 1st. ??

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  19. chrlsful

    guys w/pick ups search these out round here (esp the 3 cyl) every time fuel prices pop. Still remember the relief 30, 40 yrs ago (zuki manufacturer)~

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  20. 1st Gear

    I have a whole lot of different ways to throw away $18g. Purchasing one of these turds in NOT on that list. Is this for real, or a late April fool’s joke . . .

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  21. David Ulrey

    I checked an inflation calculator and in the process actually ran across a thing with this very car in it. The list price it was brand new comes out to a hair under 18k in today’s money. Given how little there is available new today in that price range, this isn’t (to me) a horrible deal. Especially given the proven track record they have established. I had a used Yugo once. Would I buy another one? No. It did serve it’s purpose though. Point being that I’d take one of these Metros any day of the week over a Yugo and the one I had wasn’t horrible. Yes, in the early 90s I bought the Yugo for next to nothing. Thought I’d mention that before people started giving me crap about it.

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  22. Motorcityman

    No car that sits that long is in “sound mechanical health”
    Rubber will need to be replaced everywhere including engine parts…..and there will be internal rust.

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    • Don Eladio

      Baloney…not true at all. “Internal rust”, lol!!! Yeah, maybe if it was outside and in the weather, or buried in a hole in Tulsa. This thing has obviously been in a climate-controlled, low-humidity environment.

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      • Motorcityman

        What word didn’t u understand, internal or rust?
        If u can’t guarantee anything which u can’t then it isn’t baloney.

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  23. vw.dodge

    Fleet purchase? Perfect car for a meter reader. Maybe the company bought one too many, stuck it in the warehouse and as times changed so did their needs or choice of vehicles.

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  24. Don Eladio

    I would buy this car in a heartbeat if it was priced enough below what a base, entry level car is nowadays. I don’t know how much that is, quite frankly, but if you could (for example) buy a brand-new, bottom-of-the-line Chevrolet Spark for $15,000 then I would gladly pay $10,000-11,000 for this instead because it is, inherently, a proven, much better car. It probably gets better fuel mileage too.

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    • joenywf64

      I still can’t believe Chevy discontinued its larger domestic built Sonic & still imports the Spark. (What’s even more astounding is that Toyota discontined the Yaris!)
      The Spark may be safer with more airbags, but being 4 door only, it is not sporty or good looking. IMO, small cars should be TWO door only(as they were in the early ’70s) & maybe even make the almost useless back seat optional or a package tray. & have a basic transportation $12000 version with very very few features.
      I’m not sure if an unused 2000 Japanese Metro NOW would be more reliable than a 2022 Korean Spark.

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  25. John Vincent

    My mom had one, daily driver with a 130 mile trip to the lake house every weekend, averaged 52 mpg.
    Never forget that mpg rating, why can’t they still build a car like this?

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    • Motorcityman

      Because over regulation kills everything….safety Nazis want a perfect world.

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    • joenywf64

      “Today’s drivers” are too spoiled to have a car w/o power steering, video screens, power windows, seats, locks, cruise control, just 2 doors, etc.
      Those options + more than 40 body control modules, & what is it, 10 required air bags add great cost, complexity & weight to modern cars.
      Ironically tho, none of today’s cars have the approx up to 300 lb five mph bumpers of the ’70s to protect them even from minor parkin lot impacts.
      & the ridiculous huge wheels also weigh more, & the low profile tires make for a rougher ride. I bet the tiny steel wheels on this Metro weigh less than the 18″ or bigger aluminum wheels on modern “cars”.

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      • JC

        So true on the bumpers… My wife hit a mail box going about 5mph and it literally destroyed the right front part of the “bumper”, headlight damaged the fender and the hood… and NOTHING happened to the mailbox. I couldn’t believe it. $3400 worth of damage…

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  26. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

    That’s funny because this one is being auctioned on BaT…

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  27. Rolls-Royce

    It looks a bit like a Fat ore Ford car

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