BF Auction: No Reserve 1977 MG MGB Roadster

Sold for $2,550View Result

  • Seller: Jesse M ortensen
  • Location: Boise, Idaho
  • Mileage: 98,451 Shown
  • Chassis #: GHN5UH429535
  • Title Status: Clean

This MGB had been parked down the street from Barn Finds headquarters for many years. I’d wanted to inquire about it, but I never took the time to stop. Finally, I knocked on the door the other day and was greeted by a nice couple. I asked if they might be interested in selling the B. The husband rubbed his chin and paused for a moment. Then, a female voice from behind him enthusiastically said, “Yes”!

A deal was struck, and a tow truck was called. The car had been parked for about 20 years, so it was a gamble, but I was impressed with how solid the body was. Luckily, it didn’t take much to get it running again. We removed the troublesome water choke and replaced it with the pull cable variety. There’s no sense in going if you can’t stop, though.

So, a new master cylinder, hoses, and calipers were installed. The valves were adjusted, and the compression was checked just to make sure we had a good engine. After bleeding the brakes and installing new tires, Josh and I took the B out on its first drive in years. Surprisingly, the car had decent power, stopped well, and cornered a lot better than we thought it might.

Rubber bumper Bs get a bad rap because the first ones had no sway bars. MG corrected the problem by adding bars to the front and rear. Don’t tell anyone but this car corners flatter than any chrome bumper B I’ve ever driven. There’s even a hint of oversteer. Crank the wheel and give it a little gas to kick the back out!

It may run and drive, but this poor B is still sun-faded and ratty. My plan was to polish the paint up a little more, install a new interior from Rimmer Bros, and just bomb around town. A dual SU carb setup and backdated exhaust would eventually make their way onto the car (just to see if they would actually make a difference). Finally, I was going to order a custom license plate – MGBEATR.

Hopefully, one of you will carry out my vision. Unfortunately, my eyes were bigger than my stomach once again, and I bought more cars than would fit in the shop. My TR6 is already being auctioned and there might be a few more cars getting listed soon. This MGB isn’t worth a lot, but that is part of the appeal. Rubber bumper Bs are cheap to buy, cheap to fix, and fun to drive!

This one is being sold with no reserve so the high bidder gets it! Be sure to look through all the photos in the gallery so you know what you are getting and feel free to post any questions you may have in the comments below. We had a lot of fun with this one and will be sad to see it go. It feels good to know we got this car back on the road again. Hopefully, the next owner will keeps it that way!

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Sold for: $2,550
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Ended: Jun 12, 2024 11:14am MDT
Winner: Del
  • Del bid $2,550.00  2024-06-12 11:11:54
  • MstD bid $2,500.00  2024-06-12 11:10:45
  • Del
    bid $2,450.00  2024-06-12 11:08:18
  • MstD bid $2,400.00  2024-06-12 11:07:58
  • Del bid $2,350.00  2024-06-12 11:04:21
  • MstD
    bid $2,300.00  2024-06-12 11:03:56
  • Del bid $2,250.00  2024-06-12 11:00:02
  • TSM65 bid $2,200.00  2024-06-12 10:59:09
  • Del
    bid $2,150.00  2024-06-12 10:58:05
  • MartyOpp bid $2,100.00  2024-06-12 10:43:31
  • PhilLa bid $2,050.00  2024-06-12 10:22:41
  • MartyOpp
    bid $1,999.00  2024-06-12 10:19:47
  • Drew96ss bid $1,700.00  2024-06-12 08:44:01
  • MstD bid $1,650.00  2024-06-12 07:17:40
  • Drew96ss
    bid $1,600.00  2024-06-06 21:41:25
  • checkle285 bid $1,500.00  2024-06-05 11:14:44

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  1. HadTwo

    Hmmmm, lose that trunk rack and that stripe package. Give it a very good detailing, a full service, and a new set of tires. There’s someone’s fun commuter Spring, Summer, and Fall in Idaho.

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    • Jesse JesseSeller

      It already has new tires!

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  2. HadTwo

    I stand corrected! Even better! And those standard roto-style wheels
    are a lot more user friendly than the wire wheels.

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  3. RayMember

    any roof or tonneau?

    Like 1
    • Jesse JesseSeller

      Both are with the car. The top is old and could use replacing though.

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  4. Greg G

    My sister had this exact same car same color. She brought it new. Stayed in the shop. I began to think mechanics didn’t know how to work on these cars where I live. She wouldn’t get rid of it for some reason.i guess it was like a bad boyfriend when it did run it ran good. When you like it. you like it. And she had a good job. Go figure.

    Like 1
    • Jesse JesseSeller

      She should have found a new mechanic. These cars are about as simple as you can possibly get!

      Like 3
    • KCJ

      I had the exact same car,when ran it was fun, I started believing it was a Christian car, always broke down when I had a date with me,alone it ran great Hum!!!

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  5. MartyoppMember

    But no hardtop?

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    • Jesse JesseSeller


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  6. Rufus

    In the old car hobby world, the rubber bumper MGB stands out as the ” Dick and Jane” of the hobby. I would guess that the Ford Model A series are the only easier cars to maintain and drive. Jesse has found a very good example, and from what the pictures and his description show, you’d be hard pressed to find a better place to start. There will be folks come along and say “get rid of those ugly bumpers!”, and to them I say, “leave ’em alone” and spend your hard earned dollars elsewhere. That elsewhere IMHO is in lowering the suspension an inch, and, as Jesse says, “A dual SU carb setup and backdated exhaust” will go a lot farther to making this into a sturdy, great handling, bullet proof vintage car that can be used as a daily driver in all but the most horrible weather ( I hear there’s a guy in Texas that can help with the SU’s and exhaust).
    I’ve been driving two seat British sports cars since the early 70’s, and MGB’s since the early 90’s, and spent a few years buying RBB’s, making these two modifications, and selling them to folks who want the experience without the high price. The B really is a great, low-price entry into the hobby, and it looks like he’s found a good one to pass along.

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    • Jesse JesseSeller

      I actually have a set of rebuilt SUs mounted on an intake, the correct exhaust manifold, and a stainless exhaust system that I’ll throw in for an extra grand.

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  7. Dr Ron

    The fuel tank wasn’t full of nastiness like varnish and goo?
    Did you clean the tank and flush the fuel lines?
    Or was it “stored”with a dry tank and carbbies?
    Thanks Jessie!

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    • Jesse JesseSeller

      Forgot to mention that it has a brand new fuel tank, pump, and rubber hoses. Carb got a rebuild kit and manual choke. Valves were adjusted too.

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  8. TC

    You still learning how to sell cars,Jesse?? How many miles?Any rust? Dont worry.You,ll get the hang of it .thanx.Good write-up,

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    • Jesse JesseSeller

      I really hope your comment was a joke… All the info is in the post above.

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      • TC

        it wasnt!!!

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      • Jesse JesseSeller

        Go back and read the post. All the info is listed above.

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  9. Greg G

    I’ve noticed over time these MG’s have a kinda cult like following and if my sister was alive today and saw this car she’d probably try to buy it. That’s how much she loved hers you couldn’t give me one but that’s not fair. You can’t judge a car that you’ve never owned or driven. Maybe a MGB owner or fan can explain it to me someday what makes these little British sport cars special.

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    • Jesse JesseSeller

      It’s easy. They are easy to fix, parts are cheap, and they are fun to drive!

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  10. Paul T. Root

    Looks like a good solid body. The wiring under the hood looks a like a bit of a mess. I’ve had my 77 for 23 years now. It is just a fun car, easy to work on. And with the front and rear sway bars, it handles pretty well. It doesn’t pretend to be a muscle car, or an exotic, just a fun little car. And it has lots of room inside. At 6’2″ I don’t have the seats all the way back. I did put Miata seats in it.
    And I just want to talk the price up here, because I really want my car to be worth more. I’m starting to get ideas of other cars.

    Good luck Jesse.

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  11. Jesse JesseSeller

    Less than 24 hours to go! Please let me know if there are any questions.

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  12. Paul T. Root

    Congratulations to Del, that’s a great deal.

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