1-of-190: 1976 Alfa Romeo Montreal

The Alfa Romeo Montreal rates as one of the most beautiful cars ever made, and finding an example in right-hand drive configuration is a rare treat. Fate conspired to keep production numbers low, and today, they are highly sought… more»

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Rare V8 Italian: 1973 Alfa Romeo Montreal

We’ve seen some really amazing older Italian sports cars come up for sale this summer, but this 1973 Alfa Romeo Montreal might just be one of the coolest! And with a current bid price of $9,101 you might be… more»

Great Italian Classic: 1974 Alfa Romeo Montreal

An interesting little fact about the Alfa Romeo Montreal is that when Marcello Gandini at Bertone penned the original design drawings for the car, he envisaged it as being a mid-engined, 2-seater sports car. The fact that the car… more»