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This Barn Find Liquidation Will Blow Your Mind!

Looking at the outside of this barn, you wouldn’t have high expectations for what’s inside of it. Heck, if you were to drive by it, you probably won’t even think to peek inside. And boy would that be a mistake! Inside this massive barn that is more like a warehouse inside is packed full of incredible finds, three hundred of them to be exact. We’ve actually featured a few of the finds from it already and while we were impressed, we had no idea a wild story this would turn out to be. Thankfully, a reader sent us photos of this massive collection.

These cars were apperently all stash in one giant barn, but are being transfered to smaller buildings, were they can be cleaned and prepared to be sold.

And that explains why the photos of the cars we’ve already featured appear to be in a clean warehouse. Thankfully, this was able to send us a few photos of the cars in the barn that they’ve been stored in until just recently. It really is a monumental task to drag 300 cars from one location to another, then to clean them, document their condition, sort through paperwork, and photograph them all.

There are really some incredible cars here, including a rare Muntz Jet! If you don’t know much what that is, these are truly incredible cars. The ones built with the Cadillac engine were assembled in California with an aluminum body, the Lincoln equipped cars featured a steel body and are a little longer. When they debuted in 1949, they were not only striking but fast and luxurious. It’s believed that just 198 Jets were built and there are maybe 125 still accounted for. The few that have come to market recently have fetched serious money. If this one is as nice as it looks in the photos and is ready to be driven, it wouldn’t surprise me if it goes for $150k or more.

There are so many cool cars in this collection. While I feel for whoever is in charge of liquidating this collection, I wouldn’t complain about being in their shoes right now! It’s a thrill extracting just one barn find, imagine what it would be like to help with 300 of them, many of which haven’t seen the light of day in 40+ years. And it isn’t just the volume that amazing, it’s the variety. Of all the large collections we’ve seen, none have had such an interesting mix. To find a Muntz Jet parked with a herd of Mopar muscle cars, old trucks and even a fire engine is pretty much unheard of!

We will definitely be keeping an eye out for these cars! A few appear to have already been listed and sold on eBay, we’ve even featured a few of them. Personally, I’m going to be watching for the Muntz, the Triumph TR, and the Mopars. So, out of the cars seen in the photos, which ones would you love to have parked in your barn?

I want to personally thank the reader that sent us this tip! I sure wish we could know more the story behind this collection and whoever assembled it in the first place, but I look forward to seeing what else is stashed here!

Update – You can find the seller’s eBay listings here!

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  1. leiniedude leiniedude Member


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    • John P

      Well played Mr. Owner.. very wise investing.. ought to buy a 6-car semi hauler after a few sell and start taking trips to Barrett Jackson and Mecum auctions. That’s my best suggestion to get the most money with so many cars.

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  2. NotSure


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    • Kenneth Carney

      Since this is a family website, I’ll just
      second what you said Mike, but I’ll add “just wow” to that. I’d be like a
      starving man at an all you can eat
      taco buffet! There’s absolutely no
      way in hell that I could make up my
      mind as to which car(s) I would
      choose to make my very own. I’d
      probably choose on of the “family
      guy” sedans, hartops, or wagons to
      keep costs down to a dull roar. Cam’t believe someone drove the ’61
      Ford wagon out of the barn under its
      own power! Also liked the ’65
      Imperial 4-door HT and the ’66 Caddy Calais 4-door HT peeking out
      beside the ’65 next to it. So many
      cars, so little money!!!

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  3. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    Amazing. Yes, in a sense I am jealous of Daniel. But really, I’m concerned. I can’t imagine how he is going to keep his sanity. I hope he gets some help.

    For illustration, I’m thinking about a typical new or used car establishment with 300 cars; between sales people and managers and helpers, they probably have dozens of people involved.

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  4. DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

    Speechless. For the first time in this forum, I am at a loss for appropriate words.

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    That is a crazy cool collection, I only hope the collector got to drive enjoy some of them.

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  6. poseur Member

    Holy sheep dip! Now that’s amazing. I sincerely hope that the owner received many years of enjoyment from this collection. The condition of the cars looks to be consistently amazing.

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    • 433jeff

      Ummmm ahhhh i got nothing

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  7. dmose dmose

    Just imagine dealing with the questions more photo requests and critiques from Barn Find community alone! 😃

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  8. Andre

    What in the actual f…..


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  9. That AMC Guy

    Wowzers! Even more mind-blowing than last night’s episode of “The Orville”! :)

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  10. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Hard to find words that cover a situation like this!

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  11. U.K. Paul

    No words.

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  12. Mountainwoodie

    NEVER get involved with a family member, especially a brother (or sister) when there is an inheritance. Ask me how I know!

    That said.Holy Harley Earl!

    Now I have to look for the Epay listing…I want the 300, the salmon pink 64 Vert……….oh and a few others.

    Looking in the couch for that errant change…

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    • egads

      Incredible collection, it look’s like it was well cared for. I hope he makes a fortune. FYI,The pink ragtop look’s like a ’61. (How long till barnfind reader’s start ripping this collector apart?)

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  13. mainlymuscle

    I’ve seen a lot of these over the last decade,and as an active collector,get calls from families like this on a smaller scale.I’m in the midst of one right now,family fights are ridiculous.This particular find /sale is likely the best real world eclectic gathering of all things automotive that I have witnessed.Nice Feature !
    Oh ,and I’ll take a Cuda,Turquoise Caddy,and that big 2 door Lincoln looks really clean ,if not overly valuable .

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  14. U.K. Paul

    Agree! They would make buckets more cash building up the hype and making that happen.
    This is a huge money maker ..

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  15. Danger Dan

    I know the family, real cool people. They have helped friends over the years and are highly respected in the community.

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    • Al.B.

      fantastic!!!!do you have an ebay address for the seller?

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  16. Smokey Member

    Yes, Truly impressive.

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  17. IkeyHeyman

    Not much here I would consider mundane, an amazing collection of very desirable cars – plus a few oddballs (the Kleiber truck and that plywood-bodied “hot rod”, for example.)

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  18. KevinLee

    Be still my beating heart!

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  19. Bob S

    I think my heart stopped and I had to jump on it to get it going again. This find is beyond words.

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  20. John M.

    To me, the Mopars especially the B Bodies are the crown jewels of this collection.

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  21. j liu

    Lord have mercy…I think my heart stopped a few times…I would have requested oxygen had I been the first into that intoxicating barn. Eeeny, meeny, miney, moe…nuts, I want them all…lol

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  22. Will Fox

    My mouth struggles to form words it wants to say…the puddle of drool at my feet is getting bigger by the second. Pinched myself twice now, thinking the alarm will go off, and I will wake up for work.
    This HAS to be some movie set; no way this can be real!!

    Can it?

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  23. Brett

    I’d like to get that Mercury Colony Park wagon and what I believe is a 1962 Lincoln that I saw out of these cars, although having a cool Mopar would be nice I’m sure whatever they sell for I cannot afford so… That’s where I stand LOL. I wish I could tour this place and see every car for myself.

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      There’s way too many Cudas out there. I would go for the old Caddy’s and Galaxies, a couple ol Lincolns and that Parkway wagon. I don’t want something everybody else has. Be different and the People will come to look at Your rides.

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  24. MrF

    Thank you for posting this. I have seen some of these vehicles on eBay and wondered about the situation. Frankly, I hope these cars go to individual owners who can use and enjoy them. I find it difficult to imagine why anyone would put together a collection like this, but it is impressive and includes a range of interesting cars in generally promising condition.

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  25. Philip B

    I’ll take the white 63 1/2 Ford Galaxie.

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  26. Mountainwoodie

    My guess is he’s putting things on Ebay slowly. The link I posted was just so you could see the sellers contact. Why don’t you direct message him through Ebay …..’contact seller’. Maybe he’s putting the high dollar cars in an auction.

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  27. MikeH

    At last, a collector/hoarder that bought huge numbers of cars but protected them after they were bought. How many times do we see a c/h that buys cars, parks them on the back 40 and won’t sell them. This guy may not have driven or restored them, but he saved them from the crusher. Kudos to him!!

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  28. Marlon Smith

    wow !!!

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  29. Virgil Exner - The Man

    As denizens of the 20th century die off, their cars will be passed on. I wonder when supply and demand will shift? Prewar cars that are not classics are in decline, and I bet that peak muscle car was achieved sometime in the last 15 years (every boomer who wants one probably has one now).

    Sooner or later, these hoards will become less prevalent because, well, hoarding cars just isn’t as practical as it used to be…

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  30. sluggo

    I like how the story describes the whole sale and how stuff will be listed on ebay, and sure enough, someone complains they dont want to deal with that and want personal contact. Nothing like reading comprehension!
    It would be fun yet maddening to deal with a family dispute and collection like this. I have to a smaller degree, As well as feuding with my own family over my Dads estate. Here is some advice about Lawyers. In Estates a good lawyer will try to mediate and keep the conflict down, just do what needs to be done to resolve issues and complete things in a timely manner. Now, other lawyers see an opportunity for a long term revenue stream, and will stir up as much acrimony as possible, keep all parties feuding and drag things out. Geoff Bernhardt in Portland Oregon is one of those kinds of lawyers. 8yrs and counting! Makes ones blood boil!
    Best wishes for a peaceful resolution here………..

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  31. scottymac

    I’m a Ford guy, so I want to go cruising in that classy ’68 Lincoln coupe, unless the ’68 Galaxie is an XL GT 428 four speed!

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    • Little_Cars Saul Member

      Had one so equipped (green 68 XL convert), but inexplicably someone swapped the retractable headlights and front grille for standard quad headlights. Either post-collision or post-repair estimate to get reliable functional headlights. Toughest clutch I’d ever experienced. Probably couldn’t use my left leg these days to drive a 428 4 speed.

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  32. sluggo

    What happened to the ebay link? I came back and cant find it? Can someone post it?

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    • Mountainwoodie

      Search for this seller on epay :/


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  33. DNC

    I think I wet myself

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    • Mark

      Can’t quite tell?! Lol

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  34. Danko

    It’s like a flashback to my youth, WOW !

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  35. moosie moosie

    Looks like a ready made collection to start a museum with, I’d love that Chrysler Letter car , HEMI , dual quads, whats not to like, throw in that Muntz Jet for sunny day cruising.

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  36. moosie moosie

    Looks like a ready made collection to start a museum with, I’d love that Chrysler Letter car , HEMI , dual quads, whats not to like, throw in that Muntz Jet for sunny day cruising. What an awesome collection.

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  37. Edward

    There’s an oval bug in there, as well as a ‘65 or’66. Can’t tell the year of the oval from the pics, although we know it must be mid-‘53-‘57. Common rust around the window seal. More pics please!

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  38. Eric_13cars Eric_10cars Member

    I’ve enjoyed the comments. A car person’s wet dream. Almost too much to absorb. How could you not want to drive many of these and just store them. You know what caught my eye….the 55 Ford 4-door wagon…Mama had a red one when I was a kid (3 on the tree, 6 cylinder)…still remember the smell (sort like someone had smoked a pipe in it…not that kind of pipe…the real ones like Sherlock Holmes).

    Thinking about this ‘collection’, is it a collection (a la Jay Leno or someone like that) or a hoard just to have stuff? Not a critique, just an observation. I don’t have the cash, but I could go both ways myself.

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  39. Bob McK

    I want them ALL!!! What a collection. I am green with envy.

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  40. Frank

    I wish I was the guys neighbor and had a chance while they were still stashed with dust.
    Now I just only dream.

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  41. ICEMAN from Winnipeg

    When I finally die, I hope this is what HEAVEN looks like !!

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    • Lion

      Right on ICEMAN (Ha ha, ICEMAN from Winnipeg) Heaven would be this and huge, dry, sunny wrecking lots from the 60s. My dream was to buy the old Physch hospital in Weyburn, Sk. and turn it into an old car museum, could have had it for $1.00 but cost a million a year to heat and light never mind renovate. Just dust now.
      Google Weyburn Mental Hospital to check out its size.

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      • Dennis

        Oh yeah! Give me a early 1970’s “junk yard” Of course they stopped calling them that, on a sunny early June day. Heaven!!! What wonderful days those were….

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  42. John Taylor

    It is a shame there isn’t a link to the list of cars with photos of each somewhere, I read here where someone said the ebay link is gone, so perhaps the seller might like to list them on this site.

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  43. Comet

    WOW indeed!!! This makes you wonder what lurks in all those decrepit barns we pass by. How many more undiscovered collections are out there?

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  44. stillrunners

    Cool they still exists…..is it odd there are no Corvette’s ?

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    • Roger

      The owner had taste, not an ego problem.

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  45. Fireman DK

    A picture of Dennis Weaver in the made for tv movie “Duel” , Steven Spielberg’s first movie I believe !

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  46. rancoracing

    I’d like to just have a decent barn I could fit 300 cars in.

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    • scottymac

      What amazed me was I didn’t see bird droppings on any of the unwashed cars. How do you keep a facility this large closed off enough birds can’t find their way in? I’m with you ranco, I couldn’t afford shingles for a place this big!

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  47. Bryan W Cohn

    This is a collection. Stored indoors. Organized, more or less. A few cars were left is a sorry state, the TR3 is a sadly perfect example of this, but overall the cars were stored, organized and dry.

    This is the difference between a collection and hoarding. Learn it. Know it. Practice it and for god’s sake please call things by the appropriate term. I know its silly but it drives me crazy when a field of rusted out unkept hulks with weeds and trees growing around and through is called a “collection”. No, its a junk yard or hoarder, plain and simple.

    Also, ever notice that cars stored properly (more or less) usually have prices that match their condition while the junk axle deep in muck and weeds with more rust than the Rust Belt are priced sky high?

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  48. jonathan

    havent poeple got nothing else to do apart from clecked old ,new cars and trucks and leave it to someone else to clear out who was this america who brought all these old and new cars trucks and your never going to get going unless your a machanic and loads of time on your hands,would mind using the old barn though

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  49. Miguel

    Finally a collector with my taste.

    The guy didn’t concentrate on mid size 2 door coupes, he actually bought and saved some real cars.

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  50. Michael

    Looks to be in Oakland with nicely preserved west coast cars.

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  51. Jon

    Where and when will these be like liquidated ?
    I’d like to buy 4 or 5..

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  52. Jon


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  53. John Taylor

    Well congratulations to the seller, a lot of photos there and well described. I look forward to a couple of the cars I am interested in coming up, well done.

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  54. scottymac

    John Taylor,
    Left click on the red script link to the Colony Park I provided above. From there, on the right side of the page, locate blue script “See other items”, and left click on that. That’ll take you to whatever else the seller is offering. On the afternoon of 3/5, the Colony Park has over five days till end of auction, during that time, either save the seller on your e-Bay page, or save a newer item with more than five days to run so you can follow subsequent auctions.

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    • John Taylor

      Thank you Scottymac, I worked that out with your help there, I look forward to seeing the other vehicles that I am interested in, Cheers for that.

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  55. Doug Smith

    And the Muntz! What year, serial #, is it in the Registry?

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