Fun Driver: 1967 Morris Minor 1000

Diversity is one of the hallmarks of cars featured at Barn Finds. While we feature plenty of muscular American classics, it is hard to resist vehicles that some might consider slightly left-field. I’m unsure if that term is appropriate… more»

Take Your Pick! California Cache of Cars

Most cars in a collection have something in common. Makes, models, production years, and body styles are just some of the things that collector cars may share. But in this case, the eight vehicles offered here on craigslist seem… more»

Illinois Barn Find: 1958 Morris Minor 1000 Tourer

While many people naturally focus on the original Mini as one of the most significant cars ever to emerge from England, the role of the humble Morris Minor 1000 should never be underestimated. It might not have offered the… more»

Rare 1961 Morris Minor Panel Barn Find

While it wasn’t an uncommon sight on the road in its home country, spotting a 1961 Morris Minor Panel Van on American streets is extremely unusual. This one was found hidden away in a barn, and it needs a… more»

British Woodie: 1967 Morris Minor 1000 Traveller

You don’t see a Morris Minor show up much these days, except maybe at a British car show. And when one does, it’s usually a sedan or maybe a convertible, but a Woodie? They were only one of about… more»

Ford vs. Ferrari Movie Car! 1967 Morris Minor Woody

Movie cars have always been popular. In fact, a 1968 Ford Mustang that starred in the movie Bullitt recently sold for $3.74 million! If you’ve always wanted a movie car, but can’t afford millions, perhaps you could own this… more»

Wonderful Woody: 1960 Morris Minor Traveller

Some cars have the ability to go well beyond being cool, and this 1960 Morris Minor 1000 Traveller “Woody” is just such a car. This represents an older refurbishment that has held up really well over the year and… more»

Cheap Woodie: 1970 Morris Minor Traveler

By the time this Morris Minor Traveler rolled down the production line, the Minor had been in production in one form or another for 22 years. Its longevity was very much the result of the fact that for a… more»