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1960 Moretti Tour du Monde Project

1960 Moretti Tour Du Monde Front Corner

UPDATE 1/3/12 – Sold for $3,075.

Moretti isn’t a marque that many people know about or remember. But for the few that do, the name conjures up images of small hand-built Italian sports cars. These little machines tore up the tracks and streets around the world in the 1950’s. Few made the journey from Italy to the US and most of the cars that did have since rusted away. This 1960 Moretti Tour du Monde project is not for the faint of heart or wallet. It was last licensed in Michigan, but is now in Sacramento, California. The owner has listed it for sale here on eBay, where it has a current bid of $2,225 and the reserve not met.

1960 Moretti Tour Du Monde Interior

We would guess that the seller bought this little car with hopes of restoring it back to its former glory, but then quickly discovered the challenges of restoring a rare car. This happens a lot and we just hope the seller is willing to let it go for a realistic price, as it is in very rough condition. Based on the interior alone, this car might be past the point of return. However, that’s not saying that the parts that are still here aren’t worth saving.

1960 Moretti Tour Du Monde Engine

We really wish this car was equipped with Moretti’s famous tiny twin cam. Moretti was known as the king of the 750’s back in the 50’s because they dominated the small bore class in racing. They have even been lovingly referred to as “baby Ferraris”. Take a look at this 1953 Moretti 750 Gran Sport Berlinetta and you instantly know why. Sadly, this Spider is not one of those baby Ferraris because the factory had already started using Fiat parts to be able to make them more affordable. That means this example will never be as fast or sought after as other Morettis, but at least the parts will be cheaper and easier to find.

1960 Moretti Tour Du Monde Rear Corner

We love the styling of this Moretti and would love to see it completely restored, but at some point you have to be realistic and admit that a car might be too far gone. We hope we are wrong and that someone more optimiatic will take on the project and save this car from the crusher. If it were one of the earlier and more valuable models it would be easier to find a new home, but the market value for these cars just isn’t there to justify a restoration. Perhaps someone will take on the task simply for the love of what Moretti once was…


  1. Bob

    Hopefully another Moretti would be found and the the two (or three) made into one. This one looks pretty hard to bringback without a source for parts. Cool looking car!

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  2. Keith

    I had an opportunity to purchase a Morretti Spyder in themid-60s, and regretted having to pass it up. They were great cars in their day, and would be fun to drive even today!

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  3. Craig Bolton

    Is the early Nardi vice-grip steering wheel included? That could double the value…

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  4. alex

    looks like a datsun 1600 or whatever

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  5. Dan Downard

    Nice find…looks like a combination of TR4 and a TR3 triumphs with a hood scoop.

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  6. Ron

    Those hose clamps look salvageable.

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  7. Wiley Robinson`

    I have an Abarth 1000 OTS and a Lancia Augusta that remind me alot of this car. Nothing like coming to the realization that the only way you’re getting that missing part is to make it. I’m glad mine a missing alot less part than this one.

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  8. dan farrell

    Rear end reminds me of the later Sunbeam Alpines & Tigers. It would be easier if the restorer had his own machine & sheet metal shop. Maybe Jay Leno will see it, he loves quirky Italian cars.

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  9. His Royal Flatulence

    Found this picture of what it should look like (minus the dopey pinstriping):http://www.flickr.com/photos/sherlock77/4285438/ It’s an oddball, that’s for sure.

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  10. Pier Luigi Miolo

    A great miracle to find a piece of Italian little car. A very hard work to do, I think at the end a nice jewel.

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  11. Sonny Burnett

    In French, “Tour du Monde” literally means “Tour of the World.” Looks like this little number certainly did just that!

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  12. Pier Luigi Miolo

    Who has won the bid, must to view all works done and the final result. I’m living in Italy and can help for spare parts .

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  13. Norbert Gelleschun

    Got one of these fantastic cars from 1957 and I??m driving the MORETTI 750 SPYDER regularly in summertime.If some one got spares……….I`m thankful for any tip!www.abarth-germany.de

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  14. Pier Luigi Miolo

    Perhaps only one time during a life everybody can find a car like this! I missed ” the train” couse had not bid. Many congratulation to the winner. Pier Luigi Miolo

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  15. Chris Knoerdel Member

    I think Moretti also is responsible for a very beautiful V8 Motorcycle I saw somewhere. I know I have a photo of it somewhere, and I tell you it was no “Boss Hog” (No offense to Boss Hog owners as the BH is a pretty cool bike in its own rite). The bike I remember was a jewel, a real bit of magic and elegance as I recall.
    I know I have a photo of it somewhere..

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