Pedal Cars

Classic Vintage Toy: 1950 Murray Flat-Front Pedal Car

As soon as I saw this vintage pedal car come across the desks here at Barn Finds, I just knew that I had to write about it. The reason why was because when I was a lad, I actually… more»

1930’s Hand-Built Pedal Car Racer For Sale!

If you follow the collector car or antique hobbies, you probably know that pedal cars are hot collectibles and command large prices in any condition. Most of them were production pieces stamped out of sheet metal and were made… more»

Xmas Gift Idea: 1957 Thunderbird 7Up Go-Karts

As part of a promotional strategy in 1988. the manufacturers of 7Up ran an advertising campaign in conjunction with MTV. This promotion included a host of giveaway prizes, including audio cassettes, t-shirts, hats, pedal cars, and a pink 1957… more»

Affordable Ferrari: 1960’s Shark-Nose Pedal Car

You certainly can’t say that we don’t get a diverse range of vehicles here on Barn Finds, and this one is something a little bit different. Listed for sale here on eBay is this 1960’s pedal car. The seller… more»

Smaller Than A Mini: Austin J40 Roadster

Many classic British built cars are quite small, but the Austin J40 pedal car has the distinction of being the smallest self-propelled British car. J40 production began in 1950 where 32,098 units were built before production ended in 1971…. more»

Kid-Powered Barn Finds For Under Your Tree!

One thing many collectors have discovered is that barn finds come in smaller sizes, too! Looking through eBay this morning led to some really neat discoveries–perhaps some of you have grandkids like I do, and what better way to… more»

It’s The Bat-Mobile! Well Sort Of…

If the fins on the ’59 Bel Air from early weren’t Bat enough for you, perhaps this 1970 Batmobile pedal-car will be? Oh and it’s actually sitting on a shelf in Anchorage and listed here on craigslist, so if you’re… more»

Zero Miles: 1952 Murray Station Wagon

There is some assembly required, but you may not want to put this find together. Listed here on eBay and just out of the original box in Mount Holly, North Carolina is this 1952 Murray Station Wagon with a,… more»

4 Handmade Kiddie Cars, One Price

Now this is an eclectic collection! This unique set of four kiddie cars is located in Hastings, Nebraska and is listed for sale here on eBay for a buy-it-now price of $8,000 for the set.

Pint-Sized Fun: Rupp Vega GT Go-Kart

If the Porsche 936 go-kart we featured a few months back was too rich for your blood, maybe this Rupp Vega GT go-kart here on eBay is a more affordable alternative. While I did love that Porsche and the… more»

Pedal Faster! 1960s Charger

No, it’s not a Dodge! Thanks to Robert R for this unusual Barn Find! I’m actually feeling quite silly, but not for the reason you might think. I had purchased an old pedal car very similar to this to… more»

Barn Finds Are For Kids Too: 1949 Austin J40

It’s possible that the city of Boise doesn’t own a single snow plow! The white stuff is piling up outside and the inexperienced winter drivers here make the trip to work frightful. So, maybe I will just stay inside… more»