BF AUCTION: 1925 Peerless 6-70 Sedan

Peerless may be a forgotten brand today, but back in the early 1900s it was a well-known luxury automobile manufacturer. The large factory cranked out wonderful machines that competed with the likes of Cadillac and Stutz. They even fielded… more»

1927 Peerless Six-90 Boat Tail Rumble Seat Coupe

Peerless Motor Company began in Cleveland, Ohio in 1900 and built cars that became known for innovation, durability, and as the name might suggest, unmatched luxury. This 1927 Peerless Six-90 “Roadster Coupe,” listed here on eBay, and located in… more»

Look On The Other Side: 1958 Peerless GT

You’re gonna have to know how to work with fiberglass to make this one right.

1914 Peerless Survivor: Oldest Barn Find?

When this Peerless was built in 1914 things in the automotive world were moving along quickly. Every year there there were big advances, kind of like computers and cell phones these days. After only 2 years this Peerless was… more»

Thirty Year Sleep: 1959 Peerless GT

Another day, another Peerless. This is the latest Peerless GT to be aroused from its slumber, and it is far more complete than the ’58 model just featured. Although it’s been awaiting restoration for 30 years, number 145 out… more»

Field Find: 1958 Peerless GT

It seems that despite its low survival rate, the remaining Peerless GT coupes pop up quite frequently. An early example has appeared for sale, and it is quite a project. Believed to have been manufactured halfway through the first phase… more»

Early Production: 1957 Peerless GT

It’s hard to believe, but this skeleton of a car represents one of the most successful first-time LeMans finishes in the history of the event. In 1958, a Peerless finished 16th place overall and 4th place in the two… more»

Affordable Exotic: 1959 Peerless GT

With only a couple hundred Peerless GTs built, you would think it would be hard to find one for sale. Well we already featured one earlier this month and here is yet another. This 1959 Peerless GT comes in… more»

Livery Stable Find: 1958 Peerless GT

Update – The seller ended the auction early. Perhaps a deal was made offline? Peerless was a British manufacturer which produced cars from 1957 through 1960. In that time they built around 300 cars and even raced a few… more»