Never Seen One: 1977 Moretti Minimaxi

In our continuing adventures of delving into automotive obscurities, we keep an eye out for vehicles like this 1977 Moretti Minimaxi, which is up for sale right now, here on eBay or here on Hemmings in Miami, Florida. What… more»

1966 Moretti 500 Sport Coupe Survivor

Grungy old barn finds are great, but sometimes you just want something that you can just get in and drive without getting your hands dirty. You do have to be careful though because some sellers attempt to pedal off… more»

Baby Ferrari: 1960 Moretti Tour de Monde

Moretti isn’t a name we hear often, but when we do we tend to get excited. Why would we get excited about a small rusty Fiat based car? Take one look at a fully restored Moretti Tour de Monde… more»

1960 Moretti Tour du Monde Project

UPDATE 1/3/12 – Sold for $3,075. Moretti isn’t a marque that many people know about or remember. But for the few that do, the name conjures up images of small hand-built Italian sports cars. These little machines tore up… more»

Italian Moke: 1970 Fiat 500 Moretti Minimax

Micro and econo cars don’t need to be boring. Take this 1970 Fiat 500 Minimax for example. It might not win any beauty contests, but it’s definitely different and looks to be loads of fun. It’s located in Toronto… more»