Jeeps, Cadillacs and More: 41 Cars and Trucks

Most car collectors tend to focus on a particular brand, period, or body type. But in the case of the Moizard couple out of Strathcona Country, Alberta, Canada, they have a little bit of everything here. This is a… more»

End of the Line: 1958 Packard Hawk

After the merger of Studebaker and Packard in 1954, both brands continued to struggle for customers, especially Packard. The 1956 models would be the last built specifically by Packard, with the 1957-58 cars being rebadged Studebakers for the most… more»

Treasure Trove of Classics Up For Auction

The Keenan Auction Company is holding an eclectic auction of a car guy’s assets. He is the late Neil B. Martin of the Goldenrod Garage in Freeport, Maine, and his collection includes vintage race cars, car carriers, wreckers, a… more»

Former Museum Find: 1956 Packard Four Hundred

Packard resurrected the Four Hundred (or 400) nameplate toward the end of its run as an automaker. For 1955, the name was assigned to the automaker’s senior 2-door hardtop. It would appear as gold anodized script on a band… more»

Two-Owner Beauty: 1956 Packard 400

Every time that I see a 1956 Packard Four Hundred, or 400, it amazes me that they aren’t all snapped up and hidden away in collections. They’re just amazing-looking cars, so elegant and classy. This example can be found… more»

High-Class Hot Rod! 1940 Packard Project

Among ’30s and ’40s front ends, it’s hard to beat the Packard. With its background making bespoke cars for the super-rich, Packards carry a certain undeniable presence that you have to appreciate in person. This 1940 Packard coupe in… more»

Stash of 3: 1955 Packard 400s

Studebaker and Packard combined resources in 1954 and their separate 1955 models would be the first full year of cars under the new banner. As Packard still tried to maintain its identity, the 400 (or Four Hundred) was offered… more»

Worth Saving? 1948 Packard Station Sedan

You’ll have to have an open mind and an open checkbook for this project. It’s always a sad thing to see a once-elegant and expensive car like this 1948 Packard Station Sedan woody wagon in this condition sitting out… more»

Barn Freed: 1948 Packard Deluxe Eight

The 1948 Packard sales brochure proclaims, “Excitingly new…Unmistakably Packard!” Compared to a ’47, yes, this ’48 is new. Excitingly? That’s up for debate I suppose. It actually has a bit of a Hudson Hornet “bathtub” vibe going on. Listed… more»

Stately Elegance: 1939 Packard Model 1708 Limousine

At the searing height of the Great Depression, America’s wealthy class and its statesmen were driven in some very stately cars, particularly cars like this 1939 Packard Twelve, Seventeenth Series.  Governor and President Roosevelt were often found in the… more»

1939 Packard Twelve Brunn Touring Cabriolet

Mention “473 cubic inch V12” and you’ll see car enthusiasts of all sorts perk up to hear more. Even if muscle cars or tweaked-out four-cylinder tuners are your thing, take a minute to check out this 1939 Packard Twelve… more»

Never-Restored Driver! 1934 Packard Roadster

Just when we might think all the pre-war Packards have GOT to be either complete basket cases or immaculate show-winners, we find this 1934 Packard Model 1101 Coupe Roadster in Indianapolis, Indiana! Running and driving yet never-restored, this solid… more»

Stored 16 Years: 1955 Packard 400

Easily one of the most elegant and luxurious cars of the second half of the 1950s, this 1955 Packard 400 looks like it could be a good buy. The seller has it listed here on craigslist in Canton, Texas,… more»

Huge Packard Collection for Sale!

An assortment of Packard cars and parts, which have been accumulated since the middle 1960s, are available as a package deal in Omaha, Nebraska. The collection seems focused largely on Series 8 and Clipper models. There are ten vehicles… more»

Original Paint: 44k Mile 1949 Packard Deluxe Eight

Stately. That was a word used to describe cars like this 1949 Packard Deluxe Eight. I can’t think of any car made today that you could call stately. This largely original Packard has only 44,000 miles on it and… more»

Tree Hugger: 1948 Packard Custom Eight Victoria

Seeing a very, very rare car that has been sitting outside in the elements for who knows how many years (decades?) is a crying shame. I could see if it was a non-descript commuter or economy car, but one… more»