Used Car Alternative: 1979 MG MGB Limited Edition

Have you seen the price of used cars lately?  It is hard to get a clapped-out econobox with less than 100K on the clock for less than $5,000 anymore.  However, there is a thinking out of the box alternative… more»

Volvo B18 Powered! 1969 MGB GT

The MG MGB had a solid 18-year run, which began in 1962 and lasted all the way through 1980, but this 1969 MGB GT has had a couple of unusual transplants that make it a unique offering in the… more»

Cheap Early MG: 1963 MGB Roadster

If you’re interested in an early MGB, you better hurry-  this one may not last long. Here on craigslist is a 1963 MGB roadster for sale with an asking price of just $6,000. The car is located in Houston,… more»

Daily Driven: 1968 MGB Roadster

Although this summer has seen a lot of record-breaking temperatures, we are about to run into the best time of year to get out on the roads and enjoy the cool autumn breeze. This is the best time of… more»

Structural Integrity: 1970 MG MGB GT

If I ever become insane enough to go back to school for a doctorate, I think I will study metallurgy.  My doctorate would be built around research into the steels and processes used back in the day to build… more»

Summer Project: 1966 MGB Roadster

If you are someone who likes a bit of a challenge, then perhaps this grey 1966 convertible MGB Roadster might be up your street. This convertible could be ready for the summer if you put in the hours beforehand… more»

Rare Ashley Hardtop: 1968 MGB

It’s amazing what a difference a hardtop can make on a convertible. OEM hardtops are among some of the most desirable factory accessories you can add to a drop-top and can also add a good deal of value to… more»

67k Original Miles: 1979 MGB Mk IV

The owner of this 1979 MGB Mk IV parked the vehicle in 2004 because he simply didn’t have time to drive it. The car has remained stored away undercover ever since, but it also has remained remarkably well preserved…. more»

6,848 Documented Miles! 1978 MGB Roadster

The term “time capsule” can jar with some classic car enthusiasts, but it is one that the owner of this 1978 MGB uses with some justification. It is one of the tidiest original and unrestored examples that you are… more»

Affordable British Classic: 1979 MG MGB

Some classic cars will seem to offer potential buyers more than others for their money. That’s what makes this 1979 MGB look like a pretty hot deal. The owner has recently performed a list of work as long as… more»

Rare Overdrive: 1964 MGB

Built between 1962-80, the MGB was a 2-door sports car first manufactured by the British Motor Corporation (BMC). It replaced the MGA that had been produced from 1955 until the release of the MGB. This one from 1964 is… more»

Non-Running Project: 1974 MG MGB

For many, the MGB is thought to be the big brother to the MG Midget, but it was the successor to the MGA and ran between 1962-80. While there were a few variants, the roadster is the most familiar… more»

Barn Kept Roadster: 1973 MGB

The MGB was the MG Midget’s bigger brother, produced from 1962-80 by British Motor Corporation (BMC). It was a 2-seat, 4-cylinder roadster that was part of a series of small cars that saw production exceed a half million units…. more»

British Racing Green: 1971 MGB GT

What if I told you that, for $7,100, you could buy a car that can beat a Shelby GT350? What if I told you that it was designed, in part, by Pininfarina, the legendary design and coachbuilding firm responsible… more»

1979 MGB With 18,800 Genuine Miles!

By 1979, the sun was beginning to set on the venerable MGB. It enjoyed a long and successful production run, and good examples are still sought by enthusiasts today. This one-owner 1979 model has a mere 18,800 genuine miles… more»

One Owner Survivor: 1967 MG MGB

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and a lovely stretch of winding country road opens out before you. Can there be many better ways of tackling it than behind the wheel of a classic British sports car?… more»