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Collection of Cars in Cheyenne, Wyoming

The downside of collecting cars is that once you pass away, it’s left to your loved ones to either maintain or dispose of what you’ve amassed. And more times than not, they don’t share your passion for this car or that truck, so they’re not apt to understand the scope of what you’ve assembled. That may be the case for this family in Cheyenne, Wyoming where the husband has accumulated a variety of vehicles that are stored both indoors and outdoors and are in various stages of completion. A 1963 Pontiac Catalina seems to be the star of this group and it and the others have photos here on craigslist with details and pricing to be explained upon request. Thanks for the heads up on this collection, Gunter Kramer!

At least eight cars and one motorcycle have come to roost on the seller’s property. Based on the assortment of pics provided, the deceased owner had an affinity for the following:

1963 Pontiac Catalina – black in color, stored indoors and covered, and fitted with aftermarket wheels. It looks like a gorgeous car that might very well be a sleeper of sorts with a 389 cubic inch V8 along with an automatic transmission lurking under the hood.

1958-61 Austin-Healey Sprite – also known as the “Bugeye” or “Frogeye” Sprite due to its interesting front styling. This one looks sharp with a two-tone blue paint job and – like the Pontiac – could be a nice runner just looking for a new caretaker.

1960s MG Midget – this series of small British sports cars were produced for about 20 years and this one looks to be one from the 1960s. If that’s the case, it could have a 1,100 to 1,300-cc inline-4 under the bonnet. Red in color, a friend of mine owned one of these he called his “Rollerskate”.

There’s also a pair of 1950s Chevies and Plymouths out in the yard that isn’t as nicely preserved as the three indoor cars. And there are a couple of project automobiles in the works that might work better as donors than restoration candidates. The black motorcycle looks rather sharp, but I can’t place the brand, model, or even the displacement. If I were closer to Cheyenne, I’d want to check out the Pontiac!


  1. Big C

    It’s a sad story, but there is nothing in that collection worth a quarter of what they’re asking. Unless that Pontiac is a Swiss Cheese car.

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  2. art

    All we are doing with these cars and tools and parts…is renting them. Yes you might own them but you cannot take then with you when you depart for the great beyond. Life is short, enjoy them, drive them, play with them. Do your relatives a huge favor and leave written notes, instructions and estimates of their value, including your tools. Make sure all the ownership papers are accounted for and note where they are. As mentioned, most of your relatives are clueless and probably not inclined to do much research to establish rarity and values. If you want a vehicle or your tools to go to a buddy, leave those instructions in your will and give a copy to your buddy, preferably notarized…relatives can change dramatically when money is at hand. For large valuable collections, definitely account for that in your trust.
    I’m sure thousands of dearly departed car collectors would be collectively spinning in their graves if they knew what actually happened to their pride and joys.

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    • local_sheriff

      SO TRUE! The fact that we never know what tomorrow brings is reason alone to avoid title jumping. That old muscle car/wagon/ whatever Grampa bought from a buddy of a buddy 20 years ago but never got back on the road is now worth many times more than anyone anticipated back then.

      But who’s now the rightful owner when the 99.9% restored vehicle Grampa worked so hard on comes up for sale – and everyone involved in the deal have departed, all (if any) paperwork is lost, all heirs just want as much money they can get and of course have opinions on what Grampa and his buddies agreed on…?

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    • $ where mouth is

      right on Art ! . . been awhile since i felt like cryin


  3. Jeffro

    Motorcycle is a late model Honda Nighthawk 750.

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  4. RMac

    Jeffro you beat me to it the tank clearly says HONDA as does the clutch cover and the wings are definitely night hawk
    The vehicles are all pretty cool but out of my price

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  5. Claudio

    I have a car buddy that is going to leave such a mess for his daughter, he has 4 door cars everywhere, he buys them , gets them running and stores it and gets another one !
    The odd 4 door mercedes, bmw a few motorhomes
    He refuses to hear /listen to logic
    And i have told him , all these 4 doors are worthless and will be junked for weight but he keeps on going
    The brain is a complicated thing

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    • B302

      The best things in life are not about money or logic. Your car buddy probably enjoys what he is doing. What do you enjoy ?

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      • Claudio

        My car buddy is a moron and so is every person that thinks that they will have plenty of time to sort things out before they go !
        I am assuming that everyone knows someone that died in the last 2 years and most of those had instant health issues and didn’t have time to make things clear !
        It doesn’t have to do with money , it has to do with the burden left on your spouse and or kids
        And for info
        I have a few cars , rv’s and a few properties, my will is clear and there is a back up also !
        I dont expect to drop soon but if i do , i dont want to leave an un necessary delay for loved ones to move on with their lives

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    • B302

      Mr. Claudio,
      This is a reply to your reply, I do not think this site allows me to reply to your reply of my reply.
      Your reply to the article indicates that your disdain for your car buddy is because he likes to repair 4 door cars, maybe he likes 4 door cars.
      I would not advise many people to use cars as an investment, and I believe a person should have a will.
      I am a car person and a trusted friend to 5 other car people. We were all eligible for Social Security years ago. Some of us in our wills have a list of the other 5 in a order we specify to call in case a car question comes up, no one on the list can buy a decedents car unless it is stated in the will.
      Also, if the daughter is the only child, and your friend has no living wife nor ex-wives, in many if not most states probate will not be a problem.

      • Claudio

        More replies …
        Yes my friend likes 4 doors , ugly worthless 4 doors that he spends money and time to fix up , only to un properly store them so they can rot indo disuse
        Hés a hoarder and all this will be junked and a burden after his passing .
        He was in the hospital for over a month and when he got out , he went back to his junk pile
        His brain is rotting i guess
        As canadians , our laws are not as u.s.laws when it comes to death !
        Anyway , i think all can agree that its a mess when it is not done right !

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    • Terrry

      So? he likes cars and likes to collect them. Is it really your business?

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  6. bobhess bobhess Member

    The “Midget” is a ’62 to ’64 Sprite.

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  7. Joe Machado

    The sequential $ number is just a number, not a cost.
    Not for me, any vehicle shown.
    All my cars and building, also paid for, and wheeled racks, have been assigned a next owner.
    Wife knows him well, our son, who is a huge car collector/restorer.
    He grew up driving, riding in a couple of these. I am comfortable with our choice.
    Sunday I get a restored car where as husband passed, a friend since 1975.
    Always a sad story. I’m lucky I still play with cars at almost 77

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  8. Russ Ashley

    I like the Pontiac, but the car that makes me want it is that 1953 Plymouth coupe in the yard. I had one like that in the sixties and seeing this one brings back memories of the one I had. I paid $35 for mine in 1965 with the engine apart and in the trunk.

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  9. John Member

    I have tools that are 65 yrs old..who wants them? My kids don’t, they have newer tools. I’m trying to shake ’em, not many takers. Goes for old cars
    have a buddy that’s 76, has 35+/- vehicles, told him to shake them before his wife has to have an auction and give them away..No, he just bought another. Geez!!!!

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    • $ where mouth is

      and yet, back to enjoyment , ,
      how i choose to spend time
      livin in the modern mess

      rather wrench than watch TV, more time outside.. than drinkin
      rather be sharin with a good woman by my side . . .
      havent found her yet
      so tonight

      I cleaned some of my old charriots
      and drove em,, one faint set of posi trax
      Im dry, hands are swollen,, neck wrenched
      hungry and
      sittin next to a Chevelle and behind a k2500 and typing this

      I had a great day, got alot done and drove some amazing machines ,, and smiling (=
      I like that i have the cars, i like tending to em,
      I like looking at em,, i like improving them
      love drivin em

      were all so blessed my fellow ‘barnfind’ers
      sweet dreamz yall ☆

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    • Wayne Graff

      John, I was hoping to inherit a bunch of old tools from my Grandpa, Grandma in the UK, many of which I learned to use from them: gimlet, bradawl, yankee, mitre squares, planes, rasps, and my favorite was one called an “Odd Job” that did all sorts of cool $h!+, I mean stuff, but by the time I got back to the UK, they had all ‘disappeared’….. the rest of the family didn’t know shite about tools…. If you asked ‘em to hand you a “Philips” they would say who the f is Philip ….

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    • Russ Ashley

      John, I too have a good sized set of Craftsman tools, some of which I purchased in 1964. Most of them will only be useable to wrench on older vehicles as they are SAE and everything is metric now. It might be difficult to sell old tools but lets hope enough young old car hobbyists come along to keep the need for SAE tools alive.

  10. Bob McK Member

    We have decided to solve the family not knowing what to do problem by willing each car to someone that we know that loves the car as much as we do. It will make lots of people happy and we will know that each car is going to the right person.

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  11. scottymac

    I went through the CL photos, never saw the Cat, wasn’t listed in the ad. Did you guys merge two ads?

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  12. Joe Haska

    It is probably my age and the people I know, but this topic is becoming a big part of every convesation at cars and coffee. I don’t know the answer, but I have seen and heard many strange things. I think we all agree, you can’t take it with you, have yet to see car hauler or U-Haul in the funeral procession. Might be fun to drive one sometime. I have seen guys on their death beds, still trying to negotiate the highest price for their cars. A friend of mine said a funny thing right before he died. I could say his name, but allot of people would know him or of him, as he was a well known collector. He said to me Joe , I just figured out how to sell cars. I said really. He said “Just tell people your dying.”

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  13. RMac

    Bob McK you are a smart man to designate what you want so things cannot be contested in court when the estate goes through probate Can’t tell you how many times I have seen (formerly)close families go at each other over possessions they don’t really want but want flip for $$$$ let someone who appreciates what you have enjoy it and keep the green eyed (envy and greed) monsters at bay!!
    Well done you should be an example for others

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  14. Duaney Member

    something happened, the listing is deleted

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  15. V8roller

    The best thing you can do with cars that are complete is take pictures and write the advert to sell them. Update it annually.
    Leave a note with your will saying where on your computer these things are to be found.
    Then all your (clueless) offspring have to do is run the ads.
    But do any of us expect to go tomorrow? Nooooo….

    As to my huge tool collection, a lot of it will end up being given away. My bro isn’t practical, my sis lives in another country, we have no kids.
    Us old guys who can actually DO things are a dying breed.

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    • B302

      “Us old guys who can actually DO things are a dying breed.”

      That’s what my grandfather said, and I am older than dirt!!!

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      • V8roller

        Perhaps he was talking about horses lol.

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