Parts or Restore? 1970 MGB GT

By the early 1960s, British Motor Corporation knew buyers were not particularly satisfied with the MGA coupe. When customers asked for more room and weather protection, apparently, they didn’t mean to “slap a roof on it and give ’em… more»

British Barn Find: 1968 MGC GT

While most barn finds are of the domestic type, every once in a while, a gem from the Mother Country emerges from the dust.  Take for example this 1968 MG MGC GT for sale on eBay in Archbold, Ohio. … more»

No Reserve 1972 MGB GT Project

The seller of this 1972 MGB-GT project car on eBay in Burbank, California was evidently trying out a new camera and got very creative with the angles. But it does appear to be a stalled restoration that’s fairly close… more»

BF Exclusive: 1973 MGB With Overdrive And Hardtop

UPDATE – The seller has lowered their asking price! This 1973 MGB Roadster has been off the road since 2017 and while it’s a project, it should be fairly easy to revive and it comes with some desirable options…. more»

Needs TLC: 1968 MGB Roadster

With almost 500,000 copies on the ground, the MGB is an amenable restoration project for the amateur. Parts, clubs, and help are easy to find, and the cars are simple and cheap to begin with. If you’re ready to… more»

Both In Great Shape! 1974 and ’78 MGBs

It’s BOGO time! Buy one 1974 “chrome bumper” MGB and get a rubber bumpered ’78 edition – wow, such a deal! The seller tells us that this pair are “both in great shape” but I’m initially having a tough… more»

In the Barn 36 Years: 1973 MG MGB

The MGB was one of the most successful products of British Motor Corp. (BMC). In production for more than 18 years, total assemblies across all its variants topped the half-million-unit mark. This ’73 edition of the 2-seat roadster took… more»

Just Two Owners! 1980 MG MGB

The British-built MGB was the big brother to the MG Midget and was in production from 1962 to 1980. This example of the sports car is from the last year they were imported, and it looks solid overall with… more»

Donated Classic: 1980 MG MGB

Charity auctions are always interesting for the variety of cars that come under the hammer. This 1980 MG MGB is a perfect example of that theme. It is a solid classic that needs little to return to active service…. more»

May Be Great: 1971 MGB Roadster Barn Find

If you are a Barn Finds reader, you surely have learned a lot about MGBs by perusing these pages.  Even those who are not enthusiasts of the marque know that these popular sports cars have but one mortal enemy:… more»

Affordable Drop-Top: 1974 MGB

Finding a project candidate that is solid, affordable, and promises to be a straightforward restoration can be challenging, but that appears to be the opportunity awaiting the new owner of this 1974 MGB. The seller’s grandfather has been tinkering… more»

Bowtie Under The Bonnet! 1980 MGB

It’s a 1980 MGB, one of the last, as ’80 was its grand finale. Yes, it has those outsized black rubber bumpers which seem to be the bane of ‘74.5 and later Bs. Anything else remarkable? Well, I guess… more»

BF Auction: 1974 MGB Roadster

Rubber bumper MGBs represent a major bargain in the classic car world. You could swap out the bumpers for chrome ones, but frankly, this is a car that should just be maintained and driven! It’s not a perfect specimen… more»

BF Auction: 1977 MGB Roadster

There are two things to love about classic British sports cars. The first is that they are enormously enjoyable to own and drive. More importantly, the elegantly simple engineering makes them the ideal candidate for an enthusiast seeking a… more»

BF Exclusive: 1979 MGB Roadster

British sports cars remain popular in the classic market, and there are good reasons for this. They provide an engaging driving experience, and the simple engineering of most makes them prime candidates for restoration and ongoing maintenance in a… more»

20 Years Stored: MGB GT Pair

What is it about old MGs that make owners inclined to buy them in batches and otherwise leave them clustered together for years at a time? I don’t think there is an automotive genre more prone to this sort… more»