Zero Miles: 1952 Murray Station Wagon

'52 Murray

There is some assembly required, but you may not want to put this find together. Listed here on eBay and just out of the original box in Mount Holly, North Carolina is this 1952 Murray Station Wagon with a, drum roll please…. BIN of $3,999.99. We don’t make these numbers up, we just report them! But we all know when it comes to toys, being in the box is a major plus.

'52 Murray box

This is NOS and has never been assembled. You can see though that the box is starting to fall apart. Hopefully none of the pieces have fallen out over the years!

'52 Murray parts

This is the first time the car and parts have been removed from the box in order to take the images for the ad. There are more images with the ad, so you will want to look it over to make sure everything is here.

'52 Murray inside

This station wagon has zero miles on her and has not been on any salted roadways. Your mileage will vary based on the driver’s driving habits and ability.

'52 Murray fact sheet

We believe all the facts you may need concerning the 1952 Murray Station Wagon and/or truck are listed above.

'52 Murray rear

The seller says the Murray appears to be complete. Has the NOS 1952 pedal car/truck market peaked? If the buyer assembles the Murray we think much of the “value” will be lost. So what do you with this Murrary? Do you just leave it in the box or do you assemble it so someone can actually enjoy it?



  1. Marty Member

    Very interesting find. To assemble or not to assemble is indeed a heck of a quandary with this one.

    Absent from the seller’s description, is the story! He says “found in an old shop that is no longer in business”. The end. Thanks for that.

    The condition of the silk-screening on the side, and the original decal on the seat back, (and the whole thing) are amazing.

    But sooner or later, someone will end up putting it together!

  2. Charles

    Put it together and display it to enjoy

  3. jim s

    we used to play demo derby with pedal cars when i was a child. put it together and let the kids use it. seller has a lot of other interesting listings on ebay. great find.

  4. Lee

    Don’t put it together and ruin this sellers dreams about big money –keep it in those musty boxes -put it in the living room -invite your friends over and extoll to them your dreamy value until they put you away and toss out the musty boxes and realize the value is really $375—-/Lee

  5. Bobsmyuncle

    There sure are a lot of people with a LOT of money out there.

    • randy

      Yes, but there’s multitudes more with none or very little money. The seller is another goof that thinks he hit a home run by accident.
      Put it together while the seller is out of town, and let his grandkids play with and in it.

      • Bobsmyuncle


    • Jason Houston

      But they’re outnumbered by the DREAMERS.

  6. JW

    Cool find and my wife would love to have this but not at his price. Neighbors had a garage sale last summer and we noticed a pedal car out front, the wife runs over with a checkbook but the guy had forgot to put it away before opening the garage sale. He told my wife he would be divorced if he sold it at any price because it was his wife’s pedal car as a child.

  7. dj

    I’ve restored a bunch of these over the years. Restored ones are $375 or so.

    • Jason Houston

      This is clearly NOT a restored car, therefore a comparison is moot.

  8. Gary

    So this is actually a ’52 “Mercury” Station Wagon made by Murray Mfg. Co. Interesting find, I have seen many pedal cars over the years and have had several myself, I do not recall ever seeing another like this. Would like to see this all together and put on display for all to enjoy. I think the owner is a good $3k over on his asking price.

  9. JW454

    It’s neat but not 4K neat.

  10. Keith

    4k???…….. Gee, I guess the box makes it worth it? Once again let me fire one up and see where this one goes!……….LOL LOL LOL!

    • Keith

      Ok, I’m stoned now……I’ll give you 8k and pretend it’s a rusty Porsche 356…….LOL!

  11. RobM

    I had a Murray “Holiday” car c. 1960. I’ve been trying to replicate that experiences ever since (Triumph Spitfire, Fiat X1/9, etc.). The price seem extreme, but how badly do you want a new one?

  12. George

    @RobM — It’s still possible to have those experiences with a Spitfire, X/19, etc, for less than the $3995 that he’s asking!

  13. That Guy

    The seller appears to specialize in vintage Schwinn bicycles and parts, and general automobilia. The prices seem crazy to me, but they have over 20K feedbacks so obviously people are buying their stuff, and they aren’t that cranky old guy who prices everything so high that nobody ever buys anything.

    I think a mint original pedal car like this is worth a lot more $375, but $4K seems like a moon shot. Most likely someone who knows about these things will offer a realistic price, whatever that is, and they will sell.

    • randy

      That is a reasonable, I was thinking these are all part of the same closed store he found the pedal car in. It seems an old forgotten pedal car could have been “in the booth in the back in the corner in the dark” of a bicycle store.

      Anyone remember Flip Wilson?

      • brakeservo

        No, I don’t remember Flip Wilson or Geraldine . . . what’s the connection??

    • Jason Houston

      A greedy seller who wants $4,000 for a $1,000 car isn’t going to cave in. To do so would kill his ego.

  14. Charles

    The wife will never allow me to drag in those boxes into our den, however she would not say anything about the assembled pedal car sitting there. However if I paid 4k for a peddle car there will either be a death or a divorce depending on her mood that day.

  15. Fred

    Anyone buying this will want to assemble it, so now they have a nice NOS pedal car. The box is too far gone to be worth anything. Maybe a bit more than $375, because most have restoration done and this one is untouched, but not that much more.

  16. Mark S

    If your up in Canada and traveling through BC on the number 1 highway you will find a diner in a town called Golden. In the diner are about 20 restored peddle cars of all descriptions. They also sell new replicas there none of which are more then $400.00. The thing is these are still being made, still metal too. There not that rare. Someone is smoking funny cigarettes again. The fact is I’ve herd from a reliable source that mouldy rottens boxes out of the 50’s are going for about $3600.00 these days.

    • Jason Houston

      “pedal” cars

  17. brakeservo

    What makes this a “Peddle Car?” I thought it was a “Pedal Car?”

    • Charles

      I hate autocorrect

      • Jason Houston

        I agree. They only look for spelling, not meaning or syntax.

    • Mark S

      Some times the spelling police on this sight are over the top. There did I spell everything correctly for you, if I wanted an English spelling lesson I’d enroll in a night class. Thanks for your pickiness. Teach!!!

      • Jason Houston

        Look up “then” and “than”. They both have different meanings.

      • Jason Houston

        That’s OK, perfect spelling lets the world know they’ve completed high school and probably some college. I’m glad to be educated. It sure makes life easier!

    • Jason Houston

      How about, “The seller is trying to peddle his pedal car.”?

  18. Marty Member

    New reproductions not too much different than this are available for $169. It doesn’t diminish the value of this one. This one isn’t worth 4K, but it is worth considerably more than a $375 restored example.

    With regards to antique pressed steel toys, pedal cars, Buddy L trucks, etc. in general, a ‘very nice original’ is worth more than a restored example, and an exceptional or mint original is always worth substantially more than restored. Two or three times as much, or more, than restored.

  19. Larry M

    engine turns freely

  20. Jason Houston

    “Absent from the seller’s description, is the story! He says “found in an old shop that is no longer in business”.

    Well, golly gee, I’m glad you told me that! I was afraid you picked it out of the Mississippi River or some place.

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