Two Owner Beauty: 1951 Muntz Jet

Everything about this car is incredible. It’s hard to not notice the color first, and then there’s the split windshield which a few high-end cars had given up by 1951. This rare 1951 Muntz Jet convertible can be found… more»

Rare Aluminum Body: 1950 Muntz Jet

You don’t gain the nickname of “Madman” by following life’s conventional path. That was the case with Earl “Madman” Muntz. He was a man who was willing to take risks in both his business and private lives. As a… more»

1-of-40: 1951 Muntz Jet

The automotive world is like no other, and it is an area where ambitions and reality can collide in the most unpleasant of ways. That is the lesson that was learned the hard way by Earl “Madman” Muntz when… more»

This Barn Find Liquidation Will Blow Your Mind!

Looking at the outside of this barn, you wouldn’t have high expectations for what’s inside of it. Heck, if you were to drive by it, you probably won’t even think to peek inside. And boy would that be a… more»

Mad Man’s Car: 1951 Muntz Jet Convertible

Earl “Mad Man” Muntz was a one-of-a-kind individual. Alternately described as an authentic genius or an eccentric wacko, his mind never stopped working and he turned his thoughts and attention to an incredibly diverse range of ideas and product…. more»

Potential Bargain: 1951 Muntz Jet

If you were to try to pick a car that was worthy of an extensive restoration and would still be valuable enough to not be in over your head on restoration costs, here’s a 1951 Muntz Jet to consider…. more»

Rare American Sports Car: 1953 Muntz Jet Project

Every once in a while one of a Muntz Jet project will pop up online. That’s surprising considering that only 400 were produced. Some claim that only 50 still exist, but I have a feeling there are a few… more»

Mad Project: 1951 Muntz Jet

It’s been about 3 years since we last featured a Muntz Jet. That’s understandable though considering the fact that only a couple hundred of these handbuilt beauties were ever produced. Some claim that only about 50 exist today. That… more»

1950 Muntz Jet Project

After making his fortune from TV manufacturing, Earl Muntz decided to enter the automobile industry. To get things started quickly he purchased the rights to the Kurtis Sports and renamed it the Muntz Jet. The first 28 cars were… more»

Ultra-Rare 1953 Muntz Jet Barn Find

There isn’t anything like the rush of discovering an ultra-rare sports car hidden in a barn. I can only imagine how it felt to discover this 1953 Muntz Jet. These sports cars are extremely rare and sought after. Earl… more»