24k Miles? 1972 Mercury Monterey

During its nearly quarter-century of production, the Monterey served in different capacities for the Mercury brand, beginning as a top-of-the-line model when it was first introduced in 1950.  By 1972, it had fallen to the base status, where it… more»

In Summer Shape: 1954 Mercury Monterey Woody Wagon

For summer and beyond, here’s a stylish option primed to haul those bathing suits, surfboards, and picnic baskets – a 1954 Mercury Monterey woody wagon on craigslist. The asking price is $34,000 and the new owner can drive it… more»

Beefy 390 V8: 1965 Mercury Monterey Marauder

The Marauder name was used by Mercury in the mid-1960s to denote a full-size performance car with a touch of luxury. A 390 cubic inch V8 was standard equipment, so they meant business. In 1965, the Marauder came as… more»

Rare First Year: 1954 Mercury Monterey Sun Valley

Gauging the relative rarity of some classics can be challenging, although the frequency with which they cross our desks at Barn Finds seems to be a reasonable guide for domestic models. That brings me to this 1954 Mercury Monterey… more»

Termite Proof: 1954 Mercury Monterey “Woodie”

Station wagons with real wood bodies became somewhat popular in the 1930s, but interest died off in the early 1950s as they were expensive to build and maintain. Ford continued the “woodie” look by instead using fiberglass strips and… more»

Hideaway Rear Glass: 1963 Mercury Monterey S-55

In 1962, Mercury introduced the “S” series of performance upgrades to its compact, intermediate, and full-size cars. At the top end, there was the Monterey S-55 which came with a big-block V8, bucket seats, a console, and other high-end/muscle… more»

Two-Year Experiment: 1954 Mercury Sun Valley

FOMOCO had a novel idea in 1954: build a 2-door hardtop with a Plexiglas roof to let the sun in. While a nifty piece of engineering, it wasn’t practical because of the additional heat it brought to its passengers…. more»

63k Original Miles: 1952 Mercury Monterey Special Custom Coupe

For your consideration is the nicest 1952 Mercury Monterey we’ve ever featured here on Barn Finds. As is typical with many craigslist ads, there is very little information and details shared about this fine-looking hardtop coupe. The seller says… more»

Used and Abused: 1953 Mercury Monterey Hardtop

When a seller uses the term “used and might of been abused just a little” in their classic car advertisement, you know you are dealing with a car requiring plenty of TLC. Such is the case with this 1953… more»

Modified Running Project: 1957 Mercury Monterey

Mercury’s automobiles were all new for 1957 and – for the first time – the brand had bodies that were not shared with any Fords or Lincolns. In the process, they eliminated an entry-level model, meaning that “minimum”’ Mercurys… more»

Breezeway Backglass! 1963 Mercury Monterey

In 1963, Mercury added a novel roof line and retractable back window on eight models and body styles. Marketed as the Breezeway, the interesting concept would soon find itself superseded by more orders for factory air conditioning, so the… more»

Ready To Drive! 1954 Mercury Monterey

For much of its 23 years in production (1952-74), the Monterey would be the equivalent of Mercury’s version of the Ford Galaxie 500. The car’s name was derived from the famous Monterey Bay along the central coastline of California…. more»

See-Thru Roof! 1954 Mercury Monterey Sun Valley

Before there was the Ford retractable hardtop, there were the Ford Crestliner and Mercury Sun Valley hardtops with a see-through roof. It was a 2-year experiment in 1954-55 that was not continued because of the heat the passengers might… more»

40k Original Miles? 1953 Mercury Monterey

There’s a lot to be said for buying a classic car that needs nothing. That is especially true when it is a low-mileage vehicle that falls within the affordable range. That is what this 1953 Mercury Monterey represents. With… more»

Out of the Barn: 1963 Mercury Colony Park

The Colony Park was a full-size station wagon that was built by Mercury between 1957-91. It was distinguished by its simulated wood-grain paneling that harked back to the “woodies” of the 1950s. This ’63 Monterey Custom Colony Park looks… more»

Breezeway Cruiser: 1964 Mercury Monterey

Car makers are always trying to differentiate their wares from one another. During the 1960s, Mercury offered the “Breezeway” retractable rear window on some of their 2 and 4-door models. With it came a distinctive roofline that allowed the… more»

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