Sweet Survivor: 1972 Pontiac Grand Prix Model J

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The personal luxury car segment of the market was hot in the 1960s and 1970s. One of the leaders was the Pontiac Grand Prix, which debuted in 1962 and ran through 2002 as a coupe. As conceived, the auto combined size, luxury, and performance into a package that resulted in the most expensive Pontiac coupe before the Trans Am of the late 1970s. This third-generation Model J (a step down from the Model SJ) from 1972 looks to be a beautiful survivor whose only flaw may be a dent in one of the rear quarter panels. Located in Dongola, Illinois, bidding on this Poncho has reached $12,700 here on eBay, but the reserve is still elusive.

Grand Prix’s were redesigned in 1969 and would give way to a companion product over at Chevrolet in 1970, the Monte Carlo. Other than a switch from dual to single headlights in 1971, the cars would keep the same shape for four years. Plans called for an all-new Grand Prix in ’72, but an extended labor strike in late 1970 caused the new A-body and G-body cars to be pushed back to 1973 with Colonnade styling as the new theme. That didn’t reduce the popularity of the car as Pontiac delivered more than 91,000 Grand Prix’s in 1972.

This Grand Prix has the standard 400 cubic inch V8, with a 4-barrel carburetor that was rated at only 250 hp thanks to a shift to SAE Net measurements. The seller’s Pontiac looks to be a part of a collection given the inside company that it’s photographed with. We’re told it runs and performs great, thanks in part to having just 52,800 miles on the odometer.

This Pontiac is said to be unrestored, which is another way of saying it’s original. That means original paint, vinyl top, upholstery, powertrain, and the works. Before moving to Illinois, this Pontiac spent most of its life in Oklahoma. Documentation comes with the car in the form of a build sheet. Once you attend to the whack the car took on the driver’s side, you’ll have a sweet ride for weekend cruises and Cars & Coffee.

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  1. Walter

    Currently at 16K and the reserve is off. Nice car

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  2. Wayne

    I worked at a Pontiac store when these were new. I still prefer the ’69-’70 body style. BUT, when you are driving one you can’t tell the difference. Nice driving cars but TOO HEAVY!

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    • Bob Thompson

      I bought a new 1969 Grand Prix. Fantastic automobile! I too, still prefer the dual headlights of the ’69-’70 models. The dual headlights help fill in the “space” on each side of the grille. This “will be” a fine automobile when the rear body damage is repaired.

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    • JoeNYWF64

      I could just imagine how heavy the much bigger ’68 GP was. Especially fully loaded. lol.
      The options were heavy back then too – even the radio.
      I’m not sure if you could get a ’69-72 GP with no PS, no PB, no AC, no PW & no radio. A bench seat might be lighter than buckets.

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  3. K. R. V.

    These were wonderful cars. I remember as a young 14 year old a friend who lived near our summer home, had a father who owned a beautiful all green 1969 GP that had a 400/4 brl dual exhaust, that he mistakenly let his 17 year old son drive, while buying his 20 year old daughter a new 1968 Firebird, but that had a straight six. One day there were four of us, all just kids bombing around in the GP. We were on our way back from Narragansett Beach, on what was called “The Escape Road”, that was built after the hurricane of 1958, so folks could get out of the area faster, on a long straight 4 lane highway, that was about 1.5 miles long. Well we turned onto the road and someone said PUNCH IT! see how fast we could get going! Well by the halfway mark we were already 100mph! When he finally let off were were very near the end! So as we pulled up to his house he father came running out and was pissed! Apparently he had some binoculars and was watching from his rear porch on the pond separating the house from the road we were on about a mile away, could see his car passing the two we flew by like they were going the other way! As the car was making all kinds of heat related noises and the brakes smoking!! Man was he MAD! My friend couldn’t use that car for the rest of that summer! But he was able to use his sister’s Firebird, that with the same 4 kids could barely get over 90 mph! Ah to be young again!

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    • Greg

      The Escape road,many fisherman have hit the wall after a trip leaving Galilee.Drove a friend’s Yamaha FJ 1200 towards Galilee, thought,” Wow I must be doing at least 80.”Looked at the speedo and was doing 130.Another time I was going about 110 towards Galilee in my 240z and a Lamborghini 3500 gt blew by me like I was parked.

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      • K. R. V.

        Yea I have many memories I made on the road. One time my Dad and one of my many uncles wanted to settle an argument. My Dad owned a 64 Imperial Crown Coupe, my Uncle had a 64 Chrysler 300 Coupe, they both hit over 110 mph side by side before either let off. The 300 was half a car length ahead.

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    • Robert Hooker

      When I was 16 my father bought a new 1970 model J. Imagine a 16 year old cruising with his buds on a Saturday night in that beast. Great memories.

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  4. Moparman MoparmanMember

    A next door neighbor brought one of these home in Verdoro Green, no vinyl top, and instantly had all of us young car nuts dooling!! LOL!! :-)

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  5. Joe

    I owned a ’71 and a ’74. Great cars.

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    • Paul Quirk

      I also had a ’70 It was my favorite car beautiful ride but my neighbor’s wife couldn’t drive and ran into it several times. I replaced it with a ’74. That was a beautiful car as well but the 400 in that was a boat anchor. It also had the factory tires that would make it “waddle”.

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  6. Wesley

    I was 8 when my dad bought this very model and color scheme with the 455. Totalled it by running under the trailer of a semi.

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    • Jon

      Geez Wesley,
      When I read your comment first thing I thought of was how Jayne Mansfield died in the same way in her ’67 Electra. And Jayne even had natural air bags! 😆🤭Hope your father came out of it better. This why all semi trailers have that bar at the back to help prevent this sort of accident and providing a step up too.

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  7. Duane

    My father had a 1969 Pontiac SJ 428. It could have had the 390 horse power motor with 3:55 gears. Boy, could it go! I pegged the speedometer at 140mph & it was still accerating. The white dotted line on the interstate was solid. 327 vettes, Buick Grand Sports, etc were no match for this car. It would pass anything but a gas station. When we ordered this car, I said get the big motor. It had a flex fan. Was this the 390 HP motor or the 370 HP edition? It had a hood tach, navy blue with a black vinyl roof, special black nylon perforated seats ( like in a plane), no air condition, manuel windows…. I still regret trading in this car. My dad asked me if I wanted it, & I said trade it: what a mistake. Would anyone know where this gem is today? How could I find it? It even had a Hurst dual gate automatic, chrome air cleaner & valve covers.

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  8. Stephen Payne

    My 72 was in much better shape when I let it go. Stupid move.

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  9. Paul

    Back when I was much younger and working at a gas station we had a regular customer with a triple black ’71 model. It was equipped with a 455SD with a 4 speed. I lusted after that car, but gas station pay put it way out of reach. I still live close to where the car was, but have never seen it since.

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  10. William Maceri

    I first rode in a Grand Prix when I was 8 years old. It was a 1963, dark blue metallic 2 door hardtop. The interior really impressed me. The dashboard was very cool, full intrumentation with the center gauges all andeled towards the driver. A beautiful big car. Then in 1971 my boss bought a new G.P. It was the ugliest weird color metallic yellow with a black vinyl top over black vinyl interior. It of course had the single headlights. I liked the rear styling and interior, but the color was so ugly, I always teased him about getting a great deal on it since nobody else would buy such an ugly car.

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  11. Keith

    Had a 72 like this back in 77. Looks like a decent car but unless missed it and see the pics incorrectly, the air isn’t hooked up. Had a friend who is a body man look at the whamo on the quarter. He said if there is no issues, it would be about 1500. No guarantees on a perfect paint match, silver. Looks to be a nice car. Looking for a nice original just like this but want it ready to go, not needing anything basically like body work etc. Congrats to whoever gets this one!!!

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