1937 Packard Super 8 Model 1501 Convertible Coupe

The Packard Motor Car Company slogan — Ask the man who owns one — was kind of a meme before the world even knew what memes were. Of course, if Packard were still around today, it would likely have… more»

1 of 100: 1953 Packard Henney Limousine

In 1953, Packard was a year away from merging with Studebaker to stay afloat. Despite their financial issues, Packard managed to partner again with Henney Motor Co. to build 100 stretch limos based on the restyled Clipper line of… more»

Rare 1937 Packard Model 1501 Super-Eight Convertible

By 1937, the Great Depression had separated the wheat from the chaff among wealthy Americans. Those who could still afford luxury automobiles like this 1937 Packard Model 1501 Super-Eight Convertible in Templeton, Massachusetts probably had substantial “old money” or… more»

A 92 Year-Old Survivor? 1930 Packard Standard Eight Roadster

A symbol of wealth and power that rolled off the assembly line just as it was becoming clear that the Great Crash of ’29 was only a taste of things to come, this 1930 Packard Standard Eight Roadster is… more»

Last Gasp Model: 1958 Packard Hawk

When I first saw this 1958 Packard Hawk, it set my mind racing. The Hawk represented the last hurrah for the company before production ground to a halt. It made me wonder whether a carmaker has ever gone out… more»

Rare 1955 Packard Caribbean Convertible!

Packard introduced the Caribbean in 1953 based on their 1952 show car called the Pan American. For most of its somewhat brief life, the Caribbean was available only as a luxury convertible, the top-of-the-line automobile offered by the company…. more»

Rare Wagon: 1957 Packard Clipper Country Sedan

“Parts Bin Specials” are common in the automotive world. Companies generally create them out of existing production parts to produce a limited edition or premium version of an existing model. Less common is a manufacturer’s need to utilize this… more»

Last of the Line: 1958 Packard Sedan

The 1958 model year would be the last for the storied Packard brand. Having merged with Studebaker in 1954 in the hopes that both brands could continue to be relevant, that turned out not to be practical. The 1957-58… more»

Highly Original 1928 Packard 526 Convertible Coupe

Although the information on this tidy 1928 Packard convertible coupe is scant, the owner does supply “all the original paperwork since 1928,” and the documents tell a story. The car, in drivable condition, is for sale here on Craigslist… more»

Hundreds of Muscle Cars in Five Junkyards!

Where do old muscle cars go when they’ve been all used up? At least to these five junkyards scattered across Alabama, Colorado, Michigan, North Carolina, and Texas. If you’re looking for old Mopars, Fords, and other cool cars from… more»

V8 Powered! 1937 Packard Super Eight Sedan

You can’t always tell a book (or in this case a 1937 Packard) by its cover. Who would’ve thought that underneath that original 85-year-old paint and interior and overall stock appearance lies a small block V8, automatic transmission, and… more»

Rare Hardtop: 1956 Packard Caribbean

If you’ve never seen a Packard Caribbean in person, it’s hard to understand just how incredible these cars really are. The styling is similar to that of most American cars built in 1956, with lots of chrome, multi-color paint… more»

Post-War Drop-Top: 1948 Packard Victoria

The 1948-49 Packard models were some of the first all-new cars after World War II. The debuting Super Eight and Custom Eight Victoria convertibles were Packard’s first open-air automobiles since 1942. This ’48 edition looks to have been kept… more»

No Reserve: 1954 Packard Convertible

It’s incredible how some classics will appear on our desks here at Barn Finds, and they are immediately recognizable. Such is the case with this 1954 Packard Convertible. Not only is it a rare vehicle, but we have featured… more»

Supercharged Project! 1957 Packard Clipper

Both Packard Motor Car Co. and Studebaker Corp. were struggling in the early 1950s, so they merged in 1954 to form Studebaker-Packard Corp. Going into the deal, Packard had the stronger balance sheet and executive team, yet the Packard… more»

No Reserve Ragtop: 1954 Standard Packard

Now, this is a convertible! Hats off to Packard who went down swinging so late in their game – what a shame! In 1954, the year that this convertible was built, Packard still had a lively line-up but the… more»