24k Mile Original Survivor! 1950 Packard Eight Sedan

The decade of the Fabulous ’50’s didn’t start out well for the Packard Motor Car Company (and wouldn’t end well, either). By 1950, Packard was losing ground in the luxury car field to rival Cadillac in sales as well… more»

Blown Head Gasket? 1950 Packard Deluxe Eight

Must be Packard week. Here’s a post-war Packard this time, listed on craigslist for $8000 firm. The new owner can collect this car from Springfield, Missouri. Dan gave us this tip – thanks, Dan! I believe the model/trim level… more»

Concours Winner: 1932 Packard Deluxe Eight 903 Coupe Roadster

Despite the Great Depression, automobiles continued to sell in the early 1930s – even luxury automobiles. Perhaps desperate to retain a foothold in a fast-diminishing market, car makers were differentiating their wares based on chassis length. Another race was… more»

1948 Packard Custom Eight Convertible Project

In the 1949 film noir Impact, starring Brian Donleavy, Ella Raines, and Helen Walker, Donleavy drives a Packard convertible (described as a “roadster” in the movie) that’s nearly identical to the one on offer here, a 1948 Custom Eight… more»

Driver With Patina: 1940 Packard 120

Want a restoration candidate you can drive while you slowly improve it? This ragged-but-right 1940 Packard 120 (or One Twenty) sedan in Mendocino County, California on Craigslist would seem to fit the bill. The asking price is a modest… more»

This Is The End: 1958 Packard 58L Sedan

Here is the ignominious end to one of America’s most prestigious Marques – the Packard.  This 1958 “Sedan” as the Packard brochure so named it, and also known officially as Model 58L, was the last model that the storied… more»

289-Powered Compact Cruiser: 1964 Studebaker Daytona

There seem to be numerous automakers who had success stories followed by a downfall, but probably not too many with roots dating all the way back to the mid-nineteenth century, as that’s when Studebaker was founded primarily to build… more»

Needs Finishing: 1948 Packard Custom Eight Victoria Convertible

In the pre-war years, Packard was riding the tide of its sales of luxury automobiles, until the Great Depression hit. Then the company made a decision that may have doomed it: rather than coasting through hard times on what… more»

Straight Eight And Solid: 1949 Packard Super 8

The Packard Motor Car Company’s slogan was “Ask the man who owns one.”  While the last person to purchase a new Packard off the showroom floor has probably already left the building like Elvis, there is still a chance… more»

Henney Hearse Project: 1954 Packard Patrician

Henney Motor Co. was in business from 1927 to 1954, producing several vehicles, including limousines, ambulances, and hearses. One of their preferred sources was Packard Motor Car Co. Ironically, Henney got out of their business about the same time… more»

Pick One: Vintage Cadillac, Ford, or Packard

The seller here is a collector of vintage cars and – due to some unfortunate circumstances – must let three of them go, all from the post-World War II era. You have your choice between a 1951 Cadillac, a… more»

BF Auction: 1955 Packard Caribbean

UPDATE – The seller sent us a photo of this Packard loaded up in a trailer and it should already be with its new owner! To have a restoration stall because an owner passes away is always tragic, but… more»

Last of the Line: 1958 Packard

The 1958 model year was the swan song for the Packard brand. After the merger with Studebaker in 1954, the marque would morph into rebadged Studebakers after 1956 to cut costs. These “Packardbakers” were not well-received by Packard dealers… more»

BF Auction: 1949 Packard Super Deluxe Eight LWB Sedan

UPDATE – The seller has provided additional photos of the car. They have been added to the photo gallery below. Post-war models from Packard always possessed presence, with their owners signaling to the world that they were a success…. more»

Restorable Driver: 1940 Packard Super Eight

Packard was born at the turn of the 20th Century and would be largely known for producing a variety of luxury automobiles for nearly 60 years. The Super Eight was one of them, using a 384 cubic inch inline-8… more»

Craigslist Find: 1928 Packard Convertible Coupe

Packard’s long time slogan was “Ask the man who owns one.”  Well, we find ourselves in a very strange world in the year of 2023 where unthinkable incidents are now commonplace.  To ask the man who owns this Packard… more»