Barn Find Woody: 1949 Packard Station Sedan

In modern-day times, we have what seems to be a vast variety of materials that are used to build automobiles. Wood is a bit old fashioned and low tech when it comes to cars nowadays. Although, wood gives a… more»

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V12 Project: 1937 Packard Touring Limo

After 50 years of storage, this classy V12 powered Packard Limo is up for sale. 50 years in storage has been good to this car, as there is little to no rot, and the exterior and interior aren’t too… more»

V12 Luxury: 1937 Packard 1508 Touring Limousine

In crime dramas of the period starring James Cagney and Edward G. Robinson, Packards like this are the getaway car–after the Tommy guns have said their piece. This is a 1937 Packard 1508 Touring Limousine with a 144-inch wheelbase,… more»

Rust Free Original! 1955 Packard Four Hundred

I can’t even say that I’m rust-free and I’m much younger than this 1955 Packard 400 is. Or, some would call it a Packard Four Hundred, both names are on the car and both come up in various searches… more»

Baseball Hall of Fame: 1949 Packard Deluxe Eight Club Sedan

In 1936, the National Baseball Hall of Fame inducted its first five members. Amongst those individuals was Christy Mathewson, and sadly, he was also the first member to be inducted posthumously. “Big Six” played 17 seasons with the New… more»

Simply Spotless: 1939 Packard Six 1700 Series

When Packard reintroduced a six-cylinder engine into its range in 1937, the company came in for a significant amount of criticism from its loyal customer base. There were many people at the time who believed that such a vehicle… more»

Hardtop Luxury: 1955 Packard 400

The combined Studebaker-Packard Corporation was having hard times when this 1955 Packard 400 came onto the scene. In another year, the company would produce its last car in Detroit and a couple of years after that, Packards would be… more»

Chicken Barn Find: 1939 Packard “6” 1700 Coupe

I guess weird things come in pairs. I recently wrote an article about a ’53 Packard Mayfair that was found in a “chicken house”. Now, barely a week later, along comes a ’39 Packard that has been stored in… more»

Picnic-Ready! 1937 Packard 115 Convertible

Pack a picnic basket and a red and white gingham blanket, gather your spouse and kids and your faithful dog. Pile them all in this 1937 Packard 115 convertible and you’re off! Suddenly you’re transported to a simpler time…. more»

Chicken Coop Find: 1953 Packard Mayfair

I always find examining discontinued automotive brand’s model line-ups right before they disappeared for good to be a really interesting exercise. You look the car over and wonder what the executives and engineers were thinking at the point where… more»

Hot Rod Potential! 1935 Packard 120 Sport Coupe

My Dream Garage has two of these ’30s Packard coupes, one perfect factory specimen with the original silky-smooth straight eight, and one full Custom on something like an Art Morrison chassis with plenty of power, and ready to knock… more»

3-Speed Supercharged 1957 Packard Clipper Wagon

This 1957 Packard Clipper wagon is sharp. It has sharp styling, sharp angles, sharp Dagmars, and once it’s restored it’ll have a sharp price. The seller is asking $12,500 and it can be found here on craigslist in, as… more»

Minnesota Royalty? 1932 Packard Model 900

According to the seller, this 1932 Packard was originally owned by Samuel B. Ely. If you aren’t familiar with Ely, he was a mining executive in the upper mid-west which for whom the town of Ely, Minnesota was named…. more»

Chicken Barn Find! 1939 Packard Six

If you don’t know much about the Packard Motor Car Company, challenge yourself to learn more! Packard represented a product from America, an upstart nation of trouble-makers with (at the time) fewer than two centuries of history under its… more»

BF AUCTION: 1939 Packard One Twenty Sedan

A few years ago, we featured Don L’s collection of cars as a Barn Finds Exclusive. Well, he found buyers for a large number of his cars and motorcycles, but he still has a few left. So, he’s asked… more»

Parked For 50 Years: 1937 Packard 120 Hearse

Here at Barn Finds, we are always looking for the unique and unusual. This 1937 Packard 120 Hearse is for sale here on eBay for an opening bid of $14,850. The car is located in St. Louis, Missouri and… more»