Model J

Model J Project: 1969 Pontiac Grand Prix

Pontiac moved the Grand Prix off the full-size Catalina platform in 1969 to its own new mid-size body and sales more than tripled. It was like a grand touring machine now with a new cockpit-style interior and a 400… more»

No Reserve: 1969 Pontiac Grand Prix Model J

Finding a solid classic that needs little but leaves scope for a new owner to make their mark can be challenging, but that is the opportunity awaiting this 1969 Pontiac Grans Prix’s winning bidder. It is a tidy and… more»

Driving Project: 1972 Pontiac Grand Prix Model J

Some enthusiasts find a roadworthy project candidate irresistible. It allows them time to enjoy their new purchase while prioritizing the tasks required to regain the car’s former glory. That is the chance awaiting the new owner of this 1972… more»

Sweet Survivor: 1972 Pontiac Grand Prix Model J

The personal luxury car segment of the market was hot in the 1960s and 1970s. One of the leaders was the Pontiac Grand Prix, which debuted in 1962 and ran through 2002 as a coupe. As conceived, the auto… more»

No Reserve: 1969 Pontiac Grand Prix Model J

New for 1969, the Second Generation Pontiac Grand Prix offered buyers a perfect blend of luxury and performance. Its combined chrome grille and front bumper made a bold visual statement, with 112,486 buyers electing to park one in their… more»

Chicken Coop Find: 1971 Pontiac Grand Prix Model J

The Pontiac Grand Prix was a pioneer in the personal luxury car segment. It began as an offshoot of the Catalina in 1962 and became as series of its own the following year. A complete restyle for 1969-72 gave… more»

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