MG Midget

Rebuilt Engine: 1978 MG Midget

This is not the first 1978 brown MG Midget that I have covered. And that in itself says something but I don’t know what. It’s not the best look on a jacked-up rubber bumper MG but I believe my… more»

Shiny 1962 MG Midget Needs Reviving

It looks like you could just jump in this brilliantly red 1962 MG Midget and drive off, but apparently, you can’t. The car here on eBay in Lutz, Florida with no reserve was “found sitting for a long time… more»

Too Small? 1974 MG Midget

To be honest, we are fairly spoiled as consumers.  We live in a time where choices are plenty and everything is bigger.  At least for now.  Take for example automobiles.  Lengths, widths, and curb weights average out to be… more»

Vintage Racer: 1964 MG Midget Racecar

A segment of the classic world harbors a passion for vintage racecars, focusing on the preservation of machinery to protect our racing history. Owners often dismantled these older cars to use as donors for their latest slice of racing… more»

Lilliputian Project: 1970 MG Midget

Way back in 1726, Jonathan Swift wrote the book “Gulliver’s Travels.”  It was a satire of the many books written by explorers at the time, all telling more spectacular tales than the last.  In one part of the book… more»

Collection of Cars in Cheyenne, Wyoming

The downside of collecting cars is that once you pass away, it’s left to your loved ones to either maintain or dispose of what you’ve amassed. And more times than not, they don’t share your passion for this car… more»

For Parts or Restoration: 1954 MG TD

The MG T-Type is a series of body-on-frame 2-seat open sports cars that were produced by MG from 1936 to 1955. During this time, there were many iterations of the same car, including the MG TD which we think… more»

Extra Engines Included! 1967 MG Midget

For the second time in as many weeks, we have an MG Midget for review. Normally, I would space out reviews of the same marque and model but what accompanies this 1967 Midget makes it an interesting study. It… more»

BF Classified: 1962 MG Midget

Things have changed over the years, in the last few, probably more dramatically than at any other time. Nowadays, it would be tough to consider the name “Midget” as appropriate for an automobile but if you think logically about… more»

Ready To Drive: 1976 MG Midget

Ungainly looking? Yes, a bit, the protruding rubber bumpers do it no favors. The jacked-up stance doesn’t help either but this 1976 MG Midget is in pretty spectacular condition. One day to go in the bidding, so look fast…. more»

Cheap Sports Car: 1978 MG Midget

This little gem should bring back some good memories to those of us who remember MGs running around all over the place in the 1970’s. Introduced in 1961 as a more expensive version of the Austin Healey “Bugeye” Sprite,… more»

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