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Ford vs. Ferrari Movie Car! 1967 Morris Minor Woody

Movie cars have always been popular. In fact, a 1968 Ford Mustang that starred in the movie Bullitt recently sold for $3.74 million! If you’ve always wanted a movie car, but can’t afford millions, perhaps you could own this 1967 Morris Minor Traveller Woody. It was featured in the Oscar-nominated film Ford vs. Ferrari, which garnered four Academy Award nominations including best picture. It can be found for sale here on Craigslist with an asking price of $8,900. Located in Rohnert Park, California, this looks like a really fun and unique ride. Let’s take a closer look and you can read more about the move here on caranddriver.com.

The 1100 cubic centimeter engine has been rebuilt and only has about 3000 miles on it. The electrical system has been upgraded including converting the charging to an alternator. This car was originally produced with a positive ground system that has been changed to negative ground. Also, the ignition has been upgraded to electronic, which is a nice touch.

As you would imagine, the car is right-hand drive which always gets attention. The seats are custom units with matching upholstery in a vintage style. The dash features nice center-mounted gauges and ignition, which is interesting. The cargo area looks like it will haul enough luggage for a lengthy vacation.

The paint is almond green, which is very classy. The seller says the wood had been “refreshed” but I’m not sure what that means. It looks like it’s in decent shape. Overall, this car looks like a ton of fun and a great conversation piece. I don’t know if the movie car connection makes a significant impact on the pricing, but it is a good conversation starter. What do you think of this vintage Brittish ride?


  1. Classic Steel

    Big dent on roof …looks like a limb hit it.

    Interior looks good …

    I like it .. just to much to ship mid west but i like it …

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  2. Poppy

    I’d rather have the Ford station wagon that Mollie was driving…what a babe.

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  3. stillrunners

    Agree with Poppy….Mollie was a babe….and would love to own a Morris Woody like I saw out side my church back in the 60’s…….

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  4. Del


    My first two cars were Mooris Oxfords.

    Good price. Immaculate

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    • Solosolo UK ken tillyUK Member

      I had a ’55 saloon and a ’57 Station Wagon with the steel body. Both great cars.

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  5. Dabig Kahuna

    Just watched the movie. Must have been a background car I did not see it. Nicer than most Morris Woodies none the less.

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    • Cattoo Cattoo Member

      I didn’t notice the car either. Just finished the movie ten minutes ago.

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      • Poppy

        I can’t say for sure, but Ken may have had a few British cars tucked into the back of his garage in the scene where he was chastising the MG owner for driving his car like a secretary.

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  6. Dangerous Dave

    I saw one exactly like this a couple days ago, same color and everything. Definitely not this one though, it was in Florida. Cool little car.

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  7. Philip Lepel

    This Morris makes me wonder if it Inspired the PT Cruiser design that had similar design features on the front and rear fenders. In fact a PT with those rear double doors would be very cool as a four wheel drive suv.

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  8. Will Owen

    My long-term Mini wagon was the baby twin to this, and the same color. This is actually not a long drive from my garage, and doubly attractive because the seat belts my wife would insist on have been very professionally installed … and I have always wanted a Minor. And the switchover from RHD to LHD is no big deal either.

    But that’s it for daydreaming. Said garage has no more room, and said wife would say “If you get it you’ll sleep in it!” Still, many thanks to BF for keeping an old man’s adolescent dreams refreshed.

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  9. Jetfire88

    Nice honest car at an honest price. Besides the roof dent (the roof is aluminum sheet), both rear fenders look to have been sideswiped with flattened areas on the vertical surfaces. Possible front end issues, they never left the factory with that much camber in the left front.

    Underside pix are required, these loved to rust while you were sleeping, especially a UK imported one, where they applied the initial rust layer at the factory.

    But those are not really issues with a Morry, everything is readily available at reasonable prices worldwide. A great, really simple car to restore. Remember, this is a unit-body car, there is no metal in the rear of the cabin, all the wood there is structural. Kinda liked driving an old milkcrate!

    GLWTS, RHD is fun to drive over here, I recently sold my NZ ’58 Traveller.

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    • Solosolo UK ken tillyUK Member

      I have never heard of a Morris of any description having aluminium mudguards. Didn’t happen.

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