Rare V8 Italian: 1973 Alfa Romeo Montreal

1973 Alfa Romeo Montreal

We’ve seen some really amazing older Italian sports cars come up for sale this summer, but this 1973 Alfa Romeo Montreal might just be one of the coolest! And with a current bid price of $9,101 you might be able to land it for a fairly reasonable price. Reserve is not yet met, so we will just have to wait and see. You can take this 74,414-mile car home with you from Flanders, New Jersey. The listing does have a VIN listed and the seller says the title is clear. You can find it here on eBay.

1973 Alfa Romeo Montreal

The listing states that the car has a 2,593cc, dual overhead cam, V8 engine with Spica mechanical fuel injection that sends power to a five speed manual transmission. It literally looks like two Alfa Twin cam 4-cylinders were bolted together to build this engine, which is both amazing and a bit scary. Sadly, the seller notes a number of times that while the engine does turn and the gears shift, the car does not run on its own power. If it would, the factory horsepower rating was 200 at 6,500 rpm, with redline at 7,000. It could do 0-60 in 7.1 seconds.

1973 Alfa Romeo Montreal

Inside, the seller mentions that it is in good condition, but could be restored. There are a few cracks on the dashboard, but all of the components are there, including the rear seats, door panels, and headliner. The seller also notes that the glass is intact as well. According to them, the worst rust is located on the hood but there is some on the floors as well. They say the wheels are good but the tires need to be replaced.

1973 Alfa Romeo Montreal

The seller has gone through and researched some information about the history of these cars and posted that in the listing. While it was introduced without a name as a concept in 1967, it was not until 1970 that Alfa Romeo made it a production model, and officially named it what it had been dubbed by the public prior to that point. It is a fascinating story for a very interesting car. One that you can own.


  1. Doyler

    Gotta wonder what the original color was

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    • t-BONE BOB

      I would guess probably black.

  2. John Cole

    I have always loved the look of this car!! Maybe it is bid worthy – that is, if the current owner is realistic about how much it is worth!!

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  3. Peter

    The Montreal was a horrible car! I grew up in a moderately sized town in NSW, Australia, where our local baker always had to have the best car in town. It didn’t matter that he and his family lived above the bakery in very modest digs, his car was the lone status symbol. Bruce’s son (yes, that really was his name) was a school mate of mine and I’d be regaled by his father with motoring stories whenever I visited.

    Bruce eventually traded the Montreal in on a Ferrari 308 GTB (within which he and his equally rotund wife could barely fit), because he claimed that it only ran properly 1 day out of 7! Plus no one in the town could fix it… he had to send it by rail to Sydney for repairs. He did have more luck with the GTB.

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    • Sam61

      Bob’s your uncle

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    • Pete's taint

      Hahahaha! Love ur description of the baker, rotund. Good one. 👍

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  4. ghalperin Glenn Halperin

    I contacted the seller, $22,000 reserve.

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    • Peter

      As we say in Australia… he’s dreamin’!

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    • Josh Mortensen Staff

      That’s a bummer! It would be worth buying to restore at the current bid. I guess we will see what happens though, they are getting to be fairly valuable.

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  5. michael

    Visible rust + Italian = stay away

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  6. chrlsful

    all ways liked the way they looked, but that wuz 50 yrs ago
    nice style. This one is so far gone tho…sad

  7. Carcrazy

    Beautiful cars for sure, but super expensive to restore. As an owner of several Alfas including (2j Milano verde, (2)gtv, (1) gt and (3) spiders, I can tell you that it’s much better to save up and buy one restored. You will enjoy it in this lifetime, and certainly buy it for far less than the previous owner had into it.

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  8. Wayne

    This was the first “exotic” car I ever drove. It was cool in so many ways back then. The engine sound was sweet, the acceleration was very nice, the handling crisp and the styling was in your face. But even then (1978?) none of the parts seemed to meld into a complete car. I was only 23 at the time, but thinking that there was something missing. The Alfa tech who had been working on the car was not impressed with the car either.

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  9. Andrew Franks

    $22,000. Reserve if true is way too high. If you want this car, and yes, it’s difficult but rewarding, start at about $10,000.00 which is also probably too high. It’s North of $60,000.00 as a restoration or even a decent driver (not a good idea). There are other Italian cars out there that are much nicer for less money.

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  10. Del

    Never saw one before. Not impressed even after researching.

    Rusty and non-runner and he still wants 22 grand.


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  11. Will Owen

    The Montreal I know best is owned by a man with a good personal shop and the ability to use it. This one seems to be owned by someone who deserves neither it nor the ridiculous amount of money he wants for it. Or we could put it another way: That 22 grand is about what a basic restoration will likely run. Too much dead metal here, and I’m sure the interior is pretty crunchy as well. When I can tell what a car smells like by looking at it, that’s all I need to know.

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  12. Rod

    I just saw a red one of these a few wks ago driving here in New Jersey, it was red + looked mint , loved the styling but from what I believe expensive + tedious to work on

  13. Jack

    Stupid flanders Dohhh

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  14. Karst Hoogeboom

    No interior photos. “Engine bay seems complete” covers a lot of territory, especially as we can see the engine itself is far from complete. Montreals are on my bucket list – but not this one.

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    • Will Owen

      I’d say it’s on my list of buckets, all right.

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  15. James Fabry

    All these guys have to stop watching Barrett Jackson auctions these cars are not worth the money they are asking they are in a dream. Gas monkey, and all those other shows are set up do you think that an educated brain would spend 60.000 on a car to refurbish it. I would be nuts 60 yrs old I remember all these cars new these guys are asking quadruple the price for 600 dollar car

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  16. Big Al

    SCARY !!!!…at best, seller should drop reserve and take what he gets, I cant believe current bid as it is, this car is not worth all that…unless I am missing something here.

  17. James Fabry

    It’s that the truth I bought my first car at 16 with grass, leave, and snow shoveling as a kid and saved it was a 1973 dodge chargers I have a son and I can’t even to afford a fix up breaks your heart sometimes. Well I’m glad there’s someone else thinking too thanks Big Al.

  18. James Fabry

    Yeah Will it’s not on my list either lol the guy should take 500 and be happy that someone bought that nightmare hahahahaha.

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